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Bharat Bhushan will be  always remembered for his superb acting performance in the 1952 film 'Baiju Bawra'.
He was a prominent actor,Script writer and Producer in Bollywood.He was born in Meerut (U.P) in 1920
and his father Raibahadur Motilal was a Government pleader.He had an elder brother by name Chandra.Their mother died when the children were very young and both the brothers left  Meerut and went to Aligarh and stayed with their grand father afterwards. They continued their education at Aligarh and Bharat Bhushan got
a University degree from Aligarh.
Bharat Bhushan took acting as his Career and it was not with  his father's consent.His father wanted the children to try for Government jobs but both the brothers selected film field for a career.His elder brother became a Producer and
was the owner of a Studio at Lucknow.
Bharat Bhushan married 'Sharadha' a woman from a wealthy and respectable family.They had two daughters but ill fate haunted him always.The elder child had polio associated complications while his wife died after her
second delivery.
Bharat Bhushan then married 'Ratna' wo was his co-star in the film 'Barsat ki Raat'.
Bharat Bhushan's life was full of many up and downs like the characters of some of his films.
He debuted in the film  'Chitralekha' in 1941.He had offers in many films and acted skillfully  in them but he did not receive the recognition  or fame he deserved..It took a decade for him to rise to stardom with the classic film

'Baiju Bawra'.It was  the film in which Meena Kumari acted in a Major role for the first time.Music composer
Noushad Ali,singer Mohd. Rafi also got appraisal for this film which is considered as one of the best 100 films
by many critics.Several sequences in this film and the wonderful music blended with classical Indian music
and western music created wonders that the viewers were  very much moved and delighted  by this film. The role as the singer Baiju Bawra
Bharat Bhushan presented fantastic acting skills so that when he sung the  sorrowful song ' Bhagwaan Bhagwaan Oh Duniya ke rakhwale'  the viewers as well as the statue in the film wept.
Baiju Bawra was a musical  historical film and  the theme contained the humble musician Baiju Bawra  challenging the court
musician of Emperor Akbar, the arrogant 'Tansen' to a musical 'Jugal bandi'.The film was directed by Vijay Bhatt.

Later there aroused several problems regarding the affair of Bharat Bhushan with Meena Kumari after that film and  he had to face threats from opponents.
Bharat Bhushan played tragic musician roles in several of his films.He was well acclaimed for films such
as 'Mirza Ghalib, Basant Bahar,Kavi Kalidas,Barsaat ki Raat,Sangeet' etc. He had scripted and wrote the stories for films like 'Barsat ki Raat,Nai Umar ki nai Fasal'etc.He loved books and reading was his hobby.There was a library in his house.
As a producer he had to suffer heavy  losses and during his last days he was living in a rented house in Mumbai.
Bharat Bhushan died on 10 Oct 1992 in   Mumbai.
Selected Filmography
Bade Dil wala
Baiju Bawra
Barsat ki Raat
Bhai Bahan
Daana Paani
Ganga Sagar
Jahan Ara
Gateway of India
Krishna Bhakt Sudama
Pyar ka Devta
Kal Hamara hai
Khoon Pasina
Shyam tere kitna naam
Rani Rupmati
Sangeet Samrat Tansen
Samrat Chandra Gupta
Taxi Chor
Naya Kanoon
Mera Salaam
Mere Gharib Nawaz

