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M.S.Thipunithura earned much hatred from the audience for his role as an Exorcist in the film 'Oru Minna Minunginte Nurungu Vettam'.The fierce action of the black magician was portrayed fantastically well which got accolades.The same actor was loved in several other films because of the excessively fantastic comedy roles which he played.What ever be the character roles which were handed over to him, including negative roles or villainous roles he presented them with utmost perfection.
His name was Madathiparambil  Seshani Iyer Venkitrama Iyer who was born at Thripunithura in 1941.He had a flair for Carnatic Music which he was trained with his sister and both of them had presented Several Carnatic Musical programs in their youth.
M.S.Thripunithura was a Mathematics teacher and acted with professional drama troupes  because of his passion for acting  before joining films.His first film was 'Kadalamma'  but he became famous to film audience with the movie 'Oru Minna Minunginte Nurungu Vettam' which was directed by Bharathan and it was a blockbuster movie.
Afterwards he became full time movie artist and could act in over 200 films.'Perunthachan,His Highness Abdulla,Bharatham,Yodha, etc earned much appreciation.
After becoming a film star also be loved to lead a simple life involving in all the social activities of Tripunithura.
He got Kerala State Award as Best actor for his role in the play 'Mochanam'.

During his last years of life he earned name and fame as an elocutionist  regarding devotional subjects and he died in Shornur while coming back after participating in such a function in a temple  where he presented a speech.He died due to cardiac arrest.

He is survived by his wife Bhagyalakshmi and daughters Poornima,Pushpa and Pooja.
Some other films in which M.S.Tripunithura presented versatile acting were 'Swanthanam,Kakothikavile Appooppan Thadikal, Aniyanbava Chettan Bava, Venkalam,Devaragam,Gajaraja Mantram etc.
M.S.Tripunithura was well versed in Sanskrit,Astrology and he was expert in cooking also.

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Subair was a leading character actor of Malayalam cinema who brilliantly handled  dignified roles  like  Police Officer,M.L.A, Doctor  etc along with villainous type roles also left this world at the age of 48.
He was born at Panoor of Kannur District to parents Sulaiman and Aysha on 25 May 1962.
He produced a Malayalam film with some of his friends but it was never released.Later he handled small roles in films and first movie was 'Bharatham' which was released in 1991.
His next film was Manthrikacheppu in 1992 in which he portrayed the role as an M.L.A.
He was well appreciated for his fantastic presentation of the character 'Kadayadi Thampi' in the film 'Lelam'.(1997)
His role as Police Officer in films like'Gandharvam,Arannangalude Veedu,Immini Nalloral,Palunku,I.G, Inspector General,The Tiger' etc were very much liked by the audience.
His M.L.A. role of 'Bharatchandran I.P.S. was also superb.
Subair died on August 18, 2010 due to Cardiac arrest.

Selected Filmography

Manthrika Cheppu
First Bell
Sthalathe Pradhana Payyans
Elavamkodu Desam
Pranaya Nilavu
The Godman
Crime File
Arayannangalude Veedu
Saivar Thirumeni
Melvilasam Sariyanu
Immini Nalloral
Bharatchandran I.P.S
The Tiger
Balram vs Tharadas
Nadia Kollapetta Rathri
IG,Inpector General
Pazhassi Raja

Christian Brothers


Jagannathan was a Popular Malayalam actor on Stage/T.V. and films for several years and have acted in films of eminent directors like  G.Aravindan,
Adoor Gopalakrishnan etc also.

He was born at  Changanacherry in 1938.His acquaintance with 'Kavalam Narayana Panicker and Nedumudi Venu' helped him to get a leading  role in the play 'Avanavan Kadamba' written by  'Kavalam' and directed by 'G.Aravindan' which made him popular.He contined to act in the plays of Kavalam Narayana Panicker and travelled all over India and abroad along with his troupe.Later he directed plays 'Pathanam,Parivarthanam,Karadi and Vivahalochana'.
His entry in to Malayalam films was with the movie 'Oridathu' directed by G.Aravindan in 1986.In the same year he portrayed a role in 'My dear wrong Number' directed by 'Priyadarshan'.In 1987 he got a role in the film 'Theertham' directed by Mohan in which Nedumudi Venu was in the lead role.
His leading role in a T.V.Serial  by name 'Kairalivilasam Lodge' attracted audience very much and he became very popular among household viewers of T.V.
Jagannathan continued with his stage plays,T.V.Serials and Movies and he was able to act in more than 150 films.His role in films like 'Pattanathil Sundaran,Swagatham,Mazhavil Kavady, etc earned accolades.He had also sung a song for the film 'Swagatham'.
Jagannathan died on Dec 8, 2012.

