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Chilakaalapudi Seetha Rama Anjaneyalu (11 July1907 - 8 Oct 1963) better known as C.S.R.Anjaneyalu was a well famed actor mostly in Telugu films and remembered as  the doyen
of mythological type of roles he portrayed  on the silver screen.Before joining films he acted many
mythological  heroes on  drama stages and earned the
 love and accolades from viewers.
He was born in a Telugu Brahmin family at Chilakalapudi near Machilipatanam  in Andhra
 Pradesh.His father was also  a stage actor.After studies

 C.S.R. worked as a supervisor for a small
period. He started as an actor very soon and his roles

  like Sree Krishna,historical roles like
Ramadasu,Tukaram etc gave him much name and

fame.He was a singer who could read poems
giving expressions.
He  helped Subhash Chandra Bose  for his work of 'Indian National Army' by contributing money which he collected from others for that cause.
He produced and directed a Play on 'untouchability'  in the name 'Patita Pavana' in his eagerness to stop such malpractices.
In the 1930's itself he was a known actor but in the 50's with the film 'Pathala Bairavi' that he
portrayed character roles.
In the 1953 film 'Devadasu' he played the role as an aged widower.
His role as 'Sakuni' in the film 'Maya Bazar' was very much acclaimed.
He catapulted  to fame with his fantastic acting style and unique modulated voice skills.

His films provided the audience a sense of fulfillment and divine communion.
C.S.R. Anjaneyalu became a part of Malayalam film history by his immortal portray of the

lead character title role as 'Bhaktha Kuchela' in the 1961 film.That film which was produced 
and directed by P.Subramanyam was a huge success in which C.S.R acted as Kuchela,Kottarakkara Sreedharan Nair as Sisupala,T.K.Balachandran as Narada,Miss Kumari

as Kuchela's wife Susheela,Kanta Rao as Sree Krishna and Kusala Kumari as Devaki.
There were 15 songs in the film  all  written by Thirnunainar Kurichi Madhavan Nair
and composed by Brother Lakshmanan.
The songs 'Eeswara Chintha Ithonne manujanu saswathame ulakil'  and  'Nale nale  ennayittum
Bhagavane kananithra...' are still very much liked and popular.Both these songs are sung by Kamukara Purushothaman
Song 'Radha Madhava Gopala' sung by Kamukara and P.Leela, song 'Kanna Thamara Kanna
Ennomal Kanmani Kunje va va va' sung by A.P.Komalam are also hits and still enjoyed.
CSR died in the year 1963.
Selected Filmography
Dropathi Vasthrapaharanam
Paduka Pattabhishekam
Bhagya Rekha
Mahakavi Kalidasu
Bhaktha Kuchela
Chitti Tammudu
Laila Majnu
Pathala Bairavi
Maya Bazaar
Ratna Mala
Bhaktha Kuchela

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