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In the film 'Ponmuttayidunna Taravu,  Krishnan Kutty Nair  acted as the father of Sreenivasan 'Thattan Gopalan'
and they were Goldsmiths by profession in the film.Sreenivasan felt love towards his neighbor
'Urvashy' and since they were all financially poor Sreenivasan thought of impressing Urvashy
by presenting a gold chain weighing 10 sovereigns (80gms).Actually he was cheating her by
that present because it was not original gold but gold plated copper only.Not much later the two
families had to quarrel regarding some issue and all the members of the two families involved
in that incident.While the quarrel was going on Krishnankutty Nair who was very ill due to old age and was very weak and thin who could not even stand up from the bed without

  somebody's help requested Sreenivasan to take him to the spot of quarrel.The audience thought the weak old man would advice peace to the two opponent groups.When he was brought to the lawn he said some bad words to the neighbors and spitted forcefully on the

 ground to express his anger and  the weak man fell down by that force of spitting which created
roaring laughter in the cinema halls.
In several films Krishnankutty Nair even though portrayed serious character roles would created   a pinch of comedy also which the audience appreciated very much.
Krishnankutty Nair hailed from Sasthamangalam of Trivandrum City who was engaged in some drama

troupes   before joining
films.His acting talent was exemplary that directors like Padmarajan and
G.Aravindan  who were mostly award winning realistic film makers utilized him in many of

their films.He had acted in padmarajan films like Peruvazhy Ambalam,Arapatta Kettiya Gramathil,Oridathoru Phayalwan,Kariyilakattupole etc.He appeared in films of Aravindan like 'Marattam.' He acted in Adoor Gopalakrishnan's
 Anantharam,Kadhapurushan,Mathilukal etc.
Middlle stream Cinema directors like Sathyan Anthikkadu,Kamal etc also gave him nice roles.
Ponmutta Idunna Tharavu was a film of Sathyan Anthikkadu.In another Sathyan Anthikkadu
film 'Varavelpu'(1989) he acted as the father of the heroine 'Revathy' and acted as  a drunkard
in the film.Revathy was also trying to cheat the hero  Mohan Lal in the film as well as the

character of Krishnan Kutty Nair.When Mohan Lal pushed away Krishnankutty Nair when he tried to argue with him  he fell 
on the ground unconscious created nice comedy in the film.
In yet another film of Sathyan Anthikkadu in the name 'Mazhavil Kavady' he was the father
of one of the heroine Urvashy as a 'Barber'.The film contained a comedy theme and Jayaram

was the hero.Jayaram pick pocketed Krishnankutty Nair when Jayaram  was struggling without
a penny and he got the toolkit of the  'Barber' only.Since at that place 'Pazhani' shaving and cutting
hair  had a good scope to earn some  money he also became a Barber by accepting that profession.In the film  when

Krishnankutty Nair was applying oil on his thin body and was exercising Urvashy praised
about his health to Jayaram was a comedy scene in the film.

In the film 'Kakothi Kavile Appooppan Thadikal' Krishnankutty Nair portrayed the role of
a Middle School Mathematics teacher.In the  film the teacher's name was 'Mathai' but

the students in hatred called him as 'Kalan Mathai'.Revathy who was the heroine of the film
who was engaged in the work of making smooth of 'grinding stone' along with a student
of the school teasing 'Kalan Mathai' was a comedy sequence in the film.In the film
 'Aakasakottayile Sulthan' directed by Jayaraj, he acted as an Engineer Pushkaran but always
'booze'.There were some comedy scenes involving 'Pushkaran' in the film which was very much liked by the audience.After a minor  accident the Engineer Pushkaran forgets his whereabouts  and past including his name  but recalled only the word 'booze' created roaring laughter.
Selected Filmography
Peruvazhy Ambalam
Oridathoru Phayalwan
Meenamasathile Sooryan
Kakothikavile Appooppan Thadikal
Ore Thooval Pakshikal
Mazhavil Kavady
Unnikuttanu Joli kitti

