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Nadira was a very famous actress of Hindi Cinema for more than five decades and during
50's and 60's she was heroine in so many films and in protagonist roles in several others.
Later she used to act in supporting roles and elderly roles.
Her real name was 'Farhel Ezhakiel' and was a Maharashtrian Jew.She was extremely beautiful in her young age and once this regal beauty was spotted by wife of Producer Mehboob Khan.
Nadira was born on 5 Dec  1932 and in 1949 after she  just passed out S.S.S. Nadira was roaming in the city of Bombay  and while  a  thunder shower had to take shelter under   a shop canopy.
Mrs.Khan spotted her and talked to her and offered role in her husband's next movie. 
Mehboob Khan was in the look out for a new face for his next  film 'Aan'  which Mrs.Khan thought her to be suitable.
She went to meet  Mehboob Khan, who also was impressed about  her nice  appearance and felt suited
for his film.Mrs.Khan groomed her to dress fashionably, walk in style, to dance,to drive and ride etc and
transformed her to take up any challenges to act  all  kinds  of roles in cinema.

She acted confidently in the Technicolor  film  'Aan'   as the heroine opposite Dilip Kumar.
That film was released in 1952 and Nadira got appreciation from critics and audience for her efforts.In the film she acted as a salvage princess and  acted brilliantly well.
Raj Kapoor was  also impressed by Nadira's acting skill  in 'Aan' and next releases and  he slected her for his  new film 
'Shree 420'  in which Raj Kapoor and Nargis acted as the pair.Nadira acted as a rich girl by name Maya who along with a  rich fraud  man Sona Chand  seduced the hero character 'Raj' 
and persuaded him  to do several illegal activities.
She acted lead roles in several films afterwards like 'Dil Apna Prit Parayee ,Haste Zakhm,
Pakeezhah, Amar Akbar Antony etc.
In a number of  films she played christian or Anglo Indian characters since  she  could manifest them nicely.
In the 1975 film 'Julie' she acted as the mother of 'Julie' the heroine character,  which was acted by Lakshmi.For that role as 'Margaratte' and 'Maggie' in the film she received Filmfare
Supporting Actress Award.
She was often cast as temptress or vamp in several films like the one in 'Shree 420'.
She owned a Rolls Royce car and she was one of the first Indian Actress who owned a Rolls Royce.
She lived with a maid in an apartment in Mumbai.She is survived by two brothers, one of
whom lives in the  U.S.A and the other in Israel.
In 2000 she acted in the film 'Josh' with Sharukh Khan and Aishwarya Rai and she handled the role as Mrs.Louise.
She died at Bhatia Hospital,inTardeo Mumbai on 9 Feb 2006.
Selected Filmography
Dek Babu
Shree 420
Zammindari Daku
Pocket Maar
Kala Bazaar
Sapnon ka Saudagar
The Guru
Rajah Jani
Ek Naari Do Roop
Woh Main Nahin
Ishq Ishq Ishq
Darling Darling
Amar Akbar Antony
Aap Ki zKhatir
Chaal Baaz
Hassan Da Chor
Cotton Mary


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In 1988 Priyadarshan directed a Mohanlal film 'Chitram' in Malayalam which was scripted by Sreenivasan.That film in which Mohanlal,Ranjini,Nedumudi Venu,Maniyan Pillai Raju,M.G.Soman,Lizy,Sreenivasan,Sukumari   etc acted becamer a super duper hit which ran for more than one year in all main centers.It was a very good grosser at the box Office.The
funny thing about this picture is that the comedy theme  is not agreeable according to Indian logic and culture, yet the people enjoyed it  mainly because of the brilliant presentation of the   humorous sequences.This film was remade in Hindi as 'Pyar Hua Chori Chori' in 91, in Telugu as 'Alludugaru' in 1990, In Kannada as 'Rayaru Bendaru Maavana Manage' in 93, and 'Engirundho Vandhan' in Tamil in the year 1995.Out of these
Kannada and Telugu versions were super duper hits and the Hindi film was also a success.
There are several Malayali people who have seen the Hindi and Tamil versions and some others have seen the Kannada and Telugu remakes also.Such audience all agrees that even though in Malayalam, the climax scene is tragedy,  Malayalam Chitram film is far better than
the remakes.The main reason is the selection of well suited actors for all the characters 
and the excellent directional skill  of Priyadarshan.Everybody will agree that as the father of heroine 'Kalyani' (acted by Ranjini)  'Poornam Viswanathan' acted absolutely fantastic as the character Ramachandra Menon, an NRI, living in the  United States of America
and arrived in India for vacation.He earned the love and respect of all the spectators.
As a loving father and father-in-law,a dignified person respected by the society and  the tribal people also,
one who keenly follows the traditions of India and a good musician in Carnatic Music etc he