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Sujatha was a prominent actress in Tamil, but acted in other languages such as Malayalam,Kannada,Telugu and Hindi.She was a Malayali by birth but earned name and fame mainly in Tamil films and other language films.
Sujatha's parents  were in Sri Lanka and she was born there on 10 December 1952 and lived there till she was 14 years of age and returned to Kerala.she could act in a Malayalam film 'Tapaswini' in 1968.'Ernakulam Junction ' a film
released  in 1971 was well noted.
In 1973 she appeared in the film 'Achani'  a blockbuster film directed by A.Vincent.It was produced by
General Pictures Ravi.The film was a big success which contained a good story.The famous song 'Ente Swapnathin thamarapoykayil vannirangiya roopavathy' is from film 'Achani' and that song sequence was acted by K.J.Jesudas himself.In that film Sujatha had a good role.
That same year Sujatha acted as heroine in the Malayalam film 'Football Champion' in which Prem Nazir was the hero.
The film was a success and this may be the only film in which she appeared glamorously.The songs  'Gopi Chandana
kuri Varachu Gopikayayaval Munnil vannu'  and "pathinezho Pathinetto Penninu Prayam pakal kinavukal ...'
are from Football Champion.
In 1974 she appeared in the film 'Chattakkari' as  the friend of Lakshmi's character.She was as the daughter
of Sankarady and Meena and as the sister of Mohan.It was the character of Mohan who fell in love with

Lakshmi's character.The song sequence  'Narayanaya nama Narayanaya nama' was shown as  sung by Meena and Sujatha in the film.
In that year the very famous Tamil  film director K.Balachander noticed the acting talents and the skill of
Sujatha to manifest roles of  potential characters and to play sentimental sequences.He gave her the lead role of his Tamil film 'Aval Oru Thudarkathai'..The film was a roaring success
in Tamil Nadu as well as Kerala and Sujatha was  well accepted by Tamil Nadu with a hearty welcome.She got
several roles one by one in films of eminent directors and roles with some acting 'stuff'.She rose to stardom
and gained popularity as a well talented actress.In 1977 also she had a famous film of K.Balachander 'Avargal' with Kamal Hassan and Rajani Kanth.The film 'Annakkili' also boosted her acting career.That was the film in which Ilayaraja composed music for the first time.She got chances in Kannada and Telugu  films and earned fame there also.She could act in many films with Kamal Hassan.She got
chance to act with Rajani Kanth,Sivaji Ganesan,Akkineni Nageswara Rao,Shobhan Babu,Krishna etc

She appeared mostly  in respectable roles as an ideal wife, working woman who takes the responsibility of her home,a woman capable of doing something for the society etc.
Government of Tamil Nadu gave her 'Kalaimamani' award,she received Filmfare award as best actress
in Tamil for 1975,76,77 and for Telugu in 79.She got 'Nandi Award' in 1998 for supporting actress in film
'Pelli'. Tamil Nadu Government gave her special awards in 81and 82 as Best actress.
She died of Cardiac arrest at her residence in Chennai on 6 April 2011.Her husband is 'Jayakar' and she
has a son and a daughter.
Selected Filmography
Ernakulam Junction
Football Champion
Aval Oru Thudarkatha
Idhaya Malar
Andaman Kathali
Udayam Kizhakku thanne
Ek hi Phool
Circus Ramadu
Prema Tarangalu
Kodi Parakkithu
Aval Varuvala
Sri Ramadasu

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Nellikkodu Bhaskaran was a very popular actor of Malayalam cinema during the period 60's 70's and 80's.
He debuted in the first ever Malayalam color film 'Kandam Becha Coat' which was directed and produced by
Modern Theatres Salem's owner T.R.Sundaram.It was the first Malayalam film directed by T.R.Sundaram.
Afterwards   Nellikkodu Bhaskaran  got chances in good films like Bharya,Pattu Thoovala,Ezhu Rathrikal,Nadhi,Ummachu,Olavum
Theeravum,Karakanakkadal etc.

Bharya was a blockbuster film of 1962 in which Sathyan and Ragini were in lead roles and directed by Kunchacko.In that film Sathyan was in the role of an Instructor by name 'Benny' in a tutorial College and Nellikkodu Bhaskaran acted as a student of that institution.'Ezhu Rathrikal'  was a nice movie directed by Ramu Kariat  in which J.C.Kuttikattu(Director Jecey later) was the hero.
Ummachu was a superhit film which was written by  novelist 'Uroob'.The film 'Olavum Theeravum' which was directed by P.N.Menon was the best film of 1971 in which Madhu and Usha Nandini were in lead roles.

