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Sukumaran was a very versatile leading actor of Malayalam cinema who
 was very active for about three decades.  Sukumaran  earned the admiration and love of all film goers for his excellent acting skills and especially for his varied
style of dialogue presentation.He had a style of his own, giving stress to some words and
expressively rendered  dialogues  with the necessary emotions and he could deliver very long dialogues  also in a
stretch like the rendition of a poem.During the late 70's and  80's when he was the hero of
so many films,  at the 'B'  class and 'C' class centers  youngsters
of those period gathered near the theaters  to enjoy his dialogue presentation which could be heard outside at the yards also.During the early days of his film career he had the image of the 'angry young man' as the representative of the educated youth of those times  without  any job and money.
Sukumaran was born in the year 1948  (Edappal Ponnam Kuzhy Veetil Sukumaran Nair) to
Parents P.Parameswaran Nair and Subhadramma  at Adoor.He had a brother and two sisters.
He started acting in films with the Malayalam film 'Nirmalyam' while he was working as lecturer in a College  at Nagercoil  for the subject  English language and literature.Nirmalyam
was the directional debut of M.T.Vasudevan Nair, who is brilliant novelist and 'Njan Peeth'
holder.It was based on his own short story 'Pallyvalum Kalchilambum' and the theme was
about a poor 'Velichappad' .The interpreter between the deity and devotee is  the concept
of 'Velichapad' which is a practice in northern Kerala.Sukumaran acted as the son of the

Velichapad as a young man who was  penny less and in search of a job.Sukumaran portrayed
that  role effectively  like an experienced actor.The role of 'Velichapad' was handled by P.J.Antony and he received National award as Best  actor for that role.The film won National award as the best feature film of that year.
He was cast in other films regularly and continuously that he selected acting profession by
ignoring the lecturer job.He  presented his roles nicely in 'Shankupushpam,Angeekakaram.Avalude Ravukal' etc and 'Etho Oru Swapnam' which was directed by Sree Kumaran Thampi( in which Jayan acted in a noted role for the first time in a film)  all
boosted his film career.
'Randu Penkuttikal' directed by Mohan in Which 'National Award winner Shobha' acted and
the film 'Vadaka veedu' of the same director was critically  acclaimed. 
'Radha Enna Penkutty' directed by Balachandramenon in which actress Jalaja debuted was
also a nice movie of Sukumaran in 1979.
The 1980 film 'Kalika' which dealt with black magic theme in which actress Sheela handled the title role was  noted by critics and audience alike  because of the rare subject it handled
and since was a horror film.
'Shalini Ente Koottukari' was an excellent film in which Sukumaran,Shobha,Jalaja,Venu
Nagavally,Ravi Menon, etc acted.
In the film 'Vilkanundu Swapnangal' Mammootty was in an important role for the first time in Malayalam Cinema and it was   with Sukumaran.
Aniyatha Valakal was a blockbuster film of Balachandra Menon in which Ambika was Sukumaran's heroine.'Anthiveyilile ponnu' was a film based on the novel written by Perumbadavam Sreedharan  and the film received good opinion.
In the year 1981 'Ahimsa' was a blockbuster film of director I.V.Sasi in which 'Ratheesh,
Mammootty,Mohan Lal and Sukumaran' appeared together and  Poornima Jayaram
along with  Swapna were in lead female roles.'Angadi' of I.V.Sasi in 1981 was also a blockbuster
super hit of Jayan and Sukumaran in which Seema was the heroine.
'Kurukkante Kalyanam' was directional debut of Sathyan Anthikkad in 1982 which contained a comedy theme.Sukumaran acted in Sathyam's another venture 'Mandanmar Londonil'
which was shot in London and was a super hit film.

Later Sukumaran started  acting in supporting roles instead of hero and he was brilliant as
Police Officers and political leaders.
'Aavanazhi' of I.V.Sasi,Moonnam Mura of K.Madhu, Oru C.B.I.Diarykurippu' etc all showered
him with accolades for his roles and superb dialogue delivery.
'Adhipan' of 89 and 'Dasaradham' of 89 were blockbuster films in which Mohan Lal was the hero.Parvathy and Rekha were heroines respectively.Dasaradham which had a special
theme that dignified motherhood was a super duper hit in which Murali,Nedumudi,Sukumari etc were in the cast.
'Pingami' was also a nice film of Sathyan Anthikkad in which Mohan Lal and Kanaka were in lead roles.'C.I.D Unnikrishnan B.A.B.Ed was Rajasenan film of Jayaram with a comedy theme.
Sukumaran married actress Mallika and they have two sons, Indrajith and Pritviraj- both of them South Indian
film Stars.Sukumaran was a film producer also and produced films like 'Irakal' which was directed by K.G.George and got entry for  the Indian Panorama in the  Int'l film festival.
He found time to study and Pass Bachelor of Law Degree Course and enrolled as an advocate.
He served as Chairman of Film Development Corporation.
Sukumaran got Best Actor  award  from Kerala Government for film 'Bandhanam' in 78.
Sukumaran expired on 16 June 1997 due to a massive heart attack at the age of 50.
Selected Filmography
Avalude Ravukal
Etho Oru Swapnam
Randu Penkuttikal
Rajan Paranja Kadha
Sathrathil oru Rathri
Ente Neelakasam
Radha Enna Penkutty
Shalini Ente koottukari
Aniyatha Valakal
Vilkanundu Swapnangal
Anthiveyilile ponnu
Dantha Gopuram
Mandanmar Londonil
Kurukkante Kalyanam
Moonnam Mura
Oru CBI diarykurippu
CID Unnikrishnan

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