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In 1988 Priyadarshan directed a Mohanlal film 'Chitram' in Malayalam which was scripted by Sreenivasan.That film in which Mohanlal,Ranjini,Nedumudi Venu,Maniyan Pillai Raju,M.G.Soman,Lizy,Sreenivasan,Sukumari   etc acted becamer a super duper hit which ran for more than one year in all main centers.It was a very good grosser at the box Office.The
funny thing about this picture is that the comedy theme  is not agreeable according to Indian logic and culture, yet the people enjoyed it  mainly because of the brilliant presentation of the   humorous sequences.This film was remade in Hindi as 'Pyar Hua Chori Chori' in 91, in Telugu as 'Alludugaru' in 1990, In Kannada as 'Rayaru Bendaru Maavana Manage' in 93, and 'Engirundho Vandhan' in Tamil in the year 1995.Out of these
Kannada and Telugu versions were super duper hits and the Hindi film was also a success.
There are several Malayali people who have seen the Hindi and Tamil versions and some others have seen the Kannada and Telugu remakes also.Such audience all agrees that even though in Malayalam, the climax scene is tragedy,  Malayalam Chitram film is far better than
the remakes.The main reason is the selection of well suited actors for all the characters 
and the excellent directional skill  of Priyadarshan.Everybody will agree that as the father of heroine 'Kalyani' (acted by Ranjini)  'Poornam Viswanathan' acted absolutely fantastic as the character Ramachandra Menon, an NRI, living in the  United States of America
and arrived in India for vacation.He earned the love and respect of all the spectators.
As a loving father and father-in-law,a dignified person respected by the society and  the tribal people also,
one who keenly follows the traditions of India and a good musician in Carnatic Music etc he

manifested his role nicely.For the success of the film the contribution given by Poornam Viswanathan is not less.The voice dubbing by Narendra Prasad suited excellent for him.At that time Narendra Prasad had not become an actor in Malayalam films.As the 'Ramachandra Menon, 'Kaimal's' friend and "Kalyani's' father no other actor would have been
this much suitable as Poornam Viswanathan.
Poornam Viswanathan was an actor in Tamil who had acted in less number of films only.He gave much importance to stage plays also and loved to act in dramas.
He was born in the year 1921 and started to act in plays at the age of 18.He worked as news reader in All India Radio and  as a Journalist also.He was also the author of several plays and short stories. He was the first Indian to read the news of Indian Independence to the East Asia  on All India Radio at 5.30 on August 15, 1947.
He always  tried to
act at his best ability very suitable for the sequence and character and tried to deliver the
dialogues also  emotively.He paid attention to his own movements and body language.
'Ninaithale Inikkum' was a film which was noted  during the start of Poornam Viswanathan 
as a film actor.That film in which Kamal Hassan and Rajani Kanth appeared together with
Jaya Pradha was mainly shot at Singapore.It was directed by K.Balachander.
'Varumayin Niram Sivappu' was aKamal Hassan film and the heroine was Sreedevi.It was also a K.Balachander directed film.He remade it in Hindi in which Kamal Hassan and Anita Raj were the hero and heroine  pair.Poornam Viswanathan acted in supporting roles of  these films.
'Thillu Mullu' was Rajani Kanth-Madhavi film directed by K.Balachander in 1981.It is a comedy film and considered as one of the 10 best films in Tamil.
'Guru' is I.V. Sasi film in which Kamal,Sreedevi,M.N.Nambiar,Muthuraman,Mohan Babu etc
acted along with Poornam Viswanathan.
'Moondram Pirai' is Kamal Hassan Sridevi film of 'Balu Mahendra'.Kamal got National award
as best Actor for this film.It was dubbed as 'Vasanth Kokila' in Telugu and released on the same date.
'Puthu Puthu Arthangal' a Rehman-Sithara film was directed by K.Balachander in 89.
The 1994 film 'Mahanadhi' is considered as one of the Kamal Hassan's most realistic movies.
It was directed by Santhana Bharathi.
'Keladi Kanmani' was S.P.Balasubramanyam-Radhika film directed by Vasanth in 1990.
It was also a very nice film and Poornam Viswanathan  also acted superbly.
He passed away in 2008.
Selected Filmography
Ninaithale Inikkum
Varumayin Niram Sivappu

Thillu Mullu
Moondram Pirai
Aan Pavam
Varusham 16
Puthu Puthu Arthangal
Kan Simittum Neram
Keladi Kanmani

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