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Machan Varghese was a Stage actor,Mimicry artist  and Film actor  of Kerala.He was born in 1960
at  Elamakkara,Cochin,Kerala and had mostly acted in comedy roles.
His manifestation of  the characters were with excellent perfection and in comedy roles he was very brilliant
and could portray naturally.His mannerisms and Cochin style of dialogue delivery was very much liked by the
His original name was M.L.Varghese  and had acted in Professional drama troupes.He had the habit of calling his friends 'Machane'  affectionately which means Brother-in-law just for fun.Ultimately his friends changed his name as 'Machan Varghese'.
Before acting in films he had the experience of acting mimicry skits for video cassettes which were released every month by mimicry troupe owner B.R.Prasad in the name 'Video Magazine'  and Machan Varghese was
mostly a character in those skits.He had appeared in some advertisement films also.
It was directors Siddique-Lal that gave him  a role for the first time in a film 'Kabooliwala' in 1993.There were
some scenes in that film which they needed a well trained  and obedient dog to act with the characters and
were in search for such a dog.They were informed by somebody that Machan Varghese owned  a well
trained female dog and they contacted him.Machan Varghese was only happy to provide his dog for film shooting but requested the directors to give a suitable role for him also.Directors Siddique-Lal debuted him
in their film Kabooliwala happily because they knew that he could act well  and later gave him a well noted role in 'Mannar Mathai Speaking'.As a teastall
owner who was very crazy for films and film acting  and  the scene in that film chasing the character 'Eldo' of Cochin Haneefa
created good comedy.
As the panthal contractor in 'Punjabi House' and as the Lineman of 'Meesa Madhavan' he could create
roaring laughter in cinema theaters.In 'Thenkassi Pattanam' as the cowherd who was always booze and
milking  a glove at mid night  thinking that it was the udder of the cow was super comedy.
During the period 1993 to 2011 he could act in more than 100 films and always he made his presence felt.
Machan Varghese died on Feb 3, 2011 at the age of 50.
Selected Filmography
Mannar Mathai Speaking
Punjabi House
Thenkassi Pattanam
Meesa Madhavan
CID Moosa

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