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S.P.Pillai was the first Comedian of Malayalam Films who was lucky to join the film field in its initial stage itself.
After the release of the first talkie of Malayalam, 'Balan' in 1938 works were progress for another film 'Bhootharayar' produced by Appan Thampuran but the production was ceased and picture was not released.In that picture S.P.Pillai also  had acted.His released debut film was  the second talkie of Malayalam 'Njanambika' which
was released in 1940.In that film with Sebastian Kunju Kunju Bhagavathar,Alleppey Vincent,K.K.Aroor etc
S.P.Pillai was also in the cast.But as a comedy actor he earned fame from the hit movie 'Nalla Thanka' of
1951.There was no Malayalam films released in between 1940 and 1948.In the year 1948 'Nirmala' was released and there upon consecutively Malayalam films were produced every year.
S.P.Pillai was born in Ettumanoor of Kottayam District in 1913.He lost his parents at an young age,His father
was a police constable.S.P.Pillai got trained in 'Ottan Thullal' from Kerala Kalamandalam after studying there
for several years and thus making expressions on his face to display emotions and feelings  was easy for him.This quality and also the ability to sing  helped him to act in dramas
and so before getting engaged in films he was famed  a stage actor.Snehaseema and Nayaru Pidicha Pulival boosted his acting career as a comedian.There were songs like 'Halu Pidichoru Nayarachan..... ' and  'Kaathu Sookshichoru Kasthuri mampazham Kakka kothi pokum ...' sung by Mehboob and  by acting wonderfully well
in those comedy sequences he received accolades.That film was the story  about a touring circus group and was a super hit movie which contained many songs which are still popular.The film was released  in 1958.
Like that in the film  'Doctor' which was released in 1963 there was a song sequence in which  S.P.Pillai singing a  song
trying to get the attention  and to earn the love of a village girl.The song 'Keladi ninne njaan.....' created much comedy and was well received.In all the vadakkan pattu films of Udaya Studios
S.P.Paiilai usually appeared in the role of 'Pananar' singing songs praising 'Puthooram veedu and the family
members there.'The song and song sequence of film 'Aromalaunni' of 1972 'Puthooram veettil janichorellam
poo polazhakullorayirinnu...... ' was very well presented by him.S.P.Pillai and Adoor Pankajam were superb

in the award winning film 'Chemmen' and acted as couple being neighbours of heroine 'Karuthamma', Sheela's character..In several films like 'Sabarimala Sree Ayyappan' of 1961 they had acted as couples and presented nice comedy sequences.In the film 'Bharya'  S.P.Pillai acted as the father
of the girl 'Gracy' who loved the married man Sunny, the character of Sathyan.   S.P.Pillai  earned accolades
for his character by name 'Paalathinkal Uthuppu'. That character used to call Sathyan as 'Saarooo' only in a typical slang which was loved by the audience and created nice comedy also.In the comedy film 'Bobanum Moliyum' of 1971 he was excellent.He presented Ottan Thullal in the film "Ollathu Mathi' singing a comedy song 'Ollathu mathiye ..Ollathu mathiye...'.
Even though mostly acted in comedy roles he had acted in  character roles and supporting roles also.
He was equally good in manipulating sentimental character roles which he proved in many films.
S.P.Pillai got Kerala Government second Best actor award for film 'Taxi Driver' in 1977.
He was given 'Kala Ratnam' award by Travancore Devaswom Board.
S.P.Pillai died  on 12 June 1985.Film/T.V. actress Manju Pillai is his grand daughter.
Selected Filmography
Visappinte Vili
Padatha Painkili
Njana Sundari
Nayarupidicha pulivaal
School Master
Vidyarthikale Ithile Ithile
Sariyo Thetto
Paalattu Koman
Odayil Ninnu
Oral Koodi Kallanayi
Veluthampi Dalawa
Sabarimala Sreeayyappan
Ningalenne Communistakki
Bhakta Kuchela
Puthiya Akasam Puthiya Bhoomi
Othenante Makan
Paalattu Kunjikkannan
Kunjali Marakkar
Jeevitha Nouka
Acharam Ammini Osaram Omana
Nalla Thanka

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