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O.Madhavan was  a great actor who had contributed much to the betterment and progress of drama field
in Kerala.He could have grabbed heights in cinema or in Politics if he desired for that  because he had involvement in
those areas from the initial stages itself but theatrical welfare was his main agenda.  His wife Vijayalakshmi and one of the
Son in laws  also used to act with him in dramas.O.Madhavan founded the prestigious 'Kalidasa Kala Krndram'
Drama troupe at Kollam and the Company was successful to perform several stages in Kerala,throughout
India and abroad.
His son Mukesh is a successful  Malayalam Film actor for more than twenty five years.
O.Madhavan  was one of the founding members of the Communist Party of India in Kerala.
He had acted in a film 'Sayahnam' in 2000  which won the Kerala State Best film Award for 2000 and Kerala
State Best Actor Award for 2000 was Awarded to  O.Madhavan.
Madhavan was happy that even though he was not a film actor,  by his late appearance in a film made him
eligible for Best Actor Award.
Madhavan was a gigantic great actor in all respect.
Film 'Sayahnam' was a directional debut of R.Sarath with screenplay by himself.
Gomathy Mahadevan,Ibrahim Kutty,Jomol  and Ramya Nambeesan portrayed key roles in that film.

Scene from film Sayahnam
Sayahnam was the debut film of Ramya Nambeesan.
O.Madhavan was born in the year 1922 and his death occured on 19 Aug 2005.O.Madhavan foundation
was inaugurated at Kollam on his death anniversary day and they have  promised to work ahead for the revival of
drama field.

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