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C.L.Anandan  captured the hearts of South Indian audience during 60's and 70's as a very versatile action and  romantic hero.He created a niche for himself as a skillfull and flexible actor.  He  was appreciated for his novelty and loveliness in horse riding,sword fight etc.His ability and skill in fight scenes was superb such that he did not opt for a dupe for stunts.He was the hero in many of the 'Tarzan' type films made in Tamil,Malayalam and other South Indian languages during 60's and 70's.Films like 'Kattu Mallika,Kattu Maina,Ana Valarthiya vanambadiyude Makan etc  earned accolades in Malayalam which were produced by Neela Productions P.Subramanyam.Yanai Valarthiya Vanambadi was a big success film in Tamil.
C.L.Anandan entered Tamil film industry as a Stunt man and group dancer.He was made hero of 'Vijayapuri Veeran' by Citadel films in 1960 which became a big hit.He displayed marvellous sword fights,excellent skill in horse riding,flexibility in stunt scenes,and above all romantic in love

scenes,versatile in expressing emotions and hence earned the love of all audience.Soon he could climb the ladder of success to the stardom.He was able to maintain his well built figure, as well as name and fame to the last of his career.He donned several  hero characters and villain roles also in more than the 150 films which he acted.
C.L.Anandan could act with the mega stars of his period 'M.G.R, Sivaji Ganesan,Gemini Ganesan' etc.C.L.Anandan adored M.G.R very much and he was one of the first film stars to join his political party when MGR launched ADMK.
'Veera Thirumagan' which released in 1962 was a highly successful film which catapulted the fame of Anandan and Neela Productions P.Subramanyam made him hero of his Malayalam  film 'Kattu Maina' in 1963 which was directed by M.Krishnan Nair.P.Subramanyam made him hero in another film 'Kattu Mallika' in 1966 and thus C.L.Anandan became very popular to Kerala audience also.He acted in some more Malayalam films later.
C.L.Anandan was a film producer also under the banner 'Anandan movies'.'Nanum Manithan than' was the first film produced by him.
His children Disco Shanti,Lalitha Kumari and Jairam became film stars in Tamil.
Anandan passed away on 25 March 1989 due to jaundice at the age of 56.

Selected Filmography
Vijayapuri Veeran
Veera Thirumagan
Konganattu Thangam
Yanai Valarthiya Vanambadi
Kattu Maina
Kattu Mallika
Mattu Malligai
Thani piravi
Neerum Neruppum
Neeya Naana
Nanum Manithan than
Aana Valarthiya Vanambadiyude Makan


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K.S.Gopinath was an  Accountant by profession who  worked  for Empire Coir Works,Alleppey and also for Navodaya Studios,Alleppey.He used to act in professional plays and mainly associated  with 'Alleppey Theatres Drama troupe' handling protagonist  roles in several plays.
K.S.Gopinath was unable to go and stay at Chennai for acting in films but he used to appear  in many films of Udaya Studio,Alleppey which were shot in their studio  complex and outskirts of Alleppey town.He has acted in a couple of films of Neela Studio,Trivandrum also.He acted in films like 'Achan,Shankuntala,Bharya,Rebecca,Jail,Pazhassi Raja(Old),Punnapra Vayalar,Ina Pravukal,Kattu Thulasi,Ponnapuram Kotta,Sree Guruvayoorappan,Althara etc.

