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N.S.Krishnan (Nagercoil Sudalaimuthu Krishnan) popularly known as 'Kalaivaanar' and NSK was a leading Tamilian Comedian Film  artist,playback singer,director and writer in the early stages of Tamil films during 40's and 50's.
He was born in Ozhuginecherry, Nagercoil in the PrincelyState of Travancore on
29 Nov 1908, to parents Sudalaimuthu Pillai and Isakkiyammal.He joined drama troupe of TKS Brothers 'Sribala Shanmughananda Sabha'  in 1925 and acted in the play 'Savithri'.Later he changed to other troupes and acted several types of roles.His debut film was 'Sathi Leelavathy'  produced by S.S.Vasan of 'Anandavikatan' but his second film 'Menaka' released before Sathi Leelavathy.
He fell in love with actress T.A. Madhuram on the sets of films 'Vasanthasena' and 'Chandrakantha' and they got married.They were the first real couple to
act as pair in cinemas also.During the period 1936 to 1957 the couple N.S.Krishnan and T.A.Madhuram had acted as pair in 122 Tamil films  which was considered as a big achievement.
N.S.Krishnan used to write the dialogues of his character  since the comedy
scenes in his films were also designed by him.He used to project himself more of a social reformer than a comedian in his films.His characters  would always 
had to convey a message to the society for uplifting them.He brilliantly used
the film media to pass on social reforming ideas.
In the 1940 film "Sakunthala" in which NSK and T.A.Madhuram acted,  the heroine was M.S.Subbalakshmi and G.N.Bala Subramanyam acted as Dushyantha.
N.S.Krishnan and leading actor of those period  M.K. Thyagaraja Bhagavathar had a setback in their life  because they  were also accused of a   a murder case in which a  journalist was killed.N.S Krishnan and Thyagaraja Bhagavathar were found not guilty and were  freed later.After coming out of the jail N.S.Krishnan's popularity only boosted up and he became more involved  in  acting as well as film  direction and film production also.
N.S.Krishnan was interested in politics also.He was a friend of both  Sri.Anna Durai and  Sri. M.Karunanidhi.He became a DMK supporter producing film 'Nalla Thambi'.He acted in Karunanidhi scripted films "Rangoon Radha and Burma  Rani".He directed film 'Panam' of Sivaji Ganesan.N.S.Krishnan directed film
'Manamagal' and some other films also.
N.S.Krishnan acted in leading role as 'Alibaba' in the film 'Alibabavum 40 Thirudarkalum' and his wife T.A.Madhuram acted as Morjiana in it.He sang several songs in films.He included a song in one film regarding the experiences in jail which earned great popularity.
T.A.Madhuram was a versatile actress who had great skill to act comedy roles also.She had acted in lead roles of several Tamil films and she was  comedy pair of N.S.Krishnan in more than 122 films.She was born at Srirangam in 1918 in a 
family of artists.She also acted in dramas before entering films and got much more 
fame after the marriage with N.S.Krishnan.She formed a drama troupe in the name NSK Nataka Sabha and their famous drama was 'Nam Iruvar' which was

later filmed by AVM studio in 1947.She was also a film producer.
In the history of Tamil Cinema  for the first time in those days one film in the name 'Haridas' which dealt with the story of Poet-Saint Haridas ran for more  than two years in a theater in Chennai City.It was a 1944 film in which MK Thyagaraja Bhagavathar was in lead role. N.S.Krishnan and T.A.Madhuram  had also acted in that film.It played at  Broadway Talkies from 16.10. 44 to 22.11.1946.

The brilliant comedian N.S. Krishnan was often compared with Chaplin.There
were  so many  followers for him whom all liked his acting  playback singing and other skills..When he died in 1957 at the age of 49, for his funeral
tremendously large crowd gathered to pay  homage.T.A.Madhuram passed
away in 1974.
N.S.Krishnan acted in about 150 films.In his first film 'Sathi Leelavathy' MGR acted as Police Inspector.He again acted with MGR in 1938 in the film 'Daksha Yagam' in which MGR acted as Lord Vishnu.Afterwards he was able to act with
MGR in several other films also.He directed 'Paithyakkaran' his own production with 'Panju' in which MGR acted in lead role.The film 'Raja Desingu' of MGR,S.S.Rajendran,P.Bhanumathi, Padmini and N.S.Krishnan  was released in 1960 only, after three years of his death.
N.S.Krishnan acted with Sivaji Ganesan also in several films such as 'Ambikapathy, Panam,Thanga Padhumai,Rangoon Radha, Kaveri' etc.
Selected Filmography
Sathi Leelavathy

Thiru Neelakanta
M.S.Subbulakshmi as 'Sakunthala'
Madurai Veeran
Uthama Puthiran
Chandraguptha Chanakya
Alibabavum 40 Thirudargalum
Ashok Kumar
Iru Nanbargal
Sivalinga Satchi
Mangamma Sapadham
Burma Rani
Nalla Thambi
N.S.Krishnan as 'Alibaba'
Rangoon Radha
Chakravarthi Thirumagal
Thanga Padhumai
Raja Desingu

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