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In the film 'Ponmuttayidunna Taravu,  Krishnan Kutty Nair  acted as the father of Sreenivasan 'Thattan Gopalan'
and they were Goldsmiths by profession in the film.Sreenivasan felt love towards his neighbor
'Urvashy' and since they were all financially poor Sreenivasan thought of impressing Urvashy
by presenting a gold chain weighing 10 sovereigns (80gms).Actually he was cheating her by
that present because it was not original gold but gold plated copper only.Not much later the two
families had to quarrel regarding some issue and all the members of the two families involved
in that incident.While the quarrel was going on Krishnankutty Nair who was very ill due to old age and was very weak and thin who could not even stand up from the bed without

  somebody's help requested Sreenivasan to take him to the spot of quarrel.The audience thought the weak old man would advice peace to the two opponent groups.When he was brought to the lawn he said some bad words to the neighbors and spitted forcefully on the

 ground to express his anger and  the weak man fell down by that force of spitting which created
roaring laughter in the cinema halls.
In several films Krishnankutty Nair even though portrayed serious character roles would created   a pinch of comedy also which the audience appreciated very much.
Krishnankutty Nair hailed from Sasthamangalam of Trivandrum City who was engaged in some drama

troupes   before joining
films.His acting talent was exemplary that directors like Padmarajan and
G.Aravindan  who were mostly award winning realistic film makers utilized him in many of

their films.He had acted in padmarajan films like Peruvazhy Ambalam,Arapatta Kettiya Gramathil,Oridathoru Phayalwan,Kariyilakattupole etc.He appeared in films of Aravindan like 'Marattam.' He acted in Adoor Gopalakrishnan's
 Anantharam,Kadhapurushan,Mathilukal etc.
Middlle stream Cinema directors like Sathyan Anthikkadu,Kamal etc also gave him nice roles.
Ponmutta Idunna Tharavu was a film of Sathyan Anthikkadu.In another Sathyan Anthikkadu
film 'Varavelpu'(1989) he acted as the father of the heroine 'Revathy' and acted as  a drunkard
in the film.Revathy was also trying to cheat the hero  Mohan Lal in the film as well as the

character of Krishnan Kutty Nair.When Mohan Lal pushed away Krishnankutty Nair when he tried to argue with him  he fell 
on the ground unconscious created nice comedy in the film.
In yet another film of Sathyan Anthikkadu in the name 'Mazhavil Kavady' he was the father
of one of the heroine Urvashy as a 'Barber'.The film contained a comedy theme and Jayaram

was the hero.Jayaram pick pocketed Krishnankutty Nair when Jayaram  was struggling without
a penny and he got the toolkit of the  'Barber' only.Since at that place 'Pazhani' shaving and cutting
hair  had a good scope to earn some  money he also became a Barber by accepting that profession.In the film  when

Krishnankutty Nair was applying oil on his thin body and was exercising Urvashy praised
about his health to Jayaram was a comedy scene in the film.

In the film 'Kakothi Kavile Appooppan Thadikal' Krishnankutty Nair portrayed the role of
a Middle School Mathematics teacher.In the  film the teacher's name was 'Mathai' but

the students in hatred called him as 'Kalan Mathai'.Revathy who was the heroine of the film
who was engaged in the work of making smooth of 'grinding stone' along with a student
of the school teasing 'Kalan Mathai' was a comedy sequence in the film.In the film
 'Aakasakottayile Sulthan' directed by Jayaraj, he acted as an Engineer Pushkaran but always
'booze'.There were some comedy scenes involving 'Pushkaran' in the film which was very much liked by the audience.After a minor  accident the Engineer Pushkaran forgets his whereabouts  and past including his name  but recalled only the word 'booze' created roaring laughter.
Selected Filmography
Peruvazhy Ambalam
Oridathoru Phayalwan
Meenamasathile Sooryan
Kakothikavile Appooppan Thadikal
Ore Thooval Pakshikal
Mazhavil Kavady
Unnikuttanu Joli kitti

Kizhakkan Pathrose
Manthrika Cheppu
Ennodishtam Koodamo
Poochakkaru Mani Kettum
Vakil Vasudev
Oh Faby
Ponmuttayidunna Tharavu
Kavady Attam
Sthalathe Pradhana Payyans
Avittam Thirunal Arogya Sreeman
Ennodishtam Koodamo
Arapatta Kettiya Gramathil

Premnazeerine Kanmanilla
Mookkkilla Rajyathu
Kadinjool Kalyanam

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