Selected Filmography

Hello My dear Wrong Number
Mazhavil Kavady
Nale Ennundenkil
Anaval Mothiram
Soorya Chakram
Kalyana Unnikal
The Truth
Then Thully
Kaiyethum Doorathu
Pakal Nakshatrangal
Oru Pennum Randanum


Paravoor Ramachandran was well known as a theatre artiste who worked with 
several esteemed drama troupes for many years before he joined films.

Director Rajasenan

He was born in Paravoor of Kollam District in 1945 and at the age of 17 became an actor of 'Perumbavoor Nataka Sala'.Later he was an active member of other eminent troupes like 'Kalidasa Kala Kendram,Kollam' and earned name and fame as a good stage actor.
He entered film field with the Rajasenan film 'Sathyabhamakkoru Pranayalekanam'.Later he portrayed leading character roles in many films like Vasanthiyum Lakshmiyum Pinne Njanum,Swapnalokathe Balabhaskaran,Thooval Kottaram,Superman' etc.He was a leading  actor in several T.V.Serials also.
He died on January 4,2011.His last film was 'Yakshiyum Pinne Njanum' directed by Vinayan.
Selected Filmography

Sathyabhamakkoru Pranayalekhanam
Dilliwala Rajakumaran
Swapnalokathe Balabhaskaran
Sreekrishnapurathe Nakshatra Thilakkam
Vasanthiyum Lakshmiyum Pinne Njanum
Kanal Kireedam
Achchante Kochumolkku
Yakshiyum Pinne Njanum

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T.S.Muthaiah and Prem Nazir
T.S.Muthaiah was a very popular Malayalam actor who usually played character and supporting roles.He was active in the Malayalam film field for more than four decades.Since he knew Tamil language also equally well, he could act in more than sixty Tamil films also in his acting career.
T.S.Muthaiah was born in Cochin to parents T.M.Sachith and  Gomathi Ammal
on January 23, 1923.He passed S.S.L.C and  selected acting as his profession.

T.S.Muthaiah as Sage Vasishta in the film 'Harichandra'
While studying at school itself he used to act on stages.His debut film was 'Navalokam' directed by V.Krishnan in 1951.Next year Prem Nazir entered Malayalam films with the film 'Marumakal' directed by S.K.Chari.In the film Marumakal, T.S.Muthaiah also acted and a firm friendship started with Prem Nazir which lasted up to Muthaiah's last breath.
In many films during 50's Muthaiah's role would be as a friend,companion, or associate to Prem Nazir's character.This association also increased their friendship bond.During his last period of life Muthaiah had financial problems and it was Prem Nazir that used to help him happily always.
Muthaiah was recipient of Best Actor awards and Best Supporting actor awards  
several times.
Muthaiah produced a film 'Chitramela' in 1967 which contained three different stories and direction was also handled by him.The film was not a success but earned good opinion from critics.During that period the concept of three stories in a film was not accepted by the audience.
In 1969 again he produced and directed another film 'Ballatha Pahayan' which also was not a success at the box office causing heavy loss to him.
Selected Filmography

Kalam Marunnu
Achanum Makanum
Padatha Painkili
Nayaru pidicha pulivalu
Kandam Becha Coat
Krishna Kuchela
Puthiya Akasam Puthiya Bhoomi
Laila Majnu
Bhagya Jathakam
Oral Koody Kallanayi
Kalanju Kittiya Thankam
Porter Kunjali
Anweshichu Kandethiyilla
Iruttinte Aathmavu
Nadan Pennu
Palunku Pathram
Velutha Kathreena
Veendum Prabhatham
CID Nazeer
Urvasi Bharathi
Sambhavami Yuge Yuge
Chattambi Kalyani
Ayalathe Sundari


Vaikom Mani was a famous actor of Kerala who hailed from Vaikom of Kottayam District.He was equally popular on stage as well as on silver screen.
He entered acting field at the age of 14.He preferred to act on stage rather than films.