manifested his role nicely.For the success of the film the contribution given by Poornam Viswanathan is not less.The voice dubbing by Narendra Prasad suited excellent for him.At that time Narendra Prasad had not become an actor in Malayalam films.As the 'Ramachandra Menon, 'Kaimal's' friend and "Kalyani's' father no other actor would have been
this much suitable as Poornam Viswanathan.
Poornam Viswanathan was an actor in Tamil who had acted in less number of films only.He gave much importance to stage plays also and loved to act in dramas.
He was born in the year 1921 and started to act in plays at the age of 18.He worked as news reader in All India Radio and  as a Journalist also.He was also the author of several plays and short stories. He was the first Indian to read the news of Indian Independence to the East Asia  on All India Radio at 5.30 on August 15, 1947.
He always  tried to
act at his best ability very suitable for the sequence and character and tried to deliver the
dialogues also  emotively.He paid attention to his own movements and body language.
'Ninaithale Inikkum' was a film which was noted  during the start of Poornam Viswanathan 
as a film actor.That film in which Kamal Hassan and Rajani Kanth appeared together with
Jaya Pradha was mainly shot at Singapore.It was directed by K.Balachander.
'Varumayin Niram Sivappu' was aKamal Hassan film and the heroine was Sreedevi.It was also a K.Balachander directed film.He remade it in Hindi in which Kamal Hassan and Anita Raj were the hero and heroine  pair.Poornam Viswanathan acted in supporting roles of  these films.
'Thillu Mullu' was Rajani Kanth-Madhavi film directed by K.Balachander in 1981.It is a comedy film and considered as one of the 10 best films in Tamil.
'Guru' is I.V. Sasi film in which Kamal,Sreedevi,M.N.Nambiar,Muthuraman,Mohan Babu etc
acted along with Poornam Viswanathan.
'Moondram Pirai' is Kamal Hassan Sridevi film of 'Balu Mahendra'.Kamal got National award
as best Actor for this film.It was dubbed as 'Vasanth Kokila' in Telugu and released on the same date.
'Puthu Puthu Arthangal' a Rehman-Sithara film was directed by K.Balachander in 89.
The 1994 film 'Mahanadhi' is considered as one of the Kamal Hassan's most realistic movies.
It was directed by Santhana Bharathi.
'Keladi Kanmani' was S.P.Balasubramanyam-Radhika film directed by Vasanth in 1990.
It was also a very nice film and Poornam Viswanathan  also acted superbly.
He passed away in 2008.
Selected Filmography
Ninaithale Inikkum
Varumayin Niram Sivappu

Thillu Mullu
Moondram Pirai
Aan Pavam
Varusham 16
Puthu Puthu Arthangal
Kan Simittum Neram
Keladi Kanmani

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Sukumaran was a very versatile leading actor of Malayalam cinema who
 was very active for about three decades.  Sukumaran  earned the admiration and love of all film goers for his excellent acting skills and especially for his varied
style of dialogue presentation.He had a style of his own, giving stress to some words and
expressively rendered  dialogues  with the necessary emotions and he could deliver very long dialogues  also in a
stretch like the rendition of a poem.During the late 70's and  80's when he was the hero of
so many films,  at the 'B'  class and 'C' class centers  youngsters
of those period gathered near the theaters  to enjoy his dialogue presentation which could be heard outside at the yards also.During the early days of his film career he had the image of the 'angry young man' as the representative of the educated youth of those times  without  any job and money.
Sukumaran was born in the year 1948  (Edappal Ponnam Kuzhy Veetil Sukumaran Nair) to
Parents P.Parameswaran Nair and Subhadramma  at Adoor.He had a brother and two sisters.
He started acting in films with the Malayalam film 'Nirmalyam' while he was working as lecturer in a College  at Nagercoil  for the subject  English language and literature.Nirmalyam
was the directional debut of M.T.Vasudevan Nair, who is brilliant novelist and 'Njan Peeth'
holder.It was based on his own short story 'Pallyvalum Kalchilambum' and the theme was
about a poor 'Velichappad' .The interpreter between the deity and devotee is  the concept
of 'Velichapad' which is a practice in northern Kerala.Sukumaran acted as the son of the