In the film 'Karakanakkadal' in which Sathyan,Madhu,Jayabharathi,Adoor Pankajam,Adoor Bhavani,Kaviyoor Ponnamma,Sankaradi,T.R.Omana were in the cast Nellikkodu Bhaskaran acted as the son of Sankaradi and
T.R.Omana who was a military man.The proposal to marry Sathyan's daughter Jayabharathi by Nellikkodu
Bhaskaran's character was in the air but not materialized.
In the film 'Nadhi' Nellikkodu Bhaskaran handled an important and noted character.In that film he had the role
as a Romeo who was roaming always with a camera and filming beautiful girls.He was very much eager to
get married but his parents were not showing any interest.His dealings with the character of  'Sharada'
creates some problems and calamities in the story.Three families spending their vacation on a serene place
on the basin of Periyar River in their own house boats was the story of 'Nadhi'. The happenings during that
short period of time was shown brilliantly by the director A.Vincent with beautiful photography  by P.N.Sundaram and A.Venkat.The film contained beautiful songs written by Vayalar and music composed by Devarajan.The song "Ayiram Padasarangal Kilungi Aluvapuzha pinneyum ozhuki" is still very much popular.
In the film 'Mukkuvane Snehicha Phootham' in which Unni Mary was the heroine Nellikkodu Bhaskaran  handled an important role.
In the  first 70mm Malayalam film 'Padayottam' he handled the role as a slave 'Kunjali'.Prem Nazir handled the role as 'Udayan' and Thickurissi acted as 'Kolathiri Maharajah'.The slave 'Kunjali' was a trusted worker of
Maharajah and he saved the Rajah's daughter and informed 'Udayan' about the secret of a treasure also.
In another Vadakkan Pattu story film 'Kadathanadan Ambady' he handled a notable role.That film in which
Prem Nazir and Mohan Lal were in lead roles directed by Priya Darshan in 1985-86 was released only
in 1990.
In the horror film 'Lisa' also Nellikkodu Bhaskaran acted in a good role.That film directed by 'Baby' was
super hit and the director came to be known as 'Lisa Baby' later on because of the fame of that film.
Nellikkodu Bhaskaran was selected as second Best Actor by Kerala Government for his performance
in the film 'Maram' of 1972.The song 'Pathinalam Ravudichathu manatho kallayi kadavatho' is from 'Maram'.
In the 1983 film 'Arabikkadal' he acted with Mohan Lal,Mammootty and Madhu together.
Nellikkodu Bhaskaran also acted in the blockbuster film of Jayan 'Sarapanjaram'.
Some other films in which Nellikkodu Bhaskaran
Excelled nicely are Manaswini,Udyogastha,Kavyamela and Moodupadam.
Kavyamela got National award as the Best Malayalam film of that year.
Selected Filmography
Kandam Becha Coat
Pattu Thoovala
Ezhu Rathrikal
Sthanarthi Saramma
Olavum Theeravum
Kadathanadan Ambady
Vilkkanundu Swapnangal
Mukkuvane Snehicha Phootham
Poo Viriyum Pulari
Loose Loose Arappiri Loose
Oothikachiya Ponnu
Oru Mukham Pala Mukham
Njan Kathirikkum
CID Nazeer

