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I can guess that many of the viewers would be thinking who was this person , KALAMANDALAM KESAVAN  in  films.He did not earn a big  name in films  but earned fame as a fantastic actor in Kathakali, and occasionally appeared  on  film screen in protagonist roles  and
on T.V.Screen also . He was basically a well renowned 'Chenda' exponent in Kerala and was a trainer of 'Chenda'
at FACT Kathakali school  for about three decades.
He was trained in 'Chenda Kathakali Melam' by Masters like  Moothamana Kesavan Nampoothiri, Thriruvilwamala Venkichan Swamy at famous 'Poomullly Mana' near his house.
He  joined Kalamandalam in 1954 where he came under tutelage of  eminent masters and became an expert in that field.
Kalamandalam Kesavan was just not a Chenda artiste but he was a writer of about 40 works 
to his credit and  an accomplished actor in quite a number of films and on on T.V.Serials.

He got Kerala Sahithya Academy Award for his  Collection of poems 'Thenthully'.
As a chenda artiste  of Kathakali Kesavan gave significant contributions in harmonizing rhythm 
with acting.
After graduating from Kalamandalam,  Kesavan worked with 'Kala Sadanam' and 'RLV Institute'
before joining  FACT Kathakali School.Her served there for more than three decades.Most of
his creative talents came out during that period.
He thought to earn more admirers for Kathakali  and wrote several Kathakali plays which were
taken from International literature works and  tried to earn Kathakali  a name more than that of  a temple
cultural art form.
Kalamandalam Kesavan as Sundara Brahmanan

He wrote the  Kathakali form (in poetry) of a Persian work as 'Dhavalangi Charitham Kathakali'
the story of Ayyappa as ' Sabarimala Dharma Sastha', etc.His   Kathakali plays from 
English works  also earned much appreciation from critics..His Kathakali creations were enacted on several stages by eminent actors
like Kalamandalam Krishnan Nair.
He debuted in film 'Marattam' directed by G.Aravindan.
The Malayalam film viewers all enjoyed his appearance  as protagonist in the film 'Katha Nayakan' in which Jayaram was the hero .KPAC Lalitha,Oduvil Unnikrishnam,Janardhanan,
etc acted in that film.It was a super hit film  and  grand success at the box Office directed by Rajasenan.
He had acted in films like 'Valathottu thirinju  nalamathe veedu  and  Pilgrimage   other than 'Kadha Nayakan'.He was a well credited actor    
in several T.V. Serials.
In Kathakali  this  Master of  'Chenda'  had handled the role as 'vocalist' for several plays mainly 
his own creations  like 'Sohrab and Rustom' , 'Ekalavya Charitham ' etc.He wrote more than 12 Kathakali plays.He used to enact in Kathakali in his favorite roles like 'Keechakan' Sundara Brahmanan, and many other.
He was a writer,Poet,Kathakali  play writer, actor on stage,Actor in Kathakali, actor of films
and T.V.Serials,fantastic percussionist and combined all together a perfect artiste.
He died on April 25, 2009.

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