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Surasu was a very talented person in diversified fields and an excellent actor but did not reach the heights he deserved.He was  drama writer and director well known for his genre of drama known as 'mozhiyattam' which is a fusion of poetry and theatre.He was more interested to act on stage rather than films but had acted in many films also.He was a playwright for some films like 'Randu Penkuttikal'(wrote dialogues for this film also) which was directed by 'Mohan in 1978.That film in which Sobha and Anupama acted in  title roles drew much attention from critics and audience due to the speciality of theme.
                   Surasu had published a few books also in Malayalam.Surasu had his own vision and perspectives.'Surasu' was his screen name selected by himself and literally that word means an 'alcoholic'.(Can be referred as one who consumes elixir also).
In 1988 Kamal directed a film 'Kakkothikkavile Appoppan Thadikal' which became a box office success  and attracted the audience because of its nice presentation, unusual theme etc.Revathy acted as 'Kakothy' the centre character in the film and Surasu acted as her foster father who was the  leader of the gypsy beggar group.As the gypsy leader  Surasu presented fantastic acting abilities which the audience will not forget for ever.Like that in the film 'Theertham' directed by Mohan in 87, Surasu's character as father-in-law of Nedumudi Venu was superb.In all films he played his role excellently but films like 'Srishti' 'Sradham' etc needs special mention.
Selected Filmography
Love Letter
Velicham Akale
Kalyana Panthal
Ajayanum Vijayanum
Randu Penkuttikal
Kakothikkavile Appooppan Thadikal

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