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N.N.Pillai was a playwright, actor,theatre director and orator who earned the love and applause of all Keralites for  more than four decades.He was one of the eminent personality who provided valuable contributions to the drama field.When many drama troupes spent so much amount for stage decorations and settings, N.N.Pillai attracted  large crowds always to see his plays without showing any kind of gimmicks.He used his brains and pen effectively such that more than the 28 plays he wrote and portrayed by his troupe .'Viswa Kerala Kala Samithi' earned wide recognitions always.People were astonished by his diversified novelty of the theme, and excellent dialogues of all plays.
Most of his plays were socio-political satires which contained sharp arrow like dialogues which always struck the targets which he aimed.He had his own ways to safeguard the interests of common man by effectively utilizing his plays against anti social elements in the society,corrupted politicians,corrupted officials etc.
N.N.Pillai was born in 1918 at Vaikom of Kottayam District to Narayana Pillai and Parukutty Amma.He had his education at CMS College Kottayam and afterwards went to Malay in search of a job.Later he took his family also to Malay and stayed till 1950 there.He returned to Kerala and settled at 'Olassa' of Kottayam District and started his own drama troupe in the name 'Viswa Kerala Kala Samithi' in 1952.The troupe members were mostly his own  family members including his wife Chinnamma and sister Omana.His son Vijaya Raghavan was also an actor in the troupe till he entered Malayalam cinema.
The main difference N.N.Pillai showed to the world is that large audiences  can
be attracted by the theme,dialogues and expressive presentation.People loved the acting style of N.N.Pillai always.
In N.N.Pillai's words " A curtain behind me, a floor to stand on,You in front of me and a play within me" - this was his concept of the theatre.He proved that with simplicity also large crowds and mass appeal is possible.

Actor Vijayaraghavan

N.N.Pillai with his son Vijayaraghavan

Some of his plays are "Kapalika, Gorilla,Folydol,Easwaran Arrastil,Porter Kunjali,Cross Belt,Kanakku Chempakaraman,Prethalokam,The President,Njan Swargathil,Supreme Court' etc.
His plays 'Kapalika,Porter Kunjali and Cross Belt' were made in to movies in Malayalam.

At present  Kerala people of all ages are familiar with  N.N.Pillai since his films and film clips are still shown on T.V. With just two films 'God Father' and "Nadodi' he  earned huge popularity.His acting style was unique and beyond comparison.The film 'God Father' was a huge success and the contribution of
N.N.Pillai for its mass appeal was great.The film which was directed by Siddique-Lal in 1991 was the second highest grosser of that year.It was remade in Tamil,Telugu and Kannada  also.
N.N.Pillai wrote two books on theatre and plays 'Nadaka Darpanam' and 'Curtain'.
His autobiography 'Njan'  attracted large number of people and it is still a best seller.
N.N.Pillai passed away in the year 1995.
He was recipient of several awards including 'Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Academy Fellowship,Sahitya Pravarthaka Sangham Award,Sri Swathi Thirunal Sangeetha Sabha Award,Kendra Sangeet Nataka Academy Award' etc.

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