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Nadira was a very famous actress of Hindi Cinema for more than five decades and during
50's and 60's she was heroine in so many films and in protagonist roles in several others.
Later she used to act in supporting roles and elderly roles.
Her real name was 'Farhel Ezhakiel' and was a Maharashtrian Jew.She was extremely beautiful in her young age and once this regal beauty was spotted by wife of Producer Mehboob Khan.
Nadira was born on 5 Dec  1932 and in 1949 after she  just passed out S.S.S. Nadira was roaming in the city of Bombay  and while  a  thunder shower had to take shelter under   a shop canopy.
Mrs.Khan spotted her and talked to her and offered role in her husband's next movie. 
Mehboob Khan was in the look out for a new face for his next  film 'Aan'  which Mrs.Khan thought her to be suitable.
She went to meet  Mehboob Khan, who also was impressed about  her nice  appearance and felt suited
for his film.Mrs.Khan groomed her to dress fashionably, walk in style, to dance,to drive and ride etc and
transformed her to take up any challenges to act  all  kinds  of roles in cinema.

She acted confidently in the Technicolor  film  'Aan'   as the heroine opposite Dilip Kumar.
That film was released in 1952 and Nadira got appreciation from critics and audience for her efforts.In the film she acted as a salvage princess and  acted brilliantly well.
Raj Kapoor was  also impressed by Nadira's acting skill  in 'Aan' and next releases and  he slected her for his  new film 
'Shree 420'  in which Raj Kapoor and Nargis acted as the pair.Nadira acted as a rich girl by name Maya who along with a  rich fraud  man Sona Chand  seduced the hero character 'Raj' 
and persuaded him  to do several illegal activities.
She acted lead roles in several films afterwards like 'Dil Apna Prit Parayee ,Haste Zakhm,
Pakeezhah, Amar Akbar Antony etc.
In a number of  films she played christian or Anglo Indian characters since  she  could manifest them nicely.
In the 1975 film 'Julie' she acted as the mother of 'Julie' the heroine character,  which was acted by Lakshmi.For that role as 'Margaratte' and 'Maggie' in the film she received Filmfare
Supporting Actress Award.
She was often cast as temptress or vamp in several films like the one in 'Shree 420'.
She owned a Rolls Royce car and she was one of the first Indian Actress who owned a Rolls Royce.
She lived with a maid in an apartment in Mumbai.She is survived by two brothers, one of
whom lives in the  U.S.A and the other in Israel.
In 2000 she acted in the film 'Josh' with Sharukh Khan and Aishwarya Rai and she handled the role as Mrs.Louise.
She died at Bhatia Hospital,inTardeo Mumbai on 9 Feb 2006.
Selected Filmography
Dek Babu
Shree 420
Zammindari Daku
Pocket Maar
Kala Bazaar
Sapnon ka Saudagar
The Guru
Rajah Jani
Ek Naari Do Roop
Woh Main Nahin
Ishq Ishq Ishq
Darling Darling
Amar Akbar Antony
Aap Ki zKhatir
Chaal Baaz
Hassan Da Chor
Cotton Mary


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