Velichapad as a young man who was  penny less and in search of a job.Sukumaran portrayed
that  role effectively  like an experienced actor.The role of 'Velichapad' was handled by P.J.Antony and he received National award as Best  actor for that role.The film won National award as the best feature film of that year.
He was cast in other films regularly and continuously that he selected acting profession by
ignoring the lecturer job.He  presented his roles nicely in 'Shankupushpam,Angeekakaram.Avalude Ravukal' etc and 'Etho Oru Swapnam' which was directed by Sree Kumaran Thampi( in which Jayan acted in a noted role for the first time in a film)  all
boosted his film career.
'Randu Penkuttikal' directed by Mohan in Which 'National Award winner Shobha' acted and
the film 'Vadaka veedu' of the same director was critically  acclaimed. 
'Radha Enna Penkutty' directed by Balachandramenon in which actress Jalaja debuted was
also a nice movie of Sukumaran in 1979.
The 1980 film 'Kalika' which dealt with black magic theme in which actress Sheela handled the title role was  noted by critics and audience alike  because of the rare subject it handled
and since was a horror film.
'Shalini Ente Koottukari' was an excellent film in which Sukumaran,Shobha,Jalaja,Venu
Nagavally,Ravi Menon, etc acted.
In the film 'Vilkanundu Swapnangal' Mammootty was in an important role for the first time in Malayalam Cinema and it was   with Sukumaran.
Aniyatha Valakal was a blockbuster film of Balachandra Menon in which Ambika was Sukumaran's heroine.'Anthiveyilile ponnu' was a film based on the novel written by Perumbadavam Sreedharan  and the film received good opinion.
In the year 1981 'Ahimsa' was a blockbuster film of director I.V.Sasi in which 'Ratheesh,
Mammootty,Mohan Lal and Sukumaran' appeared together and  Poornima Jayaram
along with  Swapna were in lead female roles.'Angadi' of I.V.Sasi in 1981 was also a blockbuster
super hit of Jayan and Sukumaran in which Seema was the heroine.
'Kurukkante Kalyanam' was directional debut of Sathyan Anthikkad in 1982 which contained a comedy theme.Sukumaran acted in Sathyam's another venture 'Mandanmar Londonil'
which was shot in London and was a super hit film.

Later Sukumaran started  acting in supporting roles instead of hero and he was brilliant as
Police Officers and political leaders.
'Aavanazhi' of I.V.Sasi,Moonnam Mura of K.Madhu, Oru C.B.I.Diarykurippu' etc all showered
him with accolades for his roles and superb dialogue delivery.
'Adhipan' of 89 and 'Dasaradham' of 89 were blockbuster films in which Mohan Lal was the hero.Parvathy and Rekha were heroines respectively.Dasaradham which had a special
theme that dignified motherhood was a super duper hit in which Murali,Nedumudi,Sukumari etc were in the cast.
'Pingami' was also a nice film of Sathyan Anthikkad in which Mohan Lal and Kanaka were in lead roles.'C.I.D Unnikrishnan B.A.B.Ed was Rajasenan film of Jayaram with a comedy theme.
Sukumaran married actress Mallika and they have two sons, Indrajith and Pritviraj- both of them South Indian
film Stars.Sukumaran was a film producer also and produced films like 'Irakal' which was directed by K.G.George and got entry for  the Indian Panorama in the  Int'l film festival.
He found time to study and Pass Bachelor of Law Degree Course and enrolled as an advocate.
He served as Chairman of Film Development Corporation.
Sukumaran got Best Actor  award  from Kerala Government for film 'Bandhanam' in 78.
Sukumaran expired on 16 June 1997 due to a massive heart attack at the age of 50.
Selected Filmography
Avalude Ravukal
Etho Oru Swapnam
Randu Penkuttikal
Rajan Paranja Kadha
Sathrathil oru Rathri
Ente Neelakasam
Radha Enna Penkutty
Shalini Ente koottukari
Aniyatha Valakal
Vilkanundu Swapnangal
Anthiveyilile ponnu
Dantha Gopuram
Mandanmar Londonil
Kurukkante Kalyanam
Moonnam Mura
Oru CBI diarykurippu
CID Unnikrishnan

