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Kumari Thankam was a beautiful actress of Malayalam silver screen  during 50's and appeared in more than
20 films either as heroine or in other important roles.She was known as the glamour girl of Malayalam cinema
at that time.
Kumari Thankam entered in to Malayalam Cinema field with the film 'Athmasakhi' of 1952.
It was the first film made by Neela Productions Trivandrum in the new film Studio of Producer P.Subramanyam.The hero of that
film was Sathyan and it was the debut released film of Sathyan.Before Aathmasakhi Sathyan  acted in a movie
S.P.Pillai and Kumari Thankam
by name 'Thyagaseema' but it was not released.Thirunayanar Kurichi wrote lyrics for the songs and Brother Lakshmanan  gave music for the first time in Malayalam for that film.Sathyan,B.S.Saroja,M.N.Nambiar,T.S.Muthaiah,Kumari Thankam etc acted in that film which was a success by all means.
That same year Kumari Thankam acted in 'Kanchana' another Malayalam film in which she appeared as a lady Doctor.
She was in the main role of first CID genre film named as 'CID' itself and directional debut of M.Krishnan Nair.
In the film of 1956 'Koodapirappu'  she was in the cast in which Prem Nawas entered Malayalam cinema as a new hero and Ambika was promoted as a heroine.It was the first film of director J.D.Thottan.
'Kidappadam' was a good sentimental melo drama and 'Mantravadi' was a fiction  film of Kumari Thankam.
She married P.K.Sathyapal who was the Cousin brother of Lalitha,Padmini,Ragini and was settled in Chennai.
Sathyapal was a business man and film producer.Kumari Thankam died at her residence on March 8,2011
at the age of 80.She will be remembered for her contributions to Malayalam Cinema with love.

Selected Filmography
Loka Neethi
Avan Varunnu
Balya Kala Sakhi
A scene from Kidappadam
Minnunnathellam Ponnalla
Achanum Makanum

Sathyan and Kumari Thankam

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