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During the 40's,50's and early 60's the professional drama field was  enjoying a glamorous colourful time and the  theatre artists were very popular also.Hence some of the artists preferred to stick with the drama field rather
Location of 1951 film 'Yachakan'

Rajan P.Dev

than becoming a film actor.Such an actor who was very popular and had given much contributions to the Professional drama  was S.J.Dev.He worked with several well known troupes and later owned his own drama troupe also.
He was none other than the father of famous  film actor 'Rajan P.Dev.'
Rajan P.Dev also paid much interest for promoting professional drama and had owned  'Cherthala Jubilee Theatres'.
S.J.Dev had acted in some films also.He was one of the actors of 'Nirmala' which was released in 1948.Then he played a role in 'Rakthabandham(1951)
He acted in 'Yachakan' directed by Velappan Nair in 1951.
He could act in 'Marumakal' which was the first film of Prem Nazir (1952)
He appeared mostly in the films of 'Udaya Studio' which were directed by M.Kunchacko.
He played roles in films " Umma of 1960, Rebecca 63, Unniyarcha 61
Paalattu Koman in 62,Neeli Sali in 60, Lora Nee Evide in 1971".
His contributions to theatrical field and cinema can not be forgotten.

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