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Joy Mukherjee earned the  love and accolades of critics and audience alike during the 60's 
when he was one of the top leading actor of Bollywood.
He was the son of Sashadhar Mukherjee  and  Sati Devi.His mother Sati Devi was   was the sister of veteran actor Ashok Kumar and Actor/Singer Kishore Kumar.
Sashadhar Mukherjee's brother Subodh Mukherjee also  earned fame as eminent director/producer  of Bollywood films.
Joy Mukherjee's brothers are Deb Mukherjee and Shomu Mukherjee.Deb Mukherjee became an actor of Hindi films while Shomu Mukherjee was a film producer who married
actress Tanuja.His daughters are actresses Kajol and Tanusha.Shomu Mukherjee died in 2008.
Joy Mukherjee's father Sashadhar Mukherjee was also a successful producer and co-founder
of Filmalaya Studios.
Joy Mukherjee debuted in the film 'Love in Simla'  in the year 1960 which was directed by
R.K.Nayyar.Sadhana acted opposite to him in this movie which was a super hit.
'Ek Musafir Ek Hassina' produced by his father Sashadhar Mukherjee and directed by Raj Khosla was a super duper hit in which Sadhana was his pair.It was the second grosser at the box office.
Afterwards he appeared in several hits like 'Love in Tokyo'  'Phir wohi Dil Laya Hoon'  'Ziddi'
etc with Waheeda Rehman.
'Love in Tokyo' was a super duper hit of Joy Mukherjee and Waheeda Rehman directed by Pramod Chakravarty.The music was composed by Shankar Jaikishan.
'Phir Wohi Dil Laya Hoon' was produced and directed by Nassir Hussain.The film contained beautiful songs in which Rajendra Nath and Pran were in the cast.

'Ziddi' Produced and directed by Pramod Chakravarty was also a super hit film which was the fourth grosser at the box office of that year.
'Shagird was Joy Mukherjee-Saira Banu film written by Gulzar and directed by Samir Ganguly which had a comedy theme.It was produced by his uncle Subodh Mukherjee.
'Puraskar' was  a  film of Joy Mukherjee with Farida Jalal and  'Aag aur Daag' was a noted film of 1970  in which Joy Mukherjee,MadanpurimI.S.Johar,Komal etc acted.
1972 film 'Ek Bar Muskura Do' was his home production in which his  brother Deb Mukherjee and Tanuja also acted and it was a success at the box office.
When other young actors rose to stardom and fame Joy Mukherjee turned to directing films and also producing films occasionally.But none of his productions and directional ventures 
were super duper hits.
 He lastly acted in the film 'Haiwan' in 1977.
He directed films such as 'Chhaila Babu' which was a success in 1977, 'Saanjh ki Bele(81)
Umeed (89) etc.
In 2009 he acted in the T.V. Serial 'Aye Dil -e-Nadan'.
He died at  the age of 73  0n 9 March 2012 at Leelavathi Hospital in Mumbai.
He is survived by his wife 'Neelam' and three children.
Selected Filmography
Love in Simla
Hum Hindustani
Ek Musafir Ek Hassina
Phir Wohi Dil Laya Hoon
Door ki awaz
Aao Pyar Karen
Bahu Beti
Saaz aur Awaz
Love in Tokyo
Hum Saya
Dil aur Mohabbat
Dupatta Puraskar
Aagaur Daag
Kahin Aar Kahin Paar
Ek Baar Muskura Do

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Shobhana Samarth was  born in the year 1915 and turned to be one of the well famed
actresses  in  Indian movies mainly  Hindi and Marathi.She was an  earlier heroine acted
in lead roles  up to the 50's and later in supporting roles.
She was born to banker Shilotri and Rattan Bai.Her mother Rattan Bai was also an actress
and Shobhana's cousin Nalini Jaywant was also a popular actress.
She entered film industry by acting in Marathi Cinema and her entry in to Hindi cinema was in the year 1935.
She was married to Director and Cinematographer Kumaresan Samarth.They  have four
Children and the couple parted thereby Shobhana was later  linked to actor Motilal.
Two of her daughters 'Nutan and Tanuja' became famous actresses in Hindi films.
Tanuja  married  Shomu Mukherjee who was a producer and director who passed away on 10 April 2008.He was brother of actors Deb Mukherjee and Joy Mukherjee.
Shobhana Samarth
Nutan's son 'Mohnish Behi' is also an actor and Tanuja's daughters 'Kajol and Tanisha' are also

