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M.S.Thipunithura earned much hatred from the audience for his role as an Exorcist in the film 'Oru Minna Minunginte Nurungu Vettam'.The fierce action of the black magician was portrayed fantastically well which got accolades.The same actor was loved in several other films because of the excessively fantastic comedy roles which he played.What ever be the character roles which were handed over to him, including negative roles or villainous roles he presented them with utmost perfection.
His name was Madathiparambil  Seshani Iyer Venkitrama Iyer who was born at Thripunithura in 1941.He had a flair for Carnatic Music which he was trained with his sister and both of them had presented Several Carnatic Musical programs in their youth.
M.S.Thripunithura was a Mathematics teacher and acted with professional drama troupes  because of his passion for acting  before joining films.His first film was 'Kadalamma'  but he became famous to film audience with the movie 'Oru Minna Minunginte Nurungu Vettam' which was directed by Bharathan and it was a blockbuster movie.
Afterwards he became full time movie artist and could act in over 200 films.'Perunthachan,His Highness Abdulla,Bharatham,Yodha, etc earned much appreciation.
After becoming a film star also be loved to lead a simple life involving in all the social activities of Tripunithura.
He got Kerala State Award as Best actor for his role in the play 'Mochanam'.

During his last years of life he earned name and fame as an elocutionist  regarding devotional subjects and he died in Shornur while coming back after participating in such a function in a temple  where he presented a speech.He died due to cardiac arrest.

He is survived by his wife Bhagyalakshmi and daughters Poornima,Pushpa and Pooja.
Some other films in which M.S.Tripunithura presented versatile acting were 'Swanthanam,Kakothikavile Appooppan Thadikal, Aniyanbava Chettan Bava, Venkalam,Devaragam,Gajaraja Mantram etc.
M.S.Tripunithura was well versed in Sanskrit,Astrology and he was expert in cooking also.

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