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C.I.Paul was a famous stage actor before joining films.He entered professional 
drama field by acting in famous dramas of V.L.Jose.He became very popular  as
a main actor of 'Kalanilayam' troupe.
His first film was as Fr.Benedict in the 1967 film 'Madatharuvi'.
Later he appeared in films like 'Thoma Sleeha,Kari Puranda Jeevithangal, Nanayam,Mortuary,Kelkatha Sabdam' etc.
During the 80's C.I. Paul got applause in the comedy type roles which he handled in so many films of Priyadarshan and Sathyan Anthikad.
He had notable roles in Priyadarshan's 'Poochakkoru Mookuthy' and 'Akkare Ninnoru Maran' directed by Girish.
In the 1986 film 'Mazha Peyyunnu Maddalam Kottunnu' directed by Priyadarshan he acted as Father of M.A.Dhawan.It was a full length comedy film in which Sreenivasan handled the role of M.A.Dhawan, who took M.B.A. from USA and just returned.Shambhu who was his classmate in lower classes was working as their driver.M.A.Dhawan's marriage proposal with the daughter of a rich man and the consequences created nice comedy.
In the film ' Gandhinagar 2nd Street' directed by Sathyan Anthikad C.I.Paul acted as a rich Contractor and husband of residential colony secretary, the role which was handled by Sukumary.This role was also of a comedy touch.
In 1988 he deviated from the usual path and acted in a serious role as 'Minister' in the film 'Moonnam Mura' directed by K.Madhu.

In the same year in another   blockbuster film of director K.Madhu 'Oru C.B.I.Diary Kurippu' he could again portray the role of a Minister.
Later in many films he handled serious roles and villain roles also.
In the film 'Vadakku Nokki Yanthram' directed by Sreenivasan, C.I.Paul acted as the father of heroine.Parvathy acted as 'Sobha',  wife of the hero  character   handled by Sreenivasan.
In the Mohan Lal film 'Midhunam', C.I.Paul acted as an Electrical Inspector who denies the permission of a small scale factory of Mohan Lal.The  scene in which Innocent slapping the Electrical Inspector was very much liked by the audience.
'Pavithram' directed by T.K.Rajiv Kumar in 1994 was another nice film of C.I.Paul.Mohan Lal,Sobhana and Vinduja Menon were the main characters.
Another notable film was 'Hariharan Pillai Happy Aanu' of 2003.Mohan Lal acted as  the owner of a construction company who constructs the house of Sathyapalan, the role which was handled by C.I.Paul.Sathyapalan does not pay the charges promptly and his daughter falls in love with the contractor etc was the theme of the film.
'Pathinonnil Vyazham' was the last film released in which C.I.Paul acted.It was made in 2005 but was released five years later.
On December 14, 2005 C.I.Paul left this world because of heart failure.
Selected Filmography
Vazhi Pizhacha Santhathi
Amba Ambika Ambalika
Kari Puranda Jeevithangal
Nagamadathu Thampuratty
Makale Mappu Tharu
Poochakkoru Mookkuthy
Jeevante Jeevan
Iniyum Kurukshetram
Mazhapeyyunnu Maddalam Kottunnu
Naradan Keralathil
Manathe Kottaram
Gandhi Nagar 2nd Street
Akasathile Paravakal
The King
Tom and Jerry
Yathrakkarude Sradhakku
Vadakku Nokki Yanthram
Pakal Pooram
Hariharan Pillai Happy Aanu
Youth Festival
Junior Senior
Pathinonnil Vyazham

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