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'Sankaradi' was a highly versatile actor of Malayalam cinema who was amazingly looked upon and appreciated for his excellence of  'realistic' acting skill.Ten years have passed after his demise which was  on 8 Oct 2001 and his absence 
was  really felt during this period for film makers as well as film viewers.
Sankaradi was his stage name and his real name was 'Chandrasekhara Menon.He was the son of Parents Memana Parameswaran Pillai and Janaki Amma and was born at 'Cherayi  Sankaradi family'.He used his family name 'Sankaradi' as his stage name.
He passed intermediate from Maharajas College,Ernakulam and worked for political parties Congress and later in CPI.Afterwards he left to Baroda and was engaged in further studies.He left for Mumbai and worked as journalist for an English daily 'The Literary Review'.Later he returned to Kerala and worked with Professional Drama troupes  of 'S.L.Puram Sadanandan' and  'P.J.Antony'.
Meanwhile  in 1963 he entered Malayalam film industry  by acting in the film 'Kadalamma' which was produced and directed by Udaya Studio owner 'Kunchacko'.Thus Sankaradi became an essential part of Malayalam cinema and performed character roles and supporting roles.
The ability of Sankaradi to act both serious and comedy roles with ease was
astonishing.He was exquisitely superb to portray serious characters with a comedy touch.
Sankaradi could act in more than 700 Malayalam films during his long span of 

acting career.In his old age also he was extremely vivacious and presented several  diversified roles relatively in a  fantastic manner.He had the record of acting in more than 300 films with  Prem Nazir.
The famous film director Priya Darshan once observed that he was facing difficulty to find suitable actors in Bollywood to handle the roles performed by Sankaradi in Malayalam films while he was remaking some of them to Hindi.
Priya Darshan was  praising  Sankaradi's miraculous  versatile acting talent in this regard.

He usually handled roles like the father or Uncle of hero/heroine,the manager/administrator of firms,shop owner,the head of a large joint family,
the manager/P.A. of rich men or landlords,and so on.
The spectators can not forget any of his characters but the roles in films like
" Iruttinte Atmavu,Asura Vithu,Sindooracheppu,Karakanakkadal,Vazhve Mayam,Ezhuthatha Katha,Marunattil Oru Malayali,Thrishna, Gandhi Nagar 2nd Street,Ramji Rao Speaking,Ponmutta Idunna Tharavu,Kireedam,His Highness Abdulla,God Father,Pappayude Swantham Appoos,Vietnam Colony,Kabooliwala,Devasuram,Minnaram,Mazhayethum Munpe" etc were amazingly marvellous.
Sankaradi married at the age of 52 only.His wife is Sharada and they have no children.He was living at Kadavantra in  Ernakukam after his marriage.
He got Kerala Government second Best Actor award in 1969 and in 1971.
Selected Filmography
Iruttinte Athmavu
Ara Nazhika Neram
Vazhve Mayam
Ezhuthatha Katha
Danger Biscuit
Marunattil Oru Malayali
Kara Kanakkadal
Edavazhiyile poocha Mindapoocha
Aniyatha Valakal
Innallenkil naale
Ee Naadu
Muthodu Muthu
Janakeeya Kodathi
Ramjirao Speaking
Kouthuka Varthakal
Akasakottayile Sulthan
His Highness Abdulla
Pappayude Swantham Appoos
Vietnam Colony
Golandhara Vartha
Mazhayethum Munpe
Hari Krishnans

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