Kizhakkan Pathrose
Manthrika Cheppu
Ennodishtam Koodamo
Poochakkaru Mani Kettum
Vakil Vasudev
Oh Faby
Ponmuttayidunna Tharavu
Kavady Attam
Sthalathe Pradhana Payyans
Avittam Thirunal Arogya Sreeman
Ennodishtam Koodamo
Arapatta Kettiya Gramathil

Premnazeerine Kanmanilla
Mookkkilla Rajyathu
Kadinjool Kalyanam

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I can guess that many of the viewers would be thinking who was this person , KALAMANDALAM KESAVAN  in  films.He did not earn a big  name in films  but earned fame as a fantastic actor in Kathakali, and occasionally appeared  on  film screen in protagonist roles  and
on T.V.Screen also . He was basically a well renowned 'Chenda' exponent in Kerala and was a trainer of 'Chenda'
at FACT Kathakali school  for about three decades.
He was trained in 'Chenda Kathakali Melam' by Masters like  Moothamana Kesavan Nampoothiri, Thriruvilwamala Venkichan Swamy at famous 'Poomullly Mana' near his house.
He  joined Kalamandalam in 1954 where he came under tutelage of  eminent masters and became an expert in that field.
Kalamandalam Kesavan was just not a Chenda artiste but he was a writer of about 40 works 
to his credit and  an accomplished actor in quite a number of films and on on T.V.Serials.

He got Kerala Sahithya Academy Award for his  Collection of poems 'Thenthully'.
As a chenda artiste  of Kathakali Kesavan gave significant contributions in harmonizing rhythm 
with acting.
After graduating from Kalamandalam,  Kesavan worked with 'Kala Sadanam' and 'RLV Institute'
before joining  FACT Kathakali School.Her served there for more than three decades.Most of
his creative talents came out during that period.
He thought to earn more admirers for Kathakali  and wrote several Kathakali plays which were
taken from International literature works and  tried to earn Kathakali  a name more than that of  a temple
cultural art form.
Kalamandalam Kesavan as Sundara Brahmanan

He wrote the  Kathakali form (in poetry) of a Persian work as 'Dhavalangi Charitham Kathakali'
the story of Ayyappa as ' Sabarimala Dharma Sastha', etc.His   Kathakali plays from 
English works  also earned much appreciation from critics..His Kathakali creations were enacted on several stages by eminent actors
like Kalamandalam Krishnan Nair.
He debuted in film 'Marattam' directed by G.Aravindan.
The Malayalam film viewers all enjoyed his appearance  as protagonist in the film 'Katha Nayakan' in which Jayaram was the hero .KPAC Lalitha,Oduvil Unnikrishnam,Janardhanan,
etc acted in that film.It was a super hit film  and  grand success at the box Office directed by Rajasenan.
He had acted in films like 'Valathottu thirinju  nalamathe veedu  and  Pilgrimage   other than 'Kadha Nayakan'.He was a well credited actor    
in several T.V. Serials.
In Kathakali  this  Master of  'Chenda'  had handled the role as 'vocalist' for several plays mainly 
his own creations  like 'Sohrab and Rustom' , 'Ekalavya Charitham ' etc.He wrote more than 12 Kathakali plays.He used to enact in Kathakali in his favorite roles like 'Keechakan' Sundara Brahmanan, and many other.
He was a writer,Poet,Kathakali  play writer, actor on stage,Actor in Kathakali, actor of films
and T.V.Serials,fantastic percussionist and combined all together a perfect artiste.
He died on April 25, 2009.

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Tadepally Lakshmi Kanta Rao who was well known as T.L.Kanta Rao(born in 1923) was a very famous Telugu film actor who also appeared in several Hindi films and Tamil Films.He appeared in 
three  Malayalam films and  one  Kanta Rao  Telugu film was dubbed to Malayalam in 1972 also.

He  was very much appreciated for his roles he acted in mythological films in Telugu and Tamil.
He was excellent as Narada but also he earned accolades for his roles as

 Krishna,Rama,Arjuna,Lakshmana  etc also. He had portrayed historical

 characters also brilliantly and was an expert in sequences of fencing, sword fighting etc.