Kajol and Tanisha  with mother

actresses in Hindi cinema.
Kajol is  married to actor 'Ajay Devgun'.
Shobhana Samartha was considered as the beauty queen of Hindi cinema in 40's and 50's.
Her film Sati Toral(47) earned critical applause.She will be ever remembered for her performance as Sita in the film 'Ram Rajya'. This film is considered as a classic film directed by Vijay Bhutt in 1943.The mythological story of Ramayana was pictured fantastically by
the director who received much admiration of many dignitaries of that period.
That film ran in  a theater of Bombay for more than 100 weeks and for more than 50 weeks
in many other theaters in several other places.
Prem Adib as Rama and Shobhana Samarth as Sita enacted their roles evocative that the
Shobhana Samarth with daughters
people  took it for  granted that they were true incarnations of eternal Sita and Rama.Where
ever they go the people gave them that much respect and love.This film eulogized as a torch
bearer of our glorious past and cultural heritage.But these are not only the facts that this
films stands unique.This film 'Ram Rajya'  was the only film Mahatma Gandhi saw ever in
his life time.While Mahatma Gandhi was convalescing at Juhu in Bombay in 1945 some selected reels of this film was showed to him.His secretary had allotted 40 minutes only to
see the film by Mahatmaji but since he felt interested in the film he saw it for 90 minutes
and appreciated the director by giving a  gentle pat on his shoulder which he considered 
happily as a great award from a great personality.
Shobhana Samarth  produced the  film 'Hamari Beti' to introduce 'Nutan' as the new heroine of
Hindi cinema and in that film Tanuja acted as child artist.Both of them became very famous
actresses eventually.
Shobhana Samarth   passed away on 9 Feb. 2000.
Selected Filmography
Vilasi Ishwar
Do Diwane
Be Kharab Jan
Pati Patni
Apni Nagaraja
Vijay Lakshmi
Ram Rajya
Mahasati Anasuya
Veer Kunal
Hamari Beti
Love in Simla
Nai Umar Nai Faisal
Wahan ke Log
Ek Baar Muskura Do
Do Chor

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P.Bhanumathi was a genius South Indian actress who acted  mainly in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi.
She earned fame as the 'Multi faced Queen of Indian Cinema' and also the titles "Swarna
Kanganam' Kalaimamani ,Ashta Vadhani' were bestowed on her.She was Producer,Writer,Director,Studio Owner,Music Director and Singer.
Dr.P.Bhanumathi was born at Doddav eram Village,near Ongole in Andhra Pradesh on 7 Sept.1925.
Her father was Bommaraju Venkita Subbaiah and Mother was Saraswatamma.She was married to P.S.Ramakrishna Rao and her son is A.Bharani.
She owned the film studio 'Bharani Studios' along with her husband.The studio is in her son's name.
Bhanumathi entered film field at the age of 14 in the year 1939 with the Telugu film 'Vara Vikrayam'.
She entered Tamil film arena with the film 'Raja Mukthi' acting along Thyagaraja Bhagavathar
in 1948.
She met P.S.Ramakrishna Rao on the sets of film 'Krishna Prema' in1942 and they got married
against her father's will.Ramakrishna Rao had no objection to continue the profession of Bhanumathi and  extended all support also.
Bhanumathi learned Carnatic and Hindusthani Music and and was an exponent of both.
She used to sing in films occasionally and have sung in 26 films altogether in her career.
For several films she worked as Music Composer also.
She co-starred with legendary actors like NTR, MGR, and Sivaji Ganesan in maximum number
of films during that time.
Her earlier movies "Apoorva Sahodargal, Alibaba, Nalla Thambi" were all entertainers  but
later she acted several  challenging roles  in  films like 'Rangoon Radha' and 'Ambikapathi' and proved
that she could manifest emotional roles superbly.
She was brilliant in learning languages and dubbed for Hindi films like 'Nishan' and Shamsher' with thespian Ashok Kumar picking up easily the dialogues.
She created history in 1953 by the embodiment of her film 'Chandrani' and won the hearts
of millions of people especially women.She produced,directed,acted in dual roles,
 and sang in that film.That film was made in Tamil,Telugu , Hindi and 
released all over India which was a success at the box office.Her unprecedented attempt  in this