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Nilambur Balan was a remarkably skilful actor who was equally active on stage and in films during 60's, 70's and 80's.He was more interested to act on stage rather than acting in films.Since had amazing acting talents, he was called for character roles in films of award winning eminent directors like P.N.Menon,M.T.Vasudevan Nair,K.Raveendran,T.V.Chandran,John Abraham,A.Vincent  etc.
He could act in National Award  winner film 'Nirmalyam' of M.T.Vasudevan Naiur, and also in another film 'Bandhanam' directed by him.
His theatrical friends like Santha Devi,Vilasini,Balan K.Nair,Kuthiravattam Pappu,etc were the co-stars for the very popular film 'Kuttyedathi'.
P.N.Menon  included him in his films like 'Panimudakku,Olavum Theeravum,Chembarathi,etc.
He acted in John Abraham's 'Amma Ariyan'.
T.V.Chandran  included him for his film 'Alicinte Anweshanam'.K.Raveendran cast him for his award winner 'Ore Thooval Pakshikal'.
Sree Kumaran Thampi gave him a memorable role in his award winning film 'Mohiniyattam.
His contributions to film field and theatre will be always remembered.
Selected Filmography
Pakal Kinavu
Asura Vithu
Olavum Theeravum
Pani Mudakku
Chandanachola Mohiniyattam
Vyanadan Thampan
Amma Ariyan
Ore Thooval Pakshikal
Love letter
Chottanikkara Amma
Ajayanum Vijayanum
Alicinte Anweshanam


Kambissery Karunakaran  was a very popular figure in Kerala and was an idealistic personality.He was close friend of Thoppil Bhasi and both of them were from 'Vallikunnam' village of Alapuzha District.Kambissery Karunakaran was known as 'Kambissery' , his pen name.He was a writer, social

activist,Journalist,Actor etc.
Kambissery was born at Vallikunnam on March 31, 1922.After passing S.S.L.C,  for higher studies he joined Sanskrit College,Trivandrum.During  freedom struggle he was supporter of Indian National Congress but later joined Communist Party of India and was a firm supporter of that party.He served as  member of legislative assemble also.He was editor of  'Janayugam Weekly' owned by CPI.Kambissery was interested in acting  and when K.P.A.C was formed, he also acted in several of their dramas.
He wrote books like 'Abhinaya Chinthakal, Andhya Darsanam, Kure Sambhavangal' etc.
He acted in films like 'Aadya Kiranangal, Nithya Kanyaka, Aswamedham, Ninamaninja Kalpadukal ' etc.
He passed away on 27 July  1977.

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During the period  1974- 1982 Rajakumaran Thampi, a child artist acted as 
'Master Rajakumaran Thampi' in more than seven films out of which six films were directed by his father Sreekumaran Thampi.

Sreekumaran Thampi who is highly intellectual is an Engineer by Profession and along with it he has captured the hearts of Keralites by his more than 3000 film songs.He has shown his skill as a Poet, lyricist,Music Director,Film Director,Screenplay writer,Novelist,Essay writer etc and produced several films also.When several of  the films directed by him for others became box office hits, many films produced by his own flopped at the box office.This was because for his own films he concentrated much on artistic value rather than commercial ingredients.His films like 'Mohiniyattam  and Ganam' earned accolades,critical appreciations and awards.
His son Rajakumaran Thampi acted in films 'Chandrakantham(1974),Bhoogolam Thiriyunnu(74),Mohiniyattam(76),Jevitham Oru Ganam(79),Tharavu(81), Irattimadhuram(82),Ganam(82).
Tharavu was a film directed by Jeasy in 81 and all other were directed by Sreekumaran Thampi.
In the film 'Ganam' Rajakumaran Thampi portrayed the childhood days of classical singer 'Aravindakshan,' the main character of the film which was handled by actor 'Ambarish'.Rajakumaran Thampi got award for that role.All the films in which Rajakumaran Thampi acted were critically acclaimed movies and the child actor was familiar to the audience of that period.
Rajakumaran Thampi later worked as assistant director of 'Priyadarshan'.
He became an independent director of Telugu films and was known as 'Raj Aditya' there.
Rajkumaran Thampi was found dead in a hotel room of Secundarabad in March 2009. His last finished project was Telugu film 'Mallee Malle'.

Master Rajakumaran Thampi with Lakshmi
Rajakumaran Thampi with his father Sreekumaran Thampi