During 60's he was the third exponent only  behind N.T.Rama Rao and Akkineni Nageswara
 Rao to portray 
mythological and historical characters  on the screen.

He was the producer of five Telugu films  in which he acted in suitable roles also.
He acted in 'Bhakta Kuchela', a 1961  Malayalam film Produced and directed by
in which another Telugu film star C.S.R. Anjaneyalu was the main actor as 'Kuchela.'

Later in 1972 when P.Subramanyam produced and directed 'Shri Guruvayoorappan' film

in that film also he was given a role.
In another film 'Devi Kanyakumari' produced and directed by P.Subramanyam he invited

Kanta Rao to act in it.Thus many of the spectators of films in Kerala would be remembering
In 1972 a mythological Telugu film by name 'Sathi Anasooya' was dubbed to Malayalam

and released in Kerala.In that film Kanta Rao was in a good role and 'Sharada'  who is loved much  more
than  a Malayali actress by Kerala viewers  was acting in it.Abhayadev wrote the dialogues in Malayalam

and songs were written by P.Bhaskaran.
He won Rashtrapathi Award for his performance in the film 'Lava Khusa' as 'Lakshmana'.

He was given 'Raghupathi Venkaiah Award from Government of Andhrapradesh  for his
achievements and contributions to cinema.
He could act in more than 400 films in a long span of his career as an actor.
He died at Hyderabad on March 22, 2009.
Selected Filmography
Sabhash Ramudu
Bhakta Ambarisha
Bhatti Vikramaditya
Varalakshnmi Vratham
Lava Khusha
America Alludu
Pyar ka Sindoor
Jhansi Rani
Vamsa Vriksham
Shri Rajeswari Vilas Coffee club
Usha Parinayam
Bheemanjaneya Yudham
Navagraha Pooja Mahima
Vishnu Maya
Constable Kuturu
Sri Krishnarjuna Yudham
Raktha Sambandham
Srikrishna Thulabharam
Ananda Nilayam
Sati Anasuya
Vayasu pilichindi
Radha Kalyanam
Muthyamantha Muddu
Mugguru Monegatta
Shankar Dada Zindabad
As a Producer
Gundelu Teesina Monagadu
Gandara Gandadu

Swati Chinukkulu

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The film lovers of South India especially Malayalees felt  so much grief on July 30,  1998 
because of the untimely death of Director Bharathan who  was a prodigy in all sense.We could
have expected so many other fantastic films from him and so his departure was a real loss indeed.Padmarajan and Bharathan contributed so many good ideas as gifts  to Malayalam film  field and
their absence is surely felt by all.
Bharathan was born on Nov 14, 1940 at Engadiyoor near  Wadakkancherry in Trissur District.
He had the intrinsic talents to draw pictures and so he joined for Fine Arts Diploma Course

 after Schooling and thus earned training to make portraits on Canvas and in oil painting etc.
He was following his Uncle P.N.Menon in each and every ways.P.N.Menon was also a diploma
holder in fine arts and joined films and became an eminent director.
Bharathan also joined films as an art director initially and his first project was for the

 Malayalam film 'Gandharva Kshetram'.Afterwards for several films he worked as art director
and then he was utilized as assistant director.Since he was sincere in his work and had the

ability to understand the perception of the situation and to visualize it brilliantly he was liked
by his superiors and producers.

Bharathan made directional debut in 1974 with Padmarajan script 'Prayanam' for which
Padmarajan got award for best screenplay and

 Bharathan as best art director.The art direction was also handled by him.A typical story of an
old temple priest and his young wife was the theme of

 that film in which Kottarakkara
 Sreedharan Nair and Lakshmi handled lead roles.The fi;m won National award for best feature film in Malayalam in 1975.
The friendship and  association with Padmarajan helped Bharathan and film lovers to enjoy

several blockbusters there after from Padmarajan scripts directed by Bharathan.
He did not give priority for the stardom of the actors but utilized the  most suited persons  for
the perfection of the theme and sequences.
When 'Thakara' was filmed 'Nedumudi Venu' was not a star but the character

