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M.Krishnan Nair was an eminent Malayalam film director who became independent director at an early stage of Malayalam Cinema in 1955 and achieved heights  working sedulously. He directed several classic films in Malayalam.He was the only Malayali who could direct four Tamil Films of Shri. M.G.Rama Chandran 

 which were all Super Hits .He directed two Telugu Films also.He had directed more than 100 films.
M.Krishnan Nair was born on 2 Nov 1917 in Trivandrum to parents R.Madhavan Pillai and Chellamma.After intermediate course he became Assistant director 

of famous film directors of those period  and became an expert in all aspects of film making.
In 1955 he became an independent director by the Malayalam film C.I.D. which was made by Merryland Studios of Trivandrum.It was the first Malayalam film in C.I.D. category.Later so many films were made in Malayalam as Prem Nazir as the C.I.D Officer.In this film also Prem Nazir acted as CID 'Sudhakaran' who investigates the murder of a wealthy planter.Miss Kumari was his pair as Vasanthy.The story was written by T.N.Gopinathan Nair.Kottarakkara,Kumari Thankam,S.P.Pillai, Adoor Pankajam,Jose Prakash etc acted in this film which was a success.
M.Krishnan Nair presented his films attractive to all sectors of the society by including nice songs, dances and selected scintillating themes so that most of his films were hits and success at the box office.
'Kuttikkuppayam' was a film released in 64 which was a blockbuster film.The songs mesmerised all the viewers and still are popular.
"Velukkumbol kulikkuvan pokunna vazhivakkil velikkal ninnavane" 
"Pon vala illenkilum ponnada illenkilum thankakudam" etc are from this cinema
and the lyrics were written by P.Bhaskaran.
'Kavyamela' of 65 was also a film which gave importance to songs and music.
It won National film award as Best feature film in Malayalam.Prem Naszir acted as a blind poet 'Jayadevan' in this film and Sheela a nurse 'Sreedevi'

who helped him to get back his vision.
'Vivahitha' of 1970 earned good appreciation from the masses and it was the remake of Hindi film 'Gumrah'(63) by B.R.Chopra.
'Agni Mrigam' of 71 was a super hit film made by M.Kunchacko in which Prem Nazir,Sheela,Ravi Chandran etc acted.
'The film 'Rowdy Ramu' of Madhu,Sharada and Raghavan earned accolades.
'Cochin Express' was a nice film of Prem Nazir and Sheela in which Kottarakkara Sreedharan Nair acted as a fantastic villain.
'Yamini' of 73 was a good  film in which Madhu and Jayabharathy acted as lead pair.Kottarakkara,Sadhana,Adoor Bhavani,P.K.Abraham etc acted in it.
M.Krishnan Nair directed four Tamil films in which M.G.Rama Chandran acted in lead role.
'Mannippu' was 69 film of M.G.R and Bhanumathi which was a beautiful film of that period.
In 1971 he directed 'Rickshawkaran' of M.G.R which was a super mega  hit.
M.G.R received National Award as Best Actor for this film.Manjula was his pair
in this film.
'Annamitta Kai' was another major success of M.G.R. and Jayalalitha in 72 directed by Krishnan Nair.
In 1976 M.Krishnan Nair directed 'Oorukku Uzhaippavan' which was another 
super hit film of MGR.It was remake of Rajesh Khanna's Hindi film 'Humshakal'.
M.Krishnan Nair was a man who loved simplicity.I have read an incidence regarding his simple character.  When M.G.R. selected him as director of his film he was given accommodation in a posh Star Hotel at Chennai.At that time Krishnan Nair was residing in a moderate lodge room at Chennai itself.Krishnan Nair vacated the posh Hotel room the first day  and preferred to stay in his previous lodge only.
His elder son K.Jayakumar I.A.S.  is Chief Secretary of Kerala Government and he is a writer,poet and lyricist also.Another son Sreekuttan is a Malayalam film and T.V.Serial director.M.Krishnan Nair expired on May 10, 2001.
Selected Filmography
Viyarpinte Vila
Kattu Mainah
Karutha Kai
Kattu Thulasi
Kathirunna Nikah
Pinchu Hridayam
Kalyana Rathriyil
Collector Malathy
Cochin Express
Padunna Puzha
Anchu Sundarikal
Agni pariksha
Sabarimala Sreedharma Sastha
Padicha Kallan
Santha oru Devatha
Ithanente Vazhy
Kalliangattu Neeli
Anjatha Theerangal
Oru Ragam Pala Thalam
Puzha Ozhukum Vazhi
Kalam mari Kadha mari

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