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K.K.Aroor was the first hero of Malayalam talkie and he is having the title "FIRST SPEAKING HERO".
Film 'Balan' which was made by Modern Theaters, Salem in the year 1938 was the first film in Malayalam with a soundtrack. One enthusiastic person by name A.Sundaram Pillai had worked a lot and taken initiative for this venture and the story of Balan  owes to him.He was the partner in the production also.
K.K.Aroor hailed from Aroor near Ernakulam and he was a dramatist by profession.He worked with Kottakkal P.S.Warrier's Drama troupe for eight years.Mostly he handled female characters at that time since
women participation in acting field was very rare.He was born in the year 1907.
During those period male and female artists working in drama troupes were selected according to their ability in singing.Those who were having Carnatic songs singing experience were given preference.K.K.Aroor could sing fantastically well and was in his youth when the film Balan was being made and so he  was  given the title role
Sebastian Kunukunju Bhagavathar
of the film 'Balan'.The childhood days of Balan was played by Master Madana Gopan.The heroine of the film was  M.K.Kamalam and the character name was 'Sarasa'.
The  real  name of K.K.Aroor was K.Kunju Nair.
Alleppey Vincent who acted in the film Balan is  the first  "Speaking Person " of Malayalam Cinema and the first recorded words were "Hello Master".
Vaikom Vasudevan Nair in 'Kerala Kesari'
There were 23 songs in the picture written by Muthukulam Raghavan Pillai and composed by Ibrahim and K.K.Aroor.Replica of Hindi tunes and Tamil tunes were adopted.The actors K.K.Aroor,M.K.Kamalam,Alleppey Vincent,Master Madana  Gopan,K.N.Lakshmi etc sang the songs.
In the next talkie of Malayalam released in the year  1940 and by the name 'Gnanambika' also K.K.Aroor
Thankam Vasudevan Nair
acted.Sebastian Kunju Kunju Bhagavathar,Alleppey Vincent,K.K.Aroor,Nanukkuttan,M.P.Shanku,C.K.Rajam,L.Ponnamma,Mavelikkara Ponnamma etc were
the actors of that film.There were several songs sung by the actors itself and L.P.records were available.
Playback singing and playback singers were employed in Malayalam cinema in the year 1948 only  with
the film 'Nirmala'.
In 1951 Vaikom Vasudevan Nair and Thankam Vasudevan Nair who were couples and eminent actors
on stage  and very famous throughout Kerala produced a film 'Kerala Kesari' and acted in it in main roles.
K.K.Aroor also acted in that film in an important role.Durga Varma was another well known artist in that film.The film was a flop at the box office and Vaikom Vasudevan Nair and Thankam Vasudevan Nair returned to their drama field itself.
K.K.Aroor also gave importance to drama more than cinema and had acted in 32 dramas altogether.
Later in 1964 he appeared in a film "Kudumbini' in which Prem Nazir and Sheela were in main roles.

K.K.Aroor died in the year 1984.

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