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M.Kunchacko is one of the names to be inscribed in golden letters in the history of Malayalam Cinema.He took courage to establish a film studio at 
Alapuzha  in the name 'Udaya Studios' in the early stage of Malayalam cinema.
Kunchacko was the son of Mani Chacko Maliampurackal and Eliamma of Pulimkunnu in  Alapuzha District.After passing intermediate course he entered
in to film field with a friend K.V.Koshy and started the film studio at Alapuzha in 1947.
In Malayalam there were only a few films released till then such as "Vigatha Kumaran,Marthanda Varma, Balan(First Talkie), Jnanambika, Prahlada(1941) and the number of cinema theatres were also very less.Still then the friends took the risk of establishing the film studio when they knew the failure details  of J.C.Daniel's film studio at Thiruvananthapuram.
Scene from film 'Bharya'
After a gap of seven years a film by name 'Nirmala'  was released in 1948 and in the same year first film of Udaya Studio 'Velli Nakshatram' under the banner
K&K productions was released.It was directed by 'Felix J. Beyse'.
"Gayaka Peetambaran, Ambujan,Miss.Kumari,Lalitha,Kuttanadu Ramakrishna Pillai etc acted in it.Chidambaranath was the music composer.
In 1950 the second film from Udaya Studio 'Nalla Thanka' was released and it was a super hit movie.Two eminent actors from drama field entered film industry by this film and they were 'Augustine Joseph and Vaikom Mani'.Dakshina Moorthy composed music for the first time in  this cinema.

'Visappinte Vili' and 'Jeevitha Nauka' were  the other two films produced and released by Kunchacko and K.V.Koshy together  and they got separated afterwards.Kunchacko started film production under the banner 'Udaya' later on.Jeevitha Nauka was considered as the first super  duper hit cinema in Malayalam.Thikkurissi Sukumaran Nair was the hero in that film of 1951.When Kunchacko was producing films on his own, a 
 film by name 'Kidappadam' turned to be a big flop and Kunchacko closed the Studio for a few years because of financial difficulties.It was reopened with the help from famous  Politician and Minister T.V.Thomas.
When new films were released continuously in Malayalam after 1950 the scenario changed completely which in turn helped producers also because 
new cinema theatres started to flourish in all parts of Kerala.Earlier  foreigners and other language directors used  to  direct Malayalam films  which  could not  
justify the social and cultural scene prevailed in Kerala.When local technicians and directors  entered the industry the film field was redefined.Thus 
in 1960 Kunchacko started film direction by directing the film 'Umma' which was a success.Thus he became confident and continued directing films with varied subjects such as Social,historical,mythological etc and he tried to make all his films fully enjoyable to all sectors of the society.He was of the opinion that the film media was for entertainment purpose and tried to include fascinating sequences,beautiful locations,melodious songs, colourful dances etc to attract audiences to cinema halls.
Udaya studios produced the maximum number of 'Vadakkan Pattu Stories' for their films  and released super duper hits such as "Unniyarcha,Palattu Koman,Othenante Makan,Aramalunni,Thumbolarcha,
Kannappanunni" etc.
Unniyarcha was the first film in that genre and the 'Kalari Payattu' sequences and the nice songs attracted the audience.When later colour films were produced largely he included gigantic marvellous sets,colourful glittering attire,fascinating locations etc in   such kind of 'Vadakkan Pattu'  films as well as for  historical and mythological films also  so that they all turned to be a  visual treat for the audience.
'Bharya' was a super duper hit film released in 1962 directed by Kunchacko in which Ragini and Sathyan were in lead roles.The songs of that film are still popular.The dialogues of that film was also released as gramaphone records.

There was a competition between 'Neela Studio' of Trivandrum and Udaya Studio which was a boon to the audience since excellent films were made by both of them because of that cold war.When Neela Studio released 'Bhaktha Kuchela', 

Udaya Studio released 'Krishna Kuchela', both having the same theme.But Krishna Kuchela of Udaya studio flopped and hence Kunchacko  stopped such kind of competition but tried to release  movies of varied subjects  with excellent quality to win the hearts of his viewers.
"Seetha,Sakunthala,Anarkali,Rebecca,Bharya,Pearl View,Kasavu Thattam,Punnapra Vayalar,Aromalunni" etc were all super hit and unforgettable films of Kunchacko.
Kunchacko directed Vadakkan Pattu story 'Kannappanunni' which was the last
film of Kunchakko.It was the 75th film of Udaya Studio and the 100th film of "Prem Nazir and Sheela" as a leading pair.Prem Nazir was the hero of large number of Udaya films.Kunchacko and Prem Nazir were close friends too.
Kunchacko passed away on 15 July 1976 at Madras(Chennai).
His Son Boban Kunchacko acted in some films and later produced some films
like "Theekkadal' and directed films "Palattu Kunjikannan,Aazhi and Sanchari".
Kunchacko's grandson Kunchacko Boban is an established actor in Malayalam films.
Selected Filmography
Neeli Sali
Krishna Kuchela
Palattu Koman
Ina Pravukal
Kasavu Thattam
Punnapra Vayalar
Pearl View
Othenante Makan
Panchavan Kadu
Postmane Kananilla
Ponnapuram Kotta
Pavangal Pennungal
Neela Ponman
Dharmaksetre kurukshetre
Mallanum Mathevanum

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