He was a versatile actor who handled all kinds of roles.His debut in to Malayalam films was in the year 1950 with the movie 'Nalla Thanka'.It was Udaya Productions second film after 'Velli Nakshatram'.Several artistes entered in to the industry by that film.It was the debut film of 'Vaikom Mani,Augustine Joseph,Miss Kumari,Miss Omana,S.P.Pillai' etc.
In the same year Vaikom Mani acted in films 'Sthree' and 'Sasidharan'.
In 1951 he could act in a film 'Raktha Bandham' and for a long period  up to 1966 did not act in any films.He was  a very busy actor on stage during those period.In 1965 he presented a role in the film 'Priyathama'.
In the year 1966 he played a role in the film 'Kattumallika' directed by P.Subramanyam.
'Indulekha,Karutha Rathrikal, Lady Doctor,Adhyapika' etc were the films he acted up to 1968.
In 1976 he acted in 'Chottanikkara Amma' directed by Crossbelt Mani and 'Udyana Lakshmi' directed by K.S.Gopalakrishnan.
In 1980 and 82 he acted in two Sreekumaran Thampi films namely 'Ambala Vilakku' and 'Ganam'.

He was father-in-law of Sreekumaran Thampi.

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During the 40's and 50's there was a sensational couple in Kerala who were acclaimed for their extremely talented acting skill and also for their wonderful 
singing abilities.Both of them were usually the leading pair of their 'Musical opera troupe' which presented excellent musical plays which fascinated the audience.During those period the characters who sings for the scene had to sing the songs themselves "live" then and there on the stage.There was no playback singing at that period for theatre.This caused shortage of new actors and actresses since people having both the abilities of acting as well as singing were rare.But 'Vaikom Vasudevan Nair and Thankam Vasudevan Nair' earned the love and respect of all people because of their versatile acting skill and beautiful singing of classical songs.
Vaikom Vasudevan Nair used to present new plays with novel theme that usually attracted the audience.He along with his wife Thankam Vasudevan Nair handled the lead pair always for the Musical Operas.People were equally attracted to theatre those days like cinema.One play by name 'Yachaki' presented by Vaikom Vasudevan Nair and Thankam Vasudevan Nair became roaring success and the couple became popular all over India.

It was at that time an idea of producing a Malayalam film entered in to the mind of Vaikom Vasudevan Nair.Even though he did not have any experience of film field, he produced a film by name 'Kerala Kesari' in the year 1951.It was directed by V.Krishnan.
Vaikom Vasudevan Nair and Thankam Vasudevan Nair acted as the lead pair in that film.
Kerala Kesari was the 14th Malayalam film and he was aware that 'Nirmala' the previous film in Malayalam was a flop but he dared to produce the film.
Stories of similar type used to be  a success for Tamil films at that period and Vaikom Vasudevan Nair's expectation did not materialize. Kerala Kesari did not collect well and Vaikom Vasudevan Nair and Thankam Vasudevan Nair bid farewell to Malayalam film industry for ever and returned to their drama field.
Three songs of that film were sung by Vaikom Vasudevan Nair and two songs were sung by Thankam Vasudevan Nair.'Thumbaman Padmanabhankutty wrote the lyrics and 'Jnanamani' was the music composer.The songs were of classical style and Dr.Kaviyoor Revamma also sang songs for this film.The first devotional song of Lord Ayyappa in a Malayalam film is from 'Kerala Kesari'.The first line of that song is as 'Ayyappa akhilanda kodi nilaya bhaktha samrakshaka'.
Thankam Vasudevan Nair's voice was very sweet but since the couple quit film field with one cinema, the audience lost chances to enjoy her more film songs.


