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Shobhana Samarth was  born in the year 1915 and turned to be one of the well famed
actresses  in  Indian movies mainly  Hindi and Marathi.She was an  earlier heroine acted
in lead roles  up to the 50's and later in supporting roles.
She was born to banker Shilotri and Rattan Bai.Her mother Rattan Bai was also an actress
and Shobhana's cousin Nalini Jaywant was also a popular actress.
She entered film industry by acting in Marathi Cinema and her entry in to Hindi cinema was in the year 1935.
She was married to Director and Cinematographer Kumaresan Samarth.They  have four
Children and the couple parted thereby Shobhana was later  linked to actor Motilal.
Two of her daughters 'Nutan and Tanuja' became famous actresses in Hindi films.
Tanuja  married  Shomu Mukherjee who was a producer and director who passed away on 10 April 2008.He was brother of actors Deb Mukherjee and Joy Mukherjee.
Shobhana Samarth
Nutan's son 'Mohnish Behi' is also an actor and Tanuja's daughters 'Kajol and Tanisha' are also

Kajol and Tanisha  with mother

actresses in Hindi cinema.
Kajol is  married to actor 'Ajay Devgun'.
Shobhana Samartha was considered as the beauty queen of Hindi cinema in 40's and 50's.
Her film Sati Toral(47) earned critical applause.She will be ever remembered for her performance as Sita in the film 'Ram Rajya'. This film is considered as a classic film directed by Vijay Bhutt in 1943.The mythological story of Ramayana was pictured fantastically by
the director who received much admiration of many dignitaries of that period.
That film ran in  a theater of Bombay for more than 100 weeks and for more than 50 weeks
in many other theaters in several other places.
Prem Adib as Rama and Shobhana Samarth as Sita enacted their roles evocative that the
Shobhana Samarth with daughters
people  took it for  granted that they were true incarnations of eternal Sita and Rama.Where
ever they go the people gave them that much respect and love.This film eulogized as a torch
bearer of our glorious past and cultural heritage.But these are not only the facts that this
films stands unique.This film 'Ram Rajya'  was the only film Mahatma Gandhi saw ever in
his life time.While Mahatma Gandhi was convalescing at Juhu in Bombay in 1945 some selected reels of this film was showed to him.His secretary had allotted 40 minutes only to
see the film by Mahatmaji but since he felt interested in the film he saw it for 90 minutes
and appreciated the director by giving a  gentle pat on his shoulder which he considered 
happily as a great award from a great personality.
Shobhana Samarth  produced the  film 'Hamari Beti' to introduce 'Nutan' as the new heroine of
Hindi cinema and in that film Tanuja acted as child artist.Both of them became very famous
actresses eventually.
Shobhana Samarth   passed away on 9 Feb. 2000.
Selected Filmography
Vilasi Ishwar
Do Diwane
Be Kharab Jan
Pati Patni
Apni Nagaraja
Vijay Lakshmi
Ram Rajya
Mahasati Anasuya
Veer Kunal
Hamari Beti
Love in Simla
Nai Umar Nai Faisal
Wahan ke Log
Ek Baar Muskura Do
Do Chor

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