boosted his career as an actor.Like that Surekha was introduced in Malayalam who was also
K.P.A.C. Lalitha

not an experienced actress and same was the case of Pratap Pothen.But the film was a classic
super hit film which was a grand success at the box Office.
Film 'Rathi Nirvedam' was also an excellent film in which he introduced Krishnachandran ,
teenage new face but he  presented that character of 'Pappu' unforgettable.'Sex' was a prime

factor of several Padmarajan scripts filmed by Bharathan during that period but he handled

it superbly precise without being vulgar always and of course aesthetically to propitiate the audience fully.
Bharathan always selected his location with care and gave much importance to that factor

and also to cinematography and employed excellent cinematographers like Ramachandra Babu for his films.The viewers felt his films as a visual treat always.
Bharathan had  the habit of preparing the sketches of scenes before filming  some projects

which had a varied nature than usual like the film 'Vaishali'.Since he made the sketches
of many of the sequences he could make sure that the final product was possessing the

Lohithadas,Bharathan and Ramachandra Babu
 perfection as planned.The minute details of materials needed in a scene also could be employed without forgetting was also

 beneficial because of his making the  sketch habit.

The film goers appreciate him as the founder of a new school in film making or a new path
finder who selected the middle stream cinema.His films were not mere commercial films

and not art films either but they had all the qualities of  them too.His path was followed by
popular directors like Sibi Malayil,Kamal,Lohitha Das, Jayaraj and Sathyan Anthikkad
and earned accolades from viewers.
Many of the Bharathan films were the live portrayal of the realistic rural life of Kerala.

He gave importance to visually appealing scenes and mentally appeasing songs.He was

well versed in music composition and mostly interfered in that section of his films also.
He had written lyrics and given music composition for some songs also.

He was an expert in using natural properties  like rain,sea wind etc to  express the stress
or feelings of a particular situation.
His Tamil films 'Aavarampoo' and 'Thevar Magan'  received critical acclaim and were super hits also.Sivaji Ganesan and Kamal Hassan  acted in Thevar Magan which won National award for best feature film in Tamil for 1992.It was remade in several languages including Hindi.
Bharathan received state awards as best art director in 1975 for Prayanam,Best art director in 1980 and  as director of second best film,Best art director for 'Chatta' in 81,Director of
Best film 'Marmaram' in 82,Director of Best film 'Ormakkayi' and best art director for film

 'Ormakkayi' , Best art director for film 'Ithiri poove Chuvanna Poove in 84' Director of Best film with popular appeal and aesthetic value 'Minnaminunginte Nurungu Vettam in 87',
Director of Best film with popular appeal and aesthetic value 'Venkalam' in 92 etc.

Bharathan was 57 years old at the time of death.He is survived by his wife Malayalam character actress K.P.A.C.Lalitha and two children.His Son Sidhardh is an actor and film director now.

Selected Filmography
Guruvayoor Kesavan
Rathi Nirvedam
Kattathe  Kilikkoodu
Sandhya Mayangum Neram
Ithiri poove Chuvanna Poove
Kathodu Kathoram
Ozhivu Kalam
Oru Minnaminunginte Nurungu Vettam
Neelakurinji Poothappol
Oru Sayahnathinte Swapnam

