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John Abraham was an exceptionally talented and genius director who became immortal by directing just
a few films in Tamil and Malayalam.He was a prodigy who possessed unparalleled  and intrinsic percipience
so that his films were always well noted and received the acclaim of critics.
John Abraham was born in Changanacherry of Kottayam District  in 1937 and after getting a
University Degree he joined  'Pune Film and T.V. Institute of India'. In that prestigious Institute only very few
people from Kerala were lucky enough to get trained in the various aspects of cinema making and acting.
Adoor Gopalakrishnan,Rasool Pookkutty,K.G.George,Actor Mohan Sharma,Ravi Menon,John Abraham
etc got trained from Pune Film Institute.
After the completion of the course he could assist the famous film director Mani Kaul for his film 'Uski Roti' and afterwards he proceeded to Chennai.
His directional debut  was a Malayalam film 'Vidyarthikale Ithile Ithile'.That film was not a film made as per his wish and was
a nicely portrayed film but it did not give him much satisfaction.His next venture was a Tamil film 'Agraharathil
Kazhuthai' which  was an art film and drew great attention from viewers and critics alike.The film was well acclaimed and holds a
position of prominence still.This film earned National film award for Best feature film in Tamil for the year 1977.

John Abraham's film 'Cheriyachante Kroora Krithyangal' was a Malayalam film in which Malayalam Comedy/Character actor Adoor Bhasi acted in the mainstream role.The film received Special Jury award from Kerala Government and Best actor award for Adoor Bhasi.
Then he took initiative to form a  society in the name 'Odessa' by a group of enthusiastic people who loved
good  cinema.By their efforts  he was able to produce and direct another well acclaimed film 'Amma Ariyan' The film received National special jury award in 1987.For all his films the scripts were also written by John Abraham himself.
Each and every frame of his films are still appreciated and considered as a brilliant vision.But the director in his personal life was totally indifferent and spoiled his life because of his personal reasons.
He was a typical person who loved freedom and had the habit of strolling without caring about his own image.
He was not bothered about what others would tell about him and wandered and lived  a nomadic kind of life.He did  not try to earn prestige,fame or money even though he had the qualifications,quality and ability
much more than the average film makers of those period who were all earning huge amounts and living
lavishly.John Abraham made others act according to his instructions but never tried to "act" himself.He lead
a life in a way he loved to live up to his last breath.
Several years back when Director Kamal was living in a lodge room in Chennai,  John Abraham came to that room.Mohan Lal was at that time in the room.Mohan Lal  had heard about John Abraham but was meeting him  for
the first time.Kamal and Mohan Lal understood that John had not taken bath for several days as usual since he
was being  stinking of sweat.Mohan Lal forcefully took him to the bath room and  John Abraham had to obey and took bath.John Abraham but came out of the bathroom quite happily in an action of playing an imaginary guitar.
When the shooting of 'Cheriyachante Kroora Krityangal' was in progress Adoor Bhasi, the hero of the film
was asked to climb and  sit on the top of a coconut tree for the sequence. He got to the top of the tree by the aid of a long
ladder.When the scene was just finished a procession was going along the nearby road and John Abraham
went to see that procession and the film unit members also followed him.The great actor  Adoor Bhasi  who was respected
by all the Malayalam cinema members had  to sit on the coconut tree quite neglected  for another one hour since nobody
was there to provide the ladder and to  help him to climb down.
John Abraham  fell down from the terrace of a building and died on 31 May 1987.


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  2. John was born in Kunnamkulam not in changanasserry