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Vanakkutty was a famous humorous story writer in Malayalam and was very popular and active during late 40's , 50's and 60's.His real name was 'Raman Pillai' and was known by his pen name 'Vanakkutty'.He was a satirist who tried to criticize the malpractices prevailed in the society.
Vanakkuttty entered Malayalam film field in 1952 by writing the story,screenplay and dialogues for the film 'Premalekha' which was directed by 
M.K.Mani.Vanakkutty  also acted in it in a comedy role along with S.P.Pillai.
Chittor Madhavan Kutty Menon,S.P.Pillai,Vanakkuttyu,Jose Prakash,Adoor Pankajam,Omallur Chellamma and Ambalapuzha Meenakshi were the actors of the film 'Premalekha'.

Later he had acted in other three films also but did not write story or screenplay for films.
Padmini in 'Adhyapika'
In the year 1954 he could act in the  Malayalam film 'Manasakshi' which was directed by  G.Viswanath.Then he concentrated on his literary works only for the next ten years and again appeared in a film  by name 'Atom Bomb' which was directed by P.Subramanyam in the year 1964.
In the year 1968 Vanakkutty  was also in the cast of Super hit movie 'Adhyapika' which was  directed by P.Subramanyam.That film was made from the famous novel of 'Kanam E.J.' in the same title.Kanam E.J. wrote the screenplay and dialogues of that film in which Padmini,Thikkurissi,Kottarakkara,Madhu etc acted in pivot roles.This film received National award as best regional film in Malayalam for that year.

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