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Till around 1990 the art form of elaborate story telling 'Kadhaprasangam' was a favourite
cultural program in festivals and other functions of Kerala.The Kadhaprasangam artiste 
presents stories of history,mythology or made up stories which holds some social issues of interest.The audience loved their elaborate descriptions,nicely composed songs with accompanied orchestra of Tabla,Harmonium,Guitar etc.Even when they manifested  very well
known stories which were familiar to the audience it was due to their emotion filled descriptions,
 acting abilities with expressive gestures of  face,hands and eyes impressed the audience as well as
the songs were very much appealing too.Some Kadha prasangam artistes were having intellectual qualities to write the stories,songs etc by themselves.Those artistes who could
present the art form with impressive rendition of songs and story and acted fantastically (which was mono act itself) gained fame much more than others.Kollam V.Sambasivan,Kollam Babu,Kadakkodu Viswambharan,Chingavanam Sisters etc were  some of the few eminent artistes in this field.Later V.D.Rajappan entered with his comedy stories mingled with parody
songs which were also accepted by the audience.But when T.V. got popularized the art form
Scene from 'Arappavan'
Kathaprasangam lost its glamour. 
One of the most respected and famous Kadhaprasangam artiste  of Kerala was 'Kedamangalam
Sadanandan' who was very much active in this field for several decades and presented this
art form for more than 15000 stages in his career.He was an all rounder who wrote lyrics,
and  screenplays for films,  wrote stories for his Kathaprasangams,acted on stage  and in films, was playback singer in some films etc.

He got chance to work with Malayalam cinema from its initial  stages itself  and could reach
heights in that field as actor,lyricist,script writer, Director etc but he found thrill in writing
stories and songs for his 'Kadhaprasangams' and to manifest them on stages in front of a mass
of gatherings and to receive their appreciation on the spot.Kedamangalam Sadanadan
and V.Sambasivan were the most acclaimed artistes in this field.
Kedamangalam Sadanandan was born in 1926  at Paravur in Kerala.He debuted on stage at the age of 18.His very famous stories include Changapuzha's Ramanan and Vazhakkula.Unniyarcha
was another kadhaprasangam hit.
Kedamangalam Sadanandan wrote the story and screenplay of Prem Nazir's debut film
'Marumakal' in 1952.He also acted in it with Nazir,Muthaiyya,S.J.Dev,Neyyattinkara Komalam etc.
In 1961 for the film 'Arappavan' which dealt with dowry problem for the first time in Malayalam cinema, the story,screenplay,dialogues and lyrics  for 8 songs were written by Kedamangalam Sadanandan.He sang songs also for  that film with A.P.Komala,P.B.Sreenivas,K.Sulochana etc.He acted in that film also.

In the 1961 film 'UmminiThanka' he wrote  a song 'akkani poloru..., in the film 'Aryankavu
kolla sangham  'alayuvathenthinu ... and punchiri thooki were two songs written by him.
In the 1973 film 'Aasachakram he wrote one song 'kadalady thedi...,1975 film 'Thoma Sleeha'
he wrote the song 'Malayattoor Malayum Keri..., For the film C.I.D in jungle he wrote 4 songs
Kedamangalam scripted for films Marumakal,Thaskaraveeran,Arappavan,UmminiThanka,
Kandam Becha Coat, Viyarpinte Vila, Veluthambi Dalawa, Devalayam, Sree Guruvayoorappan (64),Chandrakantham,Hridayam Oru Kshetram,Amba Ambika Ambalika,Sri Murukan,Sree Guruvayoorappan(74) .Total 14 films.In altogether he acted

in 40 films including the 14 films which he had scripted for.His contributions to the Cultural
Kerala was recognized by the  'Kalaratnam' award instituted by Kerala  Government
Travancore Devaswom Board and Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Academy Fellowship.
Kedamangalam Sadanandan died on 13 April 2008.

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