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Narendra Prasad was an intellectual personality who was loved and respected by all film workers of Malayalam Cinema.He earned name and fame as an Actor,Playwright,Director,Teacher and Literary Critic.
He was born in Mavelikkara of Alleppey District in Kerala  on 26 December 1946 to parents Raghava Kurup and Janaki Amma.
Narendra Prasad studied at Bishop Moore College,Mavelikkara for Pre-Degree Course,Pandalam N.S.S. College for Degree Course, and Institute of English,University of Kerala for Post Graduation Course in English
Language and Literature.After passing out he joined Chengannur Christian College as a Junior Lecturer.He got
 in to Government Service in 1968 and worked at Govt.Victoria College Palakkad,Govt Arts College Trivandrum,Govt.University College Trivandrum etc.While working as Professor in University College Trivandrum he was selected as the Director of School of Letters,Mahatma Gandhi University,Kottayam.
From the College days, as a student itself he was famous as a man of letters by writing articles and got  it published
in News Papers,Magazines etc.He used to participate in debates and got several prizes also.He was equally
good in English and Malayalam and  had won competitions in both languages.He used to act in dramas at
College functions and got appreciation from students and teachers.The acting skill was in his blood that while
taking classes in Colleges when teaching Shakespeare Dramas he used to act while reading the dialogues in it.
The students liked his way of teaching and was much fond of it so that students of other classes also used
to attend it to view his fantastic acting.His masculine voice, gestures and expressions were unparalleled and
the spectators will not  forget him.
Due to his intrinsic acting interests he formed a Drama troupe, by the name 'Natya Griham'  in the 80's and
presented dramas written and directed by Narendra Prasad himself.He used to handle an important character
in his plays.Actor Bharat Murali,Gopakumar,Aliyar Kunju,Rashid etc were some of the actors worked in that troupe.
They have traveled all over India to present their plays as per the invitations  and  request of several arts societies.'Souparnika'

a play written and directed by Narendra Prasad had won 'Sangeetha Nataka Academy Award'.
Before entering in to films Narendra Prasad had given voice for the Character acted as 'Kalyani's(Ranjini)
father in the film 'Chitram' which was presented by Tamil actor Poornam Viswanathan.The majestic dialogue
rendition of Narendra Prasad  had helped a lot for that character to be a favorite for the spectators.
He had published several books also.'Alanjavar Anweshichavar' is a novel, where as 'Nishedhikale Manassilakkoo, and 'Ente Sahithya Niroopanangal' are Literary critical works.'Jathi paranjal Entha' and
'Souparnika' are dramas.
He got into acting field  in cinema while working in School of Letters of Mahatma Gandhi University.
His presentation of Villainous type of characters excelled very well and liked by all.He was able to act in
more than 150 films and all his characters were manifested fantastically well by him.
He died in P.V.S. hospital Kozhikkodu due to Cardiac-respiratory arrest on3 Nov. 2003.
Selected Filmography
Aaram Thampuran
Meleparambil Aan Veedu
Aniyan Vava Chettan Vava
Ulsava Melam
Sthalathe Pradhana Payyans
Krishnagudiyil Oru Pranaya Kalathu
Mangalya Suthram
Mayoora Nritham
Sarga Vasantham
Udayapuram Sulthan
Deepangal Sakshi
Inspector Garud
Njangal Santhushtaranu
Bandhukkal Sathrukkal
Kottaram Veettil Appoottan
Kerala House
Nakshatrangal Parayathirunnathu
Thiruvithamkur Thirumanassu
Asura Vamsam
Megha Sandesam
Vardhakya Puranam
Videsi Nair Swadesi Nair
Kottaram Veettil Appoottan
One Man Show
Mangalamveettil Manaseswari Guptha
Alancherry Thamprakkal

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