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Bharat Bhushan will be  always remembered for his superb acting performance in the 1952 film 'Baiju Bawra'.
He was a prominent actor,Script writer and Producer in Bollywood.He was born in Meerut (U.P) in 1920
and his father Raibahadur Motilal was a Government pleader.He had an elder brother by name Chandra.Their mother died when the children were very young and both the brothers left  Meerut and went to Aligarh and stayed with their grand father afterwards. They continued their education at Aligarh and Bharat Bhushan got
a University degree from Aligarh.
Bharat Bhushan took acting as his Career and it was not with  his father's consent.His father wanted the children to try for Government jobs but both the brothers selected film field for a career.His elder brother became a Producer and
was the owner of a Studio at Lucknow.
Bharat Bhushan married 'Sharadha' a woman from a wealthy and respectable family.They had two daughters but ill fate haunted him always.The elder child had polio associated complications while his wife died after her
second delivery.
Bharat Bhushan then married 'Ratna' wo was his co-star in the film 'Barsat ki Raat'.
Bharat Bhushan's life was full of many up and downs like the characters of some of his films.
He debuted in the film  'Chitralekha' in 1941.He had offers in many films and acted skillfully  in them but he did not receive the recognition  or fame he deserved..It took a decade for him to rise to stardom with the classic film

'Baiju Bawra'.It was  the film in which Meena Kumari acted in a Major role for the first time.Music composer
Noushad Ali,singer Mohd. Rafi also got appraisal for this film which is considered as one of the best 100 films
by many critics.Several sequences in this film and the wonderful music blended with classical Indian music
and western music created wonders that the viewers were  very much moved and delighted  by this film. The role as the singer Baiju Bawra
Bharat Bhushan presented fantastic acting skills so that when he sung the  sorrowful song ' Bhagwaan Bhagwaan Oh Duniya ke rakhwale'  the viewers as well as the statue in the film wept.
Baiju Bawra was a musical  historical film and  the theme contained the humble musician Baiju Bawra  challenging the court
musician of Emperor Akbar, the arrogant 'Tansen' to a musical 'Jugal bandi'.The film was directed by Vijay Bhatt.

Later there aroused several problems regarding the affair of Bharat Bhushan with Meena Kumari after that film and  he had to face threats from opponents.
Bharat Bhushan played tragic musician roles in several of his films.He was well acclaimed for films such
as 'Mirza Ghalib, Basant Bahar,Kavi Kalidas,Barsaat ki Raat,Sangeet' etc. He had scripted and wrote the stories for films like 'Barsat ki Raat,Nai Umar ki nai Fasal'etc.He loved books and reading was his hobby.There was a library in his house.
As a producer he had to suffer heavy  losses and during his last days he was living in a rented house in Mumbai.
Bharat Bhushan died on 10 Oct 1992 in   Mumbai.
Selected Filmography
Bade Dil wala
Baiju Bawra
Barsat ki Raat
Bhai Bahan
Daana Paani
Ganga Sagar
Jahan Ara
Gateway of India
Krishna Bhakt Sudama
Pyar ka Devta
Kal Hamara hai
Khoon Pasina
Shyam tere kitna naam
Rani Rupmati
Sangeet Samrat Tansen
Samrat Chandra Gupta
Taxi Chor
Naya Kanoon
Mera Salaam
Mere Gharib Nawaz


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