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Prem Nawas was the brother of  Prem Nazir, the evergreen hero of Malayalam Cinema.Prem Nawas's real
name was Abdul Wahab.
Prem Nawas debuted in to Malayalam film as the hero  of  'Koodapirappu' in 1956.Ambika
was  the heroine of that film.Ambika had her appearance in a film 'Visappinte Vili' earlier but Koodapirappu
was the film as heroine for the first time.T.S.Muthaiah,Muthukulam,Adoor Pankajam,Kumari Thankam etc acted in that film which was a success.This was the debut film of director J.D.Thottan.The songs 'Thumbi Thumbi Va Va' sung by Santha P.Nair and 'Manivarnane innu njan kandu sakhi' sung by M.L.Vasantha Kumari are  still famous.
Prem Nawas resembled Prem Nazir in looks but it was Prem Nazir who had much more personality in looks
as well as acting skills.Therefore Prem Nawas appeared in films occasionally only and he concentrated more
on Production of Malayalam films.
Some of the films produced by Prem Nawas were very Popular like '1967 film 'Agniputri' which was a super hit.The song 'Kannu Thurakkatha Daivangale Karayanariyatha chirikkanariyatha kaliman prathimakale  marakoo ningalee devadasiye marakkoo marakkoo' is still very much loved.He produced films 'Thulavarsham,

Poojakkedukkatha Pookkal,Neethi,Keni' etc which were all hits.
Prem Nawas is having the credit  as the first hero of the first color film ever made in Malayalam which is
'Kandam Becha Coat'.This film was produced by T.R.Sundaram of Modern Theatres,Salem who was the Producer of first Malayalam talkie 'Balan'.Prem Nawas,Thikkurissi Sukumaran Nair,Nellikkodu Bhaskaran,
T.S.Muthaiah,Nilambur Ayisha,Pankajavally etc acted in that film.It was the first directional venture of T.R.Sundaram in Malayalam.Nellikkodu Bhaskaran debuted in this film also.The film was a big success.It dealt the theme of the problems of dowry system.
In the 1968 film 'Karthika' Prem Nawas acted as brother of character  'Karthika' which was  the title role  and  was acted by actress Sarada.
The song and song scene of 'Ikkareyanente thamasam akkareyanente manasam ponnanijethiya madhumasam
ennullil choriyunnu ragarasam' is still very much liked and popular.It was sung by Yesudas and Susheela and the music was by Baburaj.The song sequence  was acted by Prem Nawas and
S.Mallika Devi.
Prem Nawas also acted in the  film 'Kaalam Marunnu' in which Sathyan,Thikkurissi,Chandini etc were in the cast.
He had an important role in the blockbuster film 'Nellu' of 1974 which was directed by Ramu Kariyattu.
Prem Nawas's son Prem Kishore had also acted in two Malayalam films 'Vacation, and 'Thaskara Puthran'.
Selected Filmography
As an actor
Kaalam Marunnu
Kandam Becha Coat
As a Producer
Poojakkedukkatha Pookkal

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Kaviyoor Renuka was an actress of Malayalam cinema who had acted in several films in mother roles,
supporting roles and character roles.She was the sister of popular Malayalam actress Kaviyoor Ponnamma

who is the most renowned  'Mother role actress'.Kaviyoor ponnamma entered in to drama field and film field at
an young age where as Kaviyoor Renuka entered film field lately.But Kaviyoor Renuka was also possessing
acting skills to present characters realistically like her sister and hence could portray several memorable
characters like that was of  in the film 'Lelam'.
Lelam was a blockbuster film written by 'Ranjith panikkar' and directed by Joshi.Suresh Gopi,M.G.Soman  and Siddique handled the main roles of that film.The dialogues and several sequences are still remembered and
mimicry artists perform them on stages  even now a days also.In that film The character played by Kaviyoor
Renuka 'Kochu Thresia' was a nice role.
In the film 'Vazhunnor' which was also directed by Joshi the role 'Chechiamma' of Renuka was quite noticeable.
In the blockbuster film 'Kannezhuthi Pottum Thottu' which earned much fame for director T.K.Rajeev Kumar and  actress  Manju Warrier, Renuka acted as the mother of  'Uthaman', the role portrayed by Biju Menon.
In the film 'Deepasthambham Mahascharyam' she acted as the character  'Madhavi'.
Nariman was a big success of 2001 directed by K.Madhu in which Suresh Gopi was the hero.She acted as
Manu's mother (Vijaya Kumar) in the film.
In the film 'Thillana Thillana' she handled the role as Saroja  Menon.
What ever be the role, she presented that  with perfection and with her presence felt always.She will be ever remembered  for the roles portrayed efficiently by her.She was having an important role in the T.V.Serial 'Kudumba Vilakku' directed by Santhivila Dinesh.
Selected Filmography
Thillana Thillana
Deepasthambham Mahascharyam
Kannezhuthi Pottum Thottu
Suvarna Simhasanam
Sahayathrikakku snehapoorvam
Nalacharitham Nalam divasam
American Ammayi
Kudumba Visesham
JagathyJagadeesh in town

