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During the period  1974- 1982 Rajakumaran Thampi, a child artist acted as 
'Master Rajakumaran Thampi' in more than seven films out of which six films were directed by his father Sreekumaran Thampi.

Sreekumaran Thampi who is highly intellectual is an Engineer by Profession and along with it he has captured the hearts of Keralites by his more than 3000 film songs.He has shown his skill as a Poet, lyricist,Music Director,Film Director,Screenplay writer,Novelist,Essay writer etc and produced several films also.When several of  the films directed by him for others became box office hits, many films produced by his own flopped at the box office.This was because for his own films he concentrated much on artistic value rather than commercial ingredients.His films like 'Mohiniyattam  and Ganam' earned accolades,critical appreciations and awards.
His son Rajakumaran Thampi acted in films 'Chandrakantham(1974),Bhoogolam Thiriyunnu(74),Mohiniyattam(76),Jevitham Oru Ganam(79),Tharavu(81), Irattimadhuram(82),Ganam(82).
Tharavu was a film directed by Jeasy in 81 and all other were directed by Sreekumaran Thampi.
In the film 'Ganam' Rajakumaran Thampi portrayed the childhood days of classical singer 'Aravindakshan,' the main character of the film which was handled by actor 'Ambarish'.Rajakumaran Thampi got award for that role.All the films in which Rajakumaran Thampi acted were critically acclaimed movies and the child actor was familiar to the audience of that period.
Rajakumaran Thampi later worked as assistant director of 'Priyadarshan'.
He became an independent director of Telugu films and was known as 'Raj Aditya' there.
Rajkumaran Thampi was found dead in a hotel room of Secundarabad in March 2009. His last finished project was Telugu film 'Mallee Malle'.

Master Rajakumaran Thampi with Lakshmi
Rajakumaran Thampi with his father Sreekumaran Thampi

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