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Paravoor Ramachandran was well known as a theatre artiste who worked with 
several esteemed drama troupes for many years before he joined films.

Director Rajasenan

He was born in Paravoor of Kollam District in 1945 and at the age of 17 became an actor of 'Perumbavoor Nataka Sala'.Later he was an active member of other eminent troupes like 'Kalidasa Kala Kendram,Kollam' and earned name and fame as a good stage actor.
He entered film field with the Rajasenan film 'Sathyabhamakkoru Pranayalekanam'.Later he portrayed leading character roles in many films like Vasanthiyum Lakshmiyum Pinne Njanum,Swapnalokathe Balabhaskaran,Thooval Kottaram,Superman' etc.He was a leading  actor in several T.V.Serials also.
He died on January 4,2011.His last film was 'Yakshiyum Pinne Njanum' directed by Vinayan.
Selected Filmography

Sathyabhamakkoru Pranayalekhanam
Dilliwala Rajakumaran
Swapnalokathe Balabhaskaran
Sreekrishnapurathe Nakshatra Thilakkam
Vasanthiyum Lakshmiyum Pinne Njanum
Kanal Kireedam
Achchante Kochumolkku
Yakshiyum Pinne Njanum

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