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Ramu Kariat, the  director who made exceptionally nice films will be ever remembered for bringing the  National Awards 'Silver Medal' and
'Gold Medal'  for the first time to Kerala. for Malayalam films.
In 1954 for 'Neelakkuyil' a film which was directed by Ramu Kariat along with P.Bhaskaran won President's
Silver Medal for second Best Feature  Film of India of that year.The film which handled a social issue received
accolades from all sectors and was a huge success.Sathyan and Miss Kumari handled the main roles.That film
could claim many different aspects since it did not follow the usual path of Malayalam cinema till then.It contained beautiful songs which were tuned  fantastically well so that they became immortal.Several sequences of that film were shot outdoors  which was not common in  that period but studio sets were utilized.
In 1965 Ramu Kariat directed 'Chemmeen'  a Malayalam film based on the world renowned novel written by Thakazhy Siva Sankara Pillai
in the same title.It was filmed completely outdoors and the story dealt with the life of fishermen of Alleppey
in Kerala.The presentation of the film was extremely nice and filmed with perfection which felt  as if real..Sathyan,Sheela,Madhu,Kottarakkara Sreedharan Nair etc handled the important roles and it was a
big budget film and a big commercial success also.It Bagged the President's 'Gold Medal' as the best feature film in India  of that
Ramu Kariat was born on 1 February at Engandiyoor, In Kerala.He was an actor of K.P.A.C which was a
professional drama troupe and was handling protagonist roles.Ramu Kariat debuted in Malayalam Cinema
directing a film 'Thiramala' along with director Vimal Kumar.

Then he directed 'Neelakkuyil' with P.Bhaskaran which turned to be a landmark.Next film was 'Minnaminungu'
(Fire fly) which was also a well noted film in 1957.
The film 'Mudiyanaya Puthran' (The prodigal son) which he directed in 1961 from the screen play of Thoppil Bhasi became a block buster film.It handled the story of an young man deliberately involving in anti social activities without being responsible to the family.
Moodupadam was his next film which received good reviews  followed by Chemmeen which marked history.
Ramu Kariat directed 'Nellu' which was another blockbuster film in 1974 from the story of Award winning novel of P.Valsala in the same name.It was also a big budget film and was shot in Wayanad forest areas
and was about the life of tribal people of Wayanad.The film earned wide appreciation and was a visual treat
for the audience.Balu Mahendra debuted as cinematographer in that film and received Kerala Government
award for photography for 'Nellu'.
Film 'Dweep' was about the life of people living in Lakhadweep and because of the varied theme that film  was liked by all.Actor 'Jose' was the hero of that film.
'Ammuvinte Attinkutty' which he directed in 1978 was a children's film and was shown in schools of Kerala at that period.
Ramu Kariat directed a  Kannada film 'Kondagali' in 1976 which was about the tribal people of that state.
The film 'Malankattu' was released in 1980 after his death.
Ramu Kartiat who earned the title "The Show Man of Kerala" died on February 10, 1979 at the age of 51.
Bharata Natyam
Minna Minungu
Mudiyanaya Puthran
Ezhu Rathrikal
Ammuvinte Attinkutty