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In the Telugu film industry there were two famous actresses in the names 'SriranjaniSenior  and  Sriranjani Junior' who were sisters.
The Senior Sreeranjani was born in the year 1906 and she lived only up to 1939 and  died at
an young age of 33  because of Cancer.
Senior Sriranjani as Sita in 'Lava Kusha'
She  got fame by acting in professional dramas and was appreciated for her male roles as Krishna,Rama etc on stages along with usual female roles.
She  debuted in Telugu film 'Lava Kusha' in 1934 directed by C.Pullayya. One of the earlier talkie
in Telugu 'Lava Kusha' was made with much more technical advancement using new type of equipment
and even in  cinema halls new type of projectors were installed.Senior Sriranjani acted in the
film as 'Sita' and the film was the first blockbuster film in Telugu which ran for more than one
year in main centers.
Sriranjani visited the cinema halls where the film was exhibiting and the audience greeted her
adorning like original 'Sita Devi'.
There after she  appeared in hits like 'Sri Krishna Leelalu, Maya Bazaar' etc. She earned fame as a singer also.Her son is famous
director M.Mallikharjuna Rao.
Vande Mataram
Vara Vikrayam
Sasirekha Parinayam
Sati Tulasi
Sri  Krishna Leelalu
Silver King
Maya Bazaar
Lava Kusha

Sriranjani Junior was born on Feb 22 , 1927 at Guntur District in Andhra pradesh.
Her birth name  was Maha Lakshmi.
C.Narayana Murthy gave her chance to act in the film 'Bhishma' in 1944 in the role of
Sathyavathy.Subsequently she acted in films like 'Gollabhama, Brahmachari,Gitanjali,Madhalasa,Laila Majnu' etc.
She became very famous and earned much critical acclaim for her role in the film 'Guna Sundari Katha' in 1949 directed by K.V.Reddy.
She also acted in the Tamil version of 'Guna Sundari Katha'.

She got good opinion for her portrayal in films like 'Chandrahara,Mantra Dandam,Sankranti,Prema,Brataku Teruvu,Swayam Prabha,Ramanjaneya Yudham' etc.
Her excellent performance as a virtuous woman 'Kalyani' in the film 'Parasakthi' was well
acclaimed.The 1952 film  "Parasakthi' was debut film of 'Sivaji Ganesan'.It was penned by
Sri M.Karunanidhi.'Pandari Bai' was the heroine in 'Parasakthi'.It was directed by R.Krishnan and S.Panju.Parasakthi  was produced by AVM.
The role as 'Raji' in the film 'Raji en Kanmani' who was blind and regains sight later  was liked
by the audience.
'Chandrahara' was N.T.Rama Rao's film in which Sreeranjani Junior was the heroin and was
directerd by Kamalakara Kameswara Rao.Savitri also acted in this film
'Mahakavi Kalidasu' was released in 1960 in which Akkineni Nageswara Rao was the hero.
Sri Ranjani,Raja Sulochana,CSR Anjaneyalu were in the cast.It was also directed by Kamalakara Kameswara Rao.Sri Ranjani acted in many films of Kamalakar Kameswara Rao,K.V.Reddy and PS Rama Krishna Rao.
'Bale Tammudu' was 1969 film of NT Rama Rao and KR Vijaya.NTR was in double role in this film.Mohd.Rafi sang many of the songs of this film.
'Jeevana Tarangalu' was Shobhan Babu-Vanisree film directed by Tatineni Rama Rao.
It was remade in Hindi entitled  'Dil Aur Deewar' in 1978.
Sriranjani Junior  was respected by all in the film industry.She died on Apr 27, 1974.
Selected Filmography
Guna Sundari Katha
Vali Sugriva
Mantra Dandam
Laila Majnu
Bratuku Teruvu
Pedda Manushulu
Preme Daivam
Penki Pellam
Mahakavi Kalidasu
Bhale Tammudu
Chandra Haram
Sri Krishna Tulabharam
Raji En Kanmani
Krishna Leelalu
Inti Kodalu
Jeevana Tarangalu

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