Vanakkutty was a famous humorous story writer in Malayalam and was very popular and active during late 40's , 50's and 60's.His real name was 'Raman Pillai' and was known by his pen name 'Vanakkutty'.He was a satirist who tried to criticize the malpractices prevailed in the society.
Vanakkuttty entered Malayalam film field in 1952 by writing the story,screenplay and dialogues for the film 'Premalekha' which was directed by 
M.K.Mani.Vanakkutty  also acted in it in a comedy role along with S.P.Pillai.
Chittor Madhavan Kutty Menon,S.P.Pillai,Vanakkuttyu,Jose Prakash,Adoor Pankajam,Omallur Chellamma and Ambalapuzha Meenakshi were the actors of the film 'Premalekha'.

Later he had acted in other three films also but did not write story or screenplay for films.
Padmini in 'Adhyapika'
In the year 1954 he could act in the  Malayalam film 'Manasakshi' which was directed by  G.Viswanath.Then he concentrated on his literary works only for the next ten years and again appeared in a film  by name 'Atom Bomb' which was directed by P.Subramanyam in the year 1964.
In the year 1968 Vanakkutty  was also in the cast of Super hit movie 'Adhyapika' which was  directed by P.Subramanyam.That film was made from the famous novel of 'Kanam E.J.' in the same title.Kanam E.J. wrote the screenplay and dialogues of that film in which Padmini,Thikkurissi,Kottarakkara,Madhu etc acted in pivot roles.This film received National award as best regional film in Malayalam for that year.


N.N.Pillai was a playwright, actor,theatre director and orator who earned the love and applause of all Keralites for  more than four decades.He was one of the eminent personality who provided valuable contributions to the drama field.When many drama troupes spent so much amount for stage decorations and settings, N.N.Pillai attracted  large crowds always to see his plays without showing any kind of gimmicks.He used his brains and pen effectively such that more than the 28 plays he wrote and portrayed by his troupe .'Viswa Kerala Kala Samithi' earned wide recognitions always.People were astonished by his diversified novelty of the theme, and excellent dialogues of all plays.
Most of his plays were socio-political satires which contained sharp arrow like dialogues which always struck the targets which he aimed.He had his own ways to safeguard the interests of common man by effectively utilizing his plays against anti social elements in the society,corrupted politicians,corrupted officials etc.
N.N.Pillai was born in 1918 at Vaikom of Kottayam District to Narayana Pillai and Parukutty Amma.He had his education at CMS College Kottayam and afterwards went to Malay in search of a job.Later he took his family also to Malay and stayed till 1950 there.He returned to Kerala and settled at 'Olassa' of Kottayam District and started his own drama troupe in the name 'Viswa Kerala Kala Samithi' in 1952.The troupe members were mostly his own  family members including his wife Chinnamma and sister Omana.His son Vijaya Raghavan was also an actor in the troupe till he entered Malayalam cinema.
The main difference N.N.Pillai showed to the world is that large audiences  can
be attracted by the theme,dialogues and expressive presentation.People loved the acting style of N.N.Pillai always.
In N.N.Pillai's words " A curtain behind me, a floor to stand on,You in front of me and a play within me" - this was his concept of the theatre.He proved that with simplicity also large crowds and mass appeal is possible.

Actor Vijayaraghavan

N.N.Pillai with his son Vijayaraghavan

Some of his plays are "Kapalika, Gorilla,Folydol,Easwaran Arrastil,Porter Kunjali,Cross Belt,Kanakku Chempakaraman,Prethalokam,The President,Njan Swargathil,Supreme Court' etc.
His plays 'Kapalika,Porter Kunjali and Cross Belt' were made in to movies in Malayalam.

At present  Kerala people of all ages are familiar with  N.N.Pillai since his films and film clips are still shown on T.V. With just two films 'God Father' and "Nadodi' he  earned huge popularity.His acting style was unique and beyond comparison.The film 'God Father' was a huge success and the contribution of
N.N.Pillai for its mass appeal was great.The film which was directed by Siddique-Lal in 1991 was the second highest grosser of that year.It was remade in Tamil,Telugu and Kannada  also.
N.N.Pillai wrote two books on theatre and plays 'Nadaka Darpanam' and 'Curtain'.
His autobiography 'Njan'  attracted large number of people and it is still a best seller.
N.N.Pillai passed away in the year 1995.
He was recipient of several awards including 'Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Academy Fellowship,Sahitya Pravarthaka Sangham Award,Sri Swathi Thirunal Sangeetha Sabha Award,Kendra Sangeet Nataka Academy Award' etc.