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Charu Roy was an accomplished actor and Director who became tremendously popular as the hero of the gigantic, super hit silent movie 'Prapancha Pash'(A Throw of Dice) which was made by Himanshu Rai.
It was shot in locations at Rajastan, and during those days itself it was made on a large scale by spending huge amount and  utilizing 1000 cast members, and 10000 extras.1000 horses and large number of elephants,camels, trained tigers etc were used for its production.He acted as King Ranjit in that film and the heroine was Seetha Devi.
Charu Roy was born on Sep.6, 1890 at Brahmapur, Orissa.
He acted in many films which he directed.
As an actor his appearance as Emperor Shahjahan  in the film 'Shiraz' was also very much appreciated.
As a Director his films are
Pathik (1931)
Graher Pher(32)
Daku Ka Ladka
Raj Nati Basantsena
Loves of a Mughal Prince

He acted in 'Shiraz,A Throw of Dice,Sarala,Pathik,Graher Pher,Bengalee,Manorama' etc
He died in Calcutta at the age of 81, in the year  1971.


Sisir Bhaduri(2 Oct 1889-30 June 1959) was popular as S.K.Bhaduri and he was a stage actor and theatre founder.He was a successful film  actor and Film Director during silent era and in sound films also.

He directed

Mohini (Triumph of Fate) in 1921,
Kamala Kamini(Maid of the Lotus) in 1922
Baror Bazar(Marriage Market) in 1922
Andhere Alo(The influence of Love) in 1922
Bicharak(The Judge) in 1929
Pallisamaj    in  1932
Seeta           in 1933
Chanakya     in  1939

He acted in the  main  roles of his films  'Chanakya,Seeta (As Ram), Pallisamaj,Bicharak,Andhere Alo,Kamala Kamini  and  Mohini'.

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