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Santosh Jogi earned accolades and love for his unforgettable performance in the film 'Keerthi Chakra' which was directed by Major Ravi.Santosh Jogi portrayed the character as a Military

Officer in the film 'Kishori Lal' who loved music utmost and carried a small radio with him

 always which was presented by his mother.He used to request for songs from radio station
as per the friends wish but they used to tease him since they were not transmitted usually.

But when Kishori Lal was shot by the enemies there on the air was the song of request

'Khudase mannathu he meri' and the audience felt really very much sad and the character
Kishori Lal and the actor Santosh Jogi entered in to their hearts.
Santosh Jogi hailed from Eravimangalam and was the son of Sethumadhavan and Malathi Amma.His father was also a stage actor.
During his school studies he left the home and went to Tamil Nadu where he worked  as
a restaurant worker at Coimbatore etc for some years.When he was fed up with that sort

of life he went to Mumbai and soon reached  a Hindustani Singer group by name 'Jogis' and
became a singer of that group.He achieved that post because of his intrinsic abilities as a singer.

He was having abilities as story writer,lyricist,screenplay writer etc also.At the time of death
he was preparing his own screenplay for a film which he was planning to produce

When earning name and fame in the singer group 'Jogis'  Santosh Jogi (Santosh became Santosh Jogi
after becoming a member of singer group Jogis) left that group and returned to Kerala.
In 2004 he was debuted in the film 'Two Wheeler'.

He was hero in the film 'Chandranilekkulla Vazhi'. He acted in the award winning film
'Puli Janmam' of director 'Priya Nandan' also.
In the film 'Mayavi' directed by Shafi and written by

 Mecartin he acted as the main villain
'Thottapally Sugunan'.It earned him good appreciation from viewers and critics.

When offers from films were not enough he went to Dubai and worked in some professional singer groups.
He could act in the film Malabar Wedding in which Indrajit and Gopika presented main roles,
in the film Mulla of Laljose in which Dileep and Meera Nandan were in key roles, in the film

 Pokkiri Raja in which Mammootty,Prithviraj,Shriya Saran were in Key roles and in the film
Christian Brothers in which Dilip,Kavya Madhavan,Suresh Gopi,Kanika etc acted.

The audience were sure that he could earn the fame and prestige as a best villain and would 
also shine as Police Officer and other impressive character roles.

Because of some family problems he committed suicide in his friend's flat on 13 April ,2010.
He is survived by his wife and two daughters.
Selected Filmography
Puli Janmam
Iruvattam Manavatty
Balram vs Taradas
Keerthi Chakra
Big B
Chotta Mumbai
Two Wheeler
July 4
Malabar Wedding
Pokri Raja
Apoorva Ragam
Christian Brothers

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