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The film lovers of South India especially Malayalees felt  so much grief on July 30,  1998 
because of the untimely death of Director Bharathan who  was a prodigy in all sense.We could
have expected so many other fantastic films from him and so his departure was a real loss indeed.Padmarajan and Bharathan contributed so many good ideas as gifts  to Malayalam film  field and
their absence is surely felt by all.
Bharathan was born on Nov 14, 1940 at Engadiyoor near  Wadakkancherry in Trissur District.
He had the intrinsic talents to draw pictures and so he joined for Fine Arts Diploma Course

 after Schooling and thus earned training to make portraits on Canvas and in oil painting etc.
He was following his Uncle P.N.Menon in each and every ways.P.N.Menon was also a diploma
holder in fine arts and joined films and became an eminent director.
Bharathan also joined films as an art director initially and his first project was for the

 Malayalam film 'Gandharva Kshetram'.Afterwards for several films he worked as art director
and then he was utilized as assistant director.Since he was sincere in his work and had the

ability to understand the perception of the situation and to visualize it brilliantly he was liked
by his superiors and producers.

Bharathan made directional debut in 1974 with Padmarajan script 'Prayanam' for which
Padmarajan got award for best screenplay and

 Bharathan as best art director.The art direction was also handled by him.A typical story of an
old temple priest and his young wife was the theme of

 that film in which Kottarakkara
 Sreedharan Nair and Lakshmi handled lead roles.The fi;m won National award for best feature film in Malayalam in 1975.
The friendship and  association with Padmarajan helped Bharathan and film lovers to enjoy

several blockbusters there after from Padmarajan scripts directed by Bharathan.
He did not give priority for the stardom of the actors but utilized the  most suited persons  for
the perfection of the theme and sequences.
When 'Thakara' was filmed 'Nedumudi Venu' was not a star but the character

boosted his career as an actor.Like that Surekha was introduced in Malayalam who was also
K.P.A.C. Lalitha

not an experienced actress and same was the case of Pratap Pothen.But the film was a classic
super hit film which was a grand success at the box Office.
Film 'Rathi Nirvedam' was also an excellent film in which he introduced Krishnachandran ,
teenage new face but he  presented that character of 'Pappu' unforgettable.'Sex' was a prime

factor of several Padmarajan scripts filmed by Bharathan during that period but he handled

it superbly precise without being vulgar always and of course aesthetically to propitiate the audience fully.
Bharathan always selected his location with care and gave much importance to that factor

and also to cinematography and employed excellent cinematographers like Ramachandra Babu for his films.The viewers felt his films as a visual treat always.
Bharathan had  the habit of preparing the sketches of scenes before filming  some projects

which had a varied nature than usual like the film 'Vaishali'.Since he made the sketches
of many of the sequences he could make sure that the final product was possessing the

Lohithadas,Bharathan and Ramachandra Babu
 perfection as planned.The minute details of materials needed in a scene also could be employed without forgetting was also

 beneficial because of his making the  sketch habit.

The film goers appreciate him as the founder of a new school in film making or a new path
finder who selected the middle stream cinema.His films were not mere commercial films

and not art films either but they had all the qualities of  them too.His path was followed by
popular directors like Sibi Malayil,Kamal,Lohitha Das, Jayaraj and Sathyan Anthikkad
and earned accolades from viewers.
Many of the Bharathan films were the live portrayal of the realistic rural life of Kerala.

He gave importance to visually appealing scenes and mentally appeasing songs.He was

well versed in music composition and mostly interfered in that section of his films also.
He had written lyrics and given music composition for some songs also.

He was an expert in using natural properties  like rain,sea wind etc to  express the stress
or feelings of a particular situation.
His Tamil films 'Aavarampoo' and 'Thevar Magan'  received critical acclaim and were super hits also.Sivaji Ganesan and Kamal Hassan  acted in Thevar Magan which won National award for best feature film in Tamil for 1992.It was remade in several languages including Hindi.
Bharathan received state awards as best art director in 1975 for Prayanam,Best art director in 1980 and  as director of second best film,Best art director for 'Chatta' in 81,Director of
Best film 'Marmaram' in 82,Director of Best film 'Ormakkayi' and best art director for film

 'Ormakkayi' , Best art director for film 'Ithiri poove Chuvanna Poove in 84' Director of Best film with popular appeal and aesthetic value 'Minnaminunginte Nurungu Vettam in 87',
Director of Best film with popular appeal and aesthetic value 'Venkalam' in 92 etc.

Bharathan was 57 years old at the time of death.He is survived by his wife Malayalam character actress K.P.A.C.Lalitha and two children.His Son Sidhardh is an actor and film director now.

Selected Filmography
Guruvayoor Kesavan
Rathi Nirvedam
Kattathe  Kilikkoodu
Sandhya Mayangum Neram
Ithiri poove Chuvanna Poove
Kathodu Kathoram
Ozhivu Kalam
Oru Minnaminunginte Nurungu Vettam
Neelakurinji Poothappol
Oru Sayahnathinte Swapnam

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