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Muttathu Varkey was a great writer in Malayalam and had authored and published around
132 books out of which 65 are novels and the rest are inclusive of Plays,short story collections,
poetry etc.His novels were in simple language mainly love stories with beautiful elaborate descriptions and attracted a large number of readers.In fact writers like Muttathu Varkey,
Parapurathu,Kanam E.J., etc contributed much to attract a large sector of people to reading
habit.Muttathu Varkey's 'Padatha Painkili' earned heavy popularity when published in a weekly and  the young generation of those times were eagerly waiting for the next issue of the
weekly to know the whereabouts of their favorite characters.Later when that story was adapted  for a film in the same title it was a huge success.Even though several critics used to
tease such kind of light love stories and  usually referred as 'Painkili stories' it is a fact that 
majority of people love to read such books and interestingly see those films also.
Muttathu Varkey was born on 18 April 1913 at Chethipuzha in Changanacherry of Kottayam
He passed B.A. Degree of Kerala University and joined for B.L Degree course but did not complete it.
He worked for a small period at 'Saint Berchmans'  High School at Changanacherry as a teacher. After quitting that job he joined as accountant in a timber factory and later again
came in to teaching profession in a Tutorial College run by famous writer M.P.Paul.
During those period itself he used to write stories, poetry etc and M.P. Paul suggested him
to write Novels and Plays and that poetry is not suited for him.
After wards Muttathu Varkey joined 'Deepika Newspaper' as Associated Editor and continued 
Sara Joseph receiving Award in 2011
in that post till his retirement in 1974.During those period he was able to carry out his literary works also.
The first film to produce with his story was 'Padatha Painkili' in 1957.The screenplay, and
dialogues were also written by him.Prem Nazir acted as the hero and the film was a super hit.
The 1965 film 'Ina Pravukal', 'Velutha Kathreena' of 1968, 'Mayiladum Kunnu' of 1972 etc
were all super hits.In the film 'Azhakulla Celina' in which Jayabharathy and Vincent acted
Prem Nazir acted as a Villain.
In the film 'Poothali' of 1960 T.K.Balachandran was the hero and Miss.Kumari was the heroine.
It was the first film in Malayalam that an actor was shown in dual roles.(Double role).T.K.Balachandran was the hero and Villain in this film and because of the curiosity
of the viewers the film otherwise a normal melodrama became a mega hit at the box office.

The Sathyan film 'Kara Kanakkadal ' was  one of the best films of Sathyan which was released in 1971.The story and presentation was liked by the audience.Another Sathyan
film 'Akkarappacha' of 1972 was also a critically acclaimed film.

22 films were made in Malayalam from Muttathu Varkey's Novels and stories.
For many of them he wrote Screenplay and dialogues also.
Muttathu Varkey Stories for Films
Padatha Painkili
Jail Pully
Christmas Rathri
Njana Sundari
Pattu Thoovala
Ina Pravukal
Sthanarthi Saramma
Velutha Kathreena
Chattambi Kavala
Line Bus
Lora Nee Evide
Mayiladum Kunnu
Thekkan Kattu
Pacha Nottukal
Azhakulla Celina
Priyamulla Sophia

Muttathu Varkey died on 28 May 1989.Muttathu Varkey foundation has been instituted
and awards are given to writers in Malayalam Language every year. Eminent writers like
O.V.Vijayan,Vaikom Muhammed Basheer,M.T.Vasudevan Nair,Kovilan,Madhavikutty,
Anand,C.Radhakrishnan,Kakkanadan,M.Mukundan,V.K.N etc are all recipients of this
award from 1992 on wards.Last year in 2011 it was awarded to Sara Joseph. 

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We can not forget the contributions given by T.N.Gopinathan Nair for Malayalam Cinema.
T.N.Gopinathan Nair was the son of 'Sahithya Panchananan P.K.Narayana Pillai ' and Parukutty Amma and was born in Trivandrum in the Malayalam year 1090, Medam 25.
His education was carried out at Govt.Model High School and at Maharajah's College.He passed
Kerala University B.A. Exam and joined for B.L course (Degree of Law) but did not complete it.
                       He served as the Editor of Malayalarajyam Weekly and also a News paper 'Malayali' for a short period.He established his own printing press 'P.K.Memorial Press'  in
Trivandrum and before joining films Adoor Bhasi worked as the Manager of that press.
He started a News paper in the name 'Veera Kesari' and a weekly in the name 'Sakhi' and

