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Muttathu Varkey was a great writer in Malayalam and had authored and published around
132 books out of which 65 are novels and the rest are inclusive of Plays,short story collections,
poetry etc.His novels were in simple language mainly love stories with beautiful elaborate descriptions and attracted a large number of readers.In fact writers like Muttathu Varkey,
Parapurathu,Kanam E.J., etc contributed much to attract a large sector of people to reading
habit.Muttathu Varkey's 'Padatha Painkili' earned heavy popularity when published in a weekly and  the young generation of those times were eagerly waiting for the next issue of the
weekly to know the whereabouts of their favorite characters.Later when that story was adapted  for a film in the same title it was a huge success.Even though several critics used to
tease such kind of light love stories and  usually referred as 'Painkili stories' it is a fact that 
majority of people love to read such books and interestingly see those films also.
Muttathu Varkey was born on 18 April 1913 at Chethipuzha in Changanacherry of Kottayam
He passed B.A. Degree of Kerala University and joined for B.L Degree course but did not complete it.
He worked for a small period at 'Saint Berchmans'  High School at Changanacherry as a teacher. After quitting that job he joined as accountant in a timber factory and later again
came in to teaching profession in a Tutorial College run by famous writer M.P.Paul.
During those period itself he used to write stories, poetry etc and M.P. Paul suggested him
to write Novels and Plays and that poetry is not suited for him.
After wards Muttathu Varkey joined 'Deepika Newspaper' as Associated Editor and continued 
Sara Joseph receiving Award in 2011
in that post till his retirement in 1974.During those period he was able to carry out his literary works also.
The first film to produce with his story was 'Padatha Painkili' in 1957.The screenplay, and
dialogues were also written by him.Prem Nazir acted as the hero and the film was a super hit.
The 1965 film 'Ina Pravukal', 'Velutha Kathreena' of 1968, 'Mayiladum Kunnu' of 1972 etc
were all super hits.In the film 'Azhakulla Celina' in which Jayabharathy and Vincent acted
Prem Nazir acted as a Villain.
In the film 'Poothali' of 1960 T.K.Balachandran was the hero and Miss.Kumari was the heroine.
It was the first film in Malayalam that an actor was shown in dual roles.(Double role).T.K.Balachandran was the hero and Villain in this film and because of the curiosity
of the viewers the film otherwise a normal melodrama became a mega hit at the box office.

The Sathyan film 'Kara Kanakkadal ' was  one of the best films of Sathyan which was released in 1971.The story and presentation was liked by the audience.Another Sathyan
film 'Akkarappacha' of 1972 was also a critically acclaimed film.

22 films were made in Malayalam from Muttathu Varkey's Novels and stories.
For many of them he wrote Screenplay and dialogues also.
Muttathu Varkey Stories for Films
Padatha Painkili
Jail Pully
Christmas Rathri
Njana Sundari
Pattu Thoovala
Ina Pravukal
Sthanarthi Saramma
Velutha Kathreena
Chattambi Kavala
Line Bus
Lora Nee Evide
Mayiladum Kunnu
Thekkan Kattu
Pacha Nottukal
Azhakulla Celina
Priyamulla Sophia

Muttathu Varkey died on 28 May 1989.Muttathu Varkey foundation has been instituted
and awards are given to writers in Malayalam Language every year. Eminent writers like
O.V.Vijayan,Vaikom Muhammed Basheer,M.T.Vasudevan Nair,Kovilan,Madhavikutty,
Anand,C.Radhakrishnan,Kakkanadan,M.Mukundan,V.K.N etc are all recipients of this
award from 1992 on wards.Last year in 2011 it was awarded to Sara Joseph. 

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