venture was not made practical by any woman in India till then and received much critical acclaim.
She  started music composition in the year 1954 with the film 'Chakrapani'.
Bhanumathi served as the member of Children's  Film Society from 1965 to 75.
She was member of Lalit Kala Academy for 5 years.
She served as member of Andhra Pradesh Sahithya Academy for 10 years.
She served in Red Cross Society of India.
She served in State Film Award Committee for 2 years.
She  served as the Principal of Chennai Govt. Music College from 1985 to 88.
She got National Award as Best Actress in 1965 for film 'Anthastulu'.
She got National Award as Best Actress in 1966 for film ' Palanti Yudham'.
She got National Award as Best Actress in 1969 for Tamil film 'Annai'.
In the year 1969 she received 'Padma Shri'.
In the year 1975 she was honored by Andhra University Visakhapatnam by giving 'Doctorate'.
In the year 1981 she received  Best Director-Nandi Award
In the year 1983 she was bestowed by 'Kalaimamani Award' by Tamil Nadu Government. 
In the year 1984 Honorary Doctorate-Sri Venkiteswara University, Tirupathi.
In the year 1994 she received National Award as Best Writer for her Autobiography
'Nalo Nenu'.
In the year 2001 she received NTR Award from Government of Andhra Pradesh.
In 2003 she was given 'Padma Bhushan' by Government of India.
Dr.P.Bhanumathi Passed away on 24 Dec. 2005.
Selected filmography
Garuda Garvabhangam
Krishna Prema
Raja Mukti
Nalla Thambi
Laila Majnu
Apoorva Sahodarargal
Alibabvum Narpathu Thirudargalum
Alibaba 40 Dongalu
Malai Kallan
Makkale Petra Magarasi
Manamagan Thevai
Varudu Kavali
Rani Lalitangi
Nadodi Mannan
Raja Bhakti
Kalai Arasi
Kanji Thalaivan
Poovum Pottum

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In the Telugu film industry there were two famous actresses in the names 'SriranjaniSenior  and  Sriranjani Junior' who were sisters.
The Senior Sreeranjani was born in the year 1906 and she lived only up to 1939 and  died at
an young age of 33  because of Cancer.
Senior Sriranjani as Sita in 'Lava Kusha'
She  got fame by acting in professional dramas and was appreciated for her male roles as Krishna,Rama etc on stages along with usual female roles.
She  debuted in Telugu film 'Lava Kusha' in 1934 directed by C.Pullayya. One of the earlier talkie
in Telugu 'Lava Kusha' was made with much more technical advancement using new type of equipment
and even in  cinema halls new type of projectors were installed.Senior Sriranjani acted in the
film as 'Sita' and the film was the first blockbuster film in Telugu which ran for more than one
year in main centers.
Sriranjani visited the cinema halls where the film was exhibiting and the audience greeted her
adorning like original 'Sita Devi'.
There after she  appeared in hits like 'Sri Krishna Leelalu, Maya Bazaar' etc. She earned fame as a singer also.Her son is famous
director M.Mallikharjuna Rao.
Vande Mataram
Vara Vikrayam
Sasirekha Parinayam
Sati Tulasi
Sri  Krishna Leelalu
Silver King
Maya Bazaar
Lava Kusha

Sriranjani Junior was born on Feb 22 , 1927 at Guntur District in Andhra pradesh.
Her birth name  was Maha Lakshmi.
C.Narayana Murthy gave her chance to act in the film 'Bhishma' in 1944 in the role of
Sathyavathy.Subsequently she acted in films like 'Gollabhama, Brahmachari,Gitanjali,Madhalasa,Laila Majnu' etc.
She became very famous and earned much critical acclaim for her role in the film 'Guna Sundari Katha' in 1949 directed by K.V.Reddy.
She also acted in the Tamil version of 'Guna Sundari Katha'.

