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Sebastian Kunju Kunju Bhagavathar and Alleppey Vincent were veteran thespinas who contributed very much for the welfare and revival of theatrical activities in Kerala.They
were brothers and worked independently and marked their impacts in the history of drama
field as well as cinema also.
Both of them had associated with the initial stages of Malayalam cinema but at that time it was
not turned out to be a profitable field to stuck to and they paid more concentration to drama field instead.Up to the 50's the films released  in Malayalam were all flops and there  was a
wide gap between new releases of  films and so artists could not depend it for a living.After the release of 
'Jeevitha Nauka' the things completely changed and films turned to be the No.1 entertainment
medium in Kerala and as a profitable business venture also.
Sebastian Kunju Kunju Bhagavathar was born to Pollayil Vincent in Ambalapuzha in Alleppey District on 9 Feb 1901.After schooling he joined a Tamil drama troupe and toured several parts of Tamil Nadu and returned to Kerala.
It was in 1930 that Ochira Velukutty, a drama actor who appeared only as female characters 
and excelled  well than original women in beauty,acting talents in displaying detailed  expressions ,singing abilities,
Voice qualities,gestures exactly as women etc earned wide applause. Those days original women  were  only scarcely in the acting field.In the 30's Ochira Velukkutty as 'Vasavadatha' and 'Sebastian Kunju Kunju Bhagavathar as 'Upagupthan'  acted in a drama by name 'Karuna' which was the drama form of poet Kumaran Asan's Poetic work in the same title. It was made in to drama form by 'Swamy Brahmavrathan'.It was a wonderful success that in 7 years it played over  7000 stages.
Ochira velukkutty (1905- 1954) acted in the female roles as heroine  for consecutive success plays with
Sebastian Kunju Kunju Bhagavathar  in drama hits like'jnanasundai,Parudeesa nashtam,Sathyavan Savithri, Kovilan Charitham,Nalla Thanka,Alli Arjuna,Harishchandra' etc.
Ochira Velukkutty and Sebastian Kunju Kunju Bhagavathar were  the main attraction  of these dramas.Ochira Velukkutty died in the year 1954.
In the first 'Talkie' film of Malayalam 'Balan' Sebastian Kunju Kunju Bhagavathar's brother
Alleppey Vincent acted in a role as the character Shanku.He is rescuing the main characters 'Balan and sarasa' from kidnappers.He was the first speaking person of Malayalam cinema.
His words were first recorded words.He uttered the word 'Hello Master' and it gained him  name as first speaking person of Malayalam cinema.But first 'Malayalam words' were of
M.K.Kamalam.First speaking hero was K.K.Aroor and first speaking heroine M.K.Kamalam.
In the second Malayalam  talkie 'Jnanambika' both Alleppey Vincent and Kunju Kunju Bhagavathar acted.It was released in 1940.Sebastian Kunju Kunju Bhagavathar sang songs also for Jnanambika.Afterwards up to 1948 there were  no releases in
Malayalam and all the actors focused on Drama field only.

In the year  1951 Super hit movie 'Jeevitha Nauka' Balan film fame K.K.Aroor and Sebastian Kunju Kunju Bhagavathar were in the cast.In the same year with Thickurissy  and
Miss Kumary Sebastian Kunju Kunju Bhagavathar also acted in the film 'Navalokam'.In the 1952 film 'Achchan' 
PremNazir,S.P.Pillai,Adoor Pankajam,Pankajavally etc acted along with Kunju Kunju Bhagavathar.
In the 1953 film 'Sario  Thetto' which was written and directed by Thikkurssi Sukumaran Nair
Bhagavathar  had a role.
He also acted in the 1959 film 'Minnal Padayali' in which Sathyan,Lalitha Padmini etc acted.
                                       Alleppey Vincent acted in the film 'Oral Koody Kallanayi' in 1964

with Prem Nazir,S.P.Pillai,T.S.Muthaiyyah etc and in 1974 for the film 'Kamini' with Raghavan,Rani Chandra,Kuthiravattam Pappu,Bahadoor etc.
Alleppey Vincent was lucky to act with M.G.R. in the Malayalam film 'Genova' in the year
1953.It is the only Malayalam film M.G.R. ever acted.It was produced by Producer/director F.Nagoor.M.G.R., B.S.Saroja,M.G.Chakrapani etc acted in that film.
B.S.Saroja and MGR in 'Genova'
Alleppey Vincent acted in Villainous role in that film which contained a christian religious
story.It was when remade in Tamil after a few months all actors remained the same except
Alleppey Vincent but his role was handled by Veerappa.
In the film 'Genova' voice dubbing to M.G.R. was done by Sebastian Kunju Kunju Bhagavathar  and so in Malayalam film industry the first  dubbing artiste was  Sebastian Kunju Kunju Bhagavathar.He died in the year 1985.
Alleppey Vincent was having his own drama troupe based at Alapuzha and have presented
several successful plays for a long period.

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