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Ramu Kariat, the  director who made exceptionally nice films will be ever remembered for bringing the  National Awards 'Silver Medal' and
'Gold Medal'  for the first time to Kerala. for Malayalam films.
In 1954 for 'Neelakkuyil' a film which was directed by Ramu Kariat along with P.Bhaskaran won President's
Silver Medal for second Best Feature  Film of India of that year.The film which handled a social issue received
accolades from all sectors and was a huge success.Sathyan and Miss Kumari handled the main roles.That film
could claim many different aspects since it did not follow the usual path of Malayalam cinema till then.It contained beautiful songs which were tuned  fantastically well so that they became immortal.Several sequences of that film were shot outdoors  which was not common in  that period but studio sets were utilized.
In 1965 Ramu Kariat directed 'Chemmeen'  a Malayalam film based on the world renowned novel written by Thakazhy Siva Sankara Pillai
in the same title.It was filmed completely outdoors and the story dealt with the life of fishermen of Alleppey
in Kerala.The presentation of the film was extremely nice and filmed with perfection which felt  as if real..Sathyan,Sheela,Madhu,Kottarakkara Sreedharan Nair etc handled the important roles and it was a
big budget film and a big commercial success also.It Bagged the President's 'Gold Medal' as the best feature film in India  of that
Ramu Kariat was born on 1 February at Engandiyoor, In Kerala.He was an actor of K.P.A.C which was a
professional drama troupe and was handling protagonist roles.Ramu Kariat debuted in Malayalam Cinema
directing a film 'Thiramala' along with director Vimal Kumar.

Then he directed 'Neelakkuyil' with P.Bhaskaran which turned to be a landmark.Next film was 'Minnaminungu'
(Fire fly) which was also a well noted film in 1957.
The film 'Mudiyanaya Puthran' (The prodigal son) which he directed in 1961 from the screen play of Thoppil Bhasi became a block buster film.It handled the story of an young man deliberately involving in anti social activities without being responsible to the family.
Moodupadam was his next film which received good reviews  followed by Chemmeen which marked history.
Ramu Kariat directed 'Nellu' which was another blockbuster film in 1974 from the story of Award winning novel of P.Valsala in the same name.It was also a big budget film and was shot in Wayanad forest areas
and was about the life of tribal people of Wayanad.The film earned wide appreciation and was a visual treat
for the audience.Balu Mahendra debuted as cinematographer in that film and received Kerala Government
award for photography for 'Nellu'.
Film 'Dweep' was about the life of people living in Lakhadweep and because of the varied theme that film  was liked by all.Actor 'Jose' was the hero of that film.
'Ammuvinte Attinkutty' which he directed in 1978 was a children's film and was shown in schools of Kerala at that period.
Ramu Kariat directed a  Kannada film 'Kondagali' in 1976 which was about the tribal people of that state.
The film 'Malankattu' was released in 1980 after his death.
Ramu Kartiat who earned the title "The Show Man of Kerala" died on February 10, 1979 at the age of 51.
Bharata Natyam
Minna Minungu
Mudiyanaya Puthran
Ezhu Rathrikal
Ammuvinte Attinkutty

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