She got good opinion for her portrayal in films like 'Chandrahara,Mantra Dandam,Sankranti,Prema,Brataku Teruvu,Swayam Prabha,Ramanjaneya Yudham' etc.
Her excellent performance as a virtuous woman 'Kalyani' in the film 'Parasakthi' was well
acclaimed.The 1952 film  "Parasakthi' was debut film of 'Sivaji Ganesan'.It was penned by
Sri M.Karunanidhi.'Pandari Bai' was the heroine in 'Parasakthi'.It was directed by R.Krishnan and S.Panju.Parasakthi  was produced by AVM.
The role as 'Raji' in the film 'Raji en Kanmani' who was blind and regains sight later  was liked
by the audience.
'Chandrahara' was N.T.Rama Rao's film in which Sreeranjani Junior was the heroin and was
directerd by Kamalakara Kameswara Rao.Savitri also acted in this film
'Mahakavi Kalidasu' was released in 1960 in which Akkineni Nageswara Rao was the hero.
Sri Ranjani,Raja Sulochana,CSR Anjaneyalu were in the cast.It was also directed by Kamalakara Kameswara Rao.Sri Ranjani acted in many films of Kamalakar Kameswara Rao,K.V.Reddy and PS Rama Krishna Rao.
'Bale Tammudu' was 1969 film of NT Rama Rao and KR Vijaya.NTR was in double role in this film.Mohd.Rafi sang many of the songs of this film.
'Jeevana Tarangalu' was Shobhan Babu-Vanisree film directed by Tatineni Rama Rao.
It was remade in Hindi entitled  'Dil Aur Deewar' in 1978.
Sriranjani Junior  was respected by all in the film industry.She died on Apr 27, 1974.
Selected Filmography
Guna Sundari Katha
Vali Sugriva
Mantra Dandam
Laila Majnu
Bratuku Teruvu
Pedda Manushulu
Preme Daivam
Penki Pellam
Mahakavi Kalidasu
Bhale Tammudu
Chandra Haram
Sri Krishna Tulabharam
Raji En Kanmani
Krishna Leelalu
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Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Kaduvakkulam Antony earned reputation as an able comedian and character actor of Malayalam Cinema and he could sustain for four decades among with  the well acclaimed comedians
like Adoor Bhasi,Bahadoor,Jagathy Sree Kumar etc was because of his unique capabilities to
make others laugh.
Antony was born on 9 Nov 1936 at Kuttanad Alleppey and was the son of parents Thomas and
When he was 2 years old the family shifted to Kaduvakulam of Kottayam District.
From the childhood days itself he was interested in acting and utilized opportunities to act
in plays and performed mono acts etc.He was having a sense of humor as an intrinsic quality
and tried to find out comedy in all activities and made others laugh.
After his studies he started a private finance company and during intervals he used to act in plays.

Later he worked for several years in the professional drama troupe 'Viswa Kerala Kala Samithi'  of Veteran N.N.Pillai as a
comedian actor.
In 1961 he was introduced to Neela Productions P.Subramanyam by Cine actor Jose Prakash
and Subramanyam gave him a role in the film 'Bhakta Kuchela'.
From thereon he was cast in almost all movies of those times and loved by the audience  that his actions,gestures and face expressions were enough for the audience to laugh.
In many films he acted as  a friend of the hero but indulging in all foolish activities.
The roles in films, " Kayamkulam Kochunni,Thampuratti,Punnapra Vayalar,Thiruvabharanam" etc were much more loved by Antony.
He had acted in more than 300 films.
He was in the role of a broker in the 1995 film 'Mannar Mathai Speaking' .The viewers still
remember him of calling Mannar Mathai and party on phone  and   asking when did  they start.They replied they
were on the way and started about half an  hour back.Antony replied that they had to reach  him
urgently and so make it one  hour earlier.
After the conversation on phone he boasted to others present there that the drama troupe    they were
expecting already  started half an hour back but now he telephoned and made it one  hour back.
Antony lastly appeared in the film 'Adivaram'.
Kaduvakulam Antony was married to Beeyatries Antony.The couple has two children.
Antony died on 4 Feb 2001.
Selected Filmography
Bhakta Kuchela
Kavalam Chundan
Marunattil Oru Malayali
Olavum Theeravum
Danger Biscuit
Oru Sandariyude Kadha
Anubhavangal Palichakal
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