published from his press but both of them was not a success.
He was the author of more than 30 books including biographies,Dramas,Poetry,Skits,Short
Stories etc.
In 1953 the film 'Thiramala' which was directed by Vimal Kumar and P.R.S. Pillai in which 
Sathyan,Miss Kumari,Kumari Thankam etc acted was based on a short story of T.N.Gopinathan Nair
in the name 'Choondakkaran'.The screenplay and dialogues for that film was also written by him.
In the year 1955 the first C.I.D. movie in Malayalam in the name 'CID' itself was produced
by Neela Productions at Merryland Studios and it was directed by M.Krishnan Nair.
The story,Screenplay and dialogues were written by T.N.Gopinathan Nair.
In the same year 1955 M.Krishnan Nair directed another film 'Aniyathi' which was also the 
story,Screenplay and dialogues were of T.N.
TN.Gopinathan Nair got very much appreciation for his drama 'Pareeksha' which was staged
successfully and later filmed in 1967.It was directed by P.Bhaskaran and was a grand success.
The songs in that picture are all still popular.
In the 1953 film 'Aasadeepam' directed by G.R.Rao in which Sathyan,Padmini,Aranmula Ponnamma,Pankaja Vally etc acted  in a small role T.N.Gopinathan Nair also acted in it.
In the film Thiramala which was scripted by him he acted in a small role.
In the 1957 film 'Padatha Painkili' which was based on a story of Muttathu Varkey and
directed by P.Subramanyam T.N.Gopinathan Nair also acted.
T.N.Gopinathan Nair worked at All India Radio Station Trivandrum as program director
and he had directed several dramas and skits  transmitted from there.
When his wife 'Soudamini' died he wrote a biography in the name 'Ente Mini' which was
very popular.
His son 'Ravi Vallathol' is an established actor mainly in T.V.Serials and occasionally in films. 

Saturday, May 19, 2012


Santosh Jogi earned accolades and love for his unforgettable performance in the film 'Keerthi Chakra' which was directed by Major Ravi.Santosh Jogi portrayed the character as a Military

Officer in the film 'Kishori Lal' who loved music utmost and carried a small radio with him

 always which was presented by his mother.He used to request for songs from radio station
as per the friends wish but they used to tease him since they were not transmitted usually.

But when Kishori Lal was shot by the enemies there on the air was the song of request

'Khudase mannathu he meri' and the audience felt really very much sad and the character
Kishori Lal and the actor Santosh Jogi entered in to their hearts.
Santosh Jogi hailed from Eravimangalam and was the son of Sethumadhavan and Malathi Amma.His father was also a stage actor.
During his school studies he left the home and went to Tamil Nadu where he worked  as
a restaurant worker at Coimbatore etc for some years.When he was fed up with that sort

of life he went to Mumbai and soon reached  a Hindustani Singer group by name 'Jogis' and
became a singer of that group.He achieved that post because of his intrinsic abilities as a singer.

He was having abilities as story writer,lyricist,screenplay writer etc also.At the time of death
he was preparing his own screenplay for a film which he was planning to produce

When earning name and fame in the singer group 'Jogis'  Santosh Jogi (Santosh became Santosh Jogi
after becoming a member of singer group Jogis) left that group and returned to Kerala.
In 2004 he was debuted in the film 'Two Wheeler'.

He was hero in the film 'Chandranilekkulla Vazhi'. He acted in the award winning film
'Puli Janmam' of director 'Priya Nandan' also.
In the film 'Mayavi' directed by Shafi and written by

 Mecartin he acted as the main villain
'Thottapally Sugunan'.It earned him good appreciation from viewers and critics.

When offers from films were not enough he went to Dubai and worked in some professional singer groups.
He could act in the film Malabar Wedding in which Indrajit and Gopika presented main roles,
in the film Mulla of Laljose in which Dileep and Meera Nandan were in key roles, in the film

 Pokkiri Raja in which Mammootty,Prithviraj,Shriya Saran were in Key roles and in the film
Christian Brothers in which Dilip,Kavya Madhavan,Suresh Gopi,Kanika etc acted.

The audience were sure that he could earn the fame and prestige as a best villain and would 
also shine as Police Officer and other impressive character roles.

Because of some family problems he committed suicide in his friend's flat on 13 April ,2010.
He is survived by his wife and two daughters.
Selected Filmography
Puli Janmam
Iruvattam Manavatty
Balram vs Taradas
Keerthi Chakra
Big B
Chotta Mumbai
Two Wheeler
July 4
Malabar Wedding
Pokri Raja
Apoorva Ragam
Christian Brothers