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Venu Nagavally was  a writer and director of Several Luscious and Significant Malayalam Films.
Venu Nagavally was an intellectual personality who was noted for his humanitarian nature as well as his lovable,social and affable character.He was  
active as an Actor,Writer,Singer and Director  in the film industry.
Venu Nagvally was the son of famous literary writer Nagavally R.S.Kurup.Nagavally R.S.Kurup was the writer of more than 50 Malayalam  novels and plays.He wrote screenplays of several Malayalam films including the first neo-realistic film 'Newspaper Boy'.Nagavally R.S.Kurup  was employed at All India Radio and Venu Nagavally also started his career as an announcer of  All India Radio.
Venu Nagavally was born on 16 April 1949 to Nagavally R.S.Kurup and Rajamma.He took a degree in Politics from University College Trivandrum, and also done journalism diploma course before joining All India Radio.As an announcer  he was famous and loved by the audience for his nice  peculiar ways of presentation of programmes.
He sang a song for film 'Chottanikkara Amma' in 1976 as the first step to film field.In 1978 he acted in the film 'Ulkkadal' directed by K.G.George.The director who was from Pune Film Institute made the film brilliantly well so that it received accolades from critics and Venu Nagavally came to limelight.Later Venu Nagavally became part of almost all  artistic films and parallel cinemas which were largely made during those period and also he could act in so many commercial films also.
During the initial period of his  acting career,  films like 'Shalini Ente Koottukari', 'Meenamasathile Sooryan', "Chillu', 'Lekhyude Maranam oru Flashback', 'Yavanika', 'April 18'  etc all  earned him good appreciation.
'Shalini Ente Koottukari' was a fantastic film directed by Mohan in which the late film actress 'Sobha' was the heroine.Sukumaran,Sreenath,Ravi Menon and Venu Nagavally presented the important characters of that film.
'Yavanika' which is considered as a greatest mystery thriller of Indian films was directed by K.G.George which earned both critical acclaim and financial success.As the character 'Joseph Kollapally' a stage actor, Venu Nagavally acted nicely in this film.

In the film 'April 18' which was directed by Balachandra Menon, Venu Nagavally presented the character 'Advocate Thomachan' who was a close friend of hero character.Advocate Thomachan helps to resolve the conflicts between hero and his father-in-law in this film.
In the 2004 film 'Sathyam' and  2005 film 'Pauran' which was directed by Sunderdas he handled the role as 'Chief Minister'.
In the 2009 film 'Bhagya Devatha' directed by Sathyan Anthikkad  he acted as the father of heroine character 'Daisy(Kanika)'.As the father-in-law of hero character  Benny, (Jayaram),  he was not able to maintain the  promise to give five lakhs rupees.The consequences there to was the theme of the film.
In the last film 'College Days' which he acted in 2010, he took the role as the father of hero character 'Rohit Menon(Indrajit).

As a director, his entry to the Malayalam film arena  was  in 1986,  with the film 'Sukhamo Devi' which was considered as an intellectual work.Next venture was "Sarvakalasala' which was a 'College Campus' film in which Mohan Lal was presented as 'Lalettan' and thus Mohan Lal, the Superstar of Malayalm Films became 'Lalettan' of all youngsters and Youth for ever and still he is affectionately and lovingly known like that.
'Lal Salam' which was a political film of 89, in which Mohan Lal and Murali were in Key roles was a commercial big success also.The phrase "Theepetti undo Sakhave oru Beedi tharan" became very popular.
'Aye Auto' which was released in 90 was a blockbuster success film in which Mohan Lal and Rekha were  the pair as Sudhi and Meenukutty.Mohan Lal as the auto rickshaw driver Sudhi and Rekha, Meeakshi a college student manifested superb acting skills.The songs also became very popular.
'Ayirappara' of 93 was written by his father Nagavally R.S.Kurup in which Mammootty was the hero and he got Best actor award.
98 film 'Rakthasakshikal Sindabad' was also a film of political theme in which Suresh Gopi was the hero.
'Agnidevan' which was released in 95 was a musical drama in which Rohini Hattangadi also acted.
As a writer he was well appreciated for the film 'Kilukkam' of 1991 which was directed by Priyadarshan.It was a big success in which Mohan Lal and Revathy
acted in main roles.
Venu Nagavally left this world on 9 September 2010.
(As an Actor)
Shalini Ente Koottukari
Akalangalil Abhayam
Prasnam Gurutharam
Lekhyude Maranam Oru Flashback
April 18
Panchavadi Paalam
Arante Mulla Kochu Mulla
Uyarum Njan Nadake
Meenamasathile Sooryan
Adhyayam Onnu Muthal
Sunil Vayassu 20
Oru Katha oru Nunakatha
Deepangal Sakshi
Anchil oral Arjunan
College Days
(As a Director)
Sukhamo Devi
Sarva Kalasala
Lal Salam
Aye Auto
Kizhakkunarum Pakshi
Rakthasakshikal Zindabad
Bharya Swantham Suhruthu
(As a Writer)
Sukhamo Devi
Aye Auto
Kizhakkunarum Pakshi
Bharya Swantham Suhruthu

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