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Adoor Bhavani(1927- 25Oct 2009) was a very famous actress of Malayalam cinema  who had acted in more than 450 films
 and was active in the field for a long span of time.She got fame in mother roles and character roles.As an
innocent village woman she excelled  well.She also entered films after acting in professional drama troupes.
Adoor Bhavani  was an artiste of K.P.A.C. which was one of the best professional drama troupe in Kerala.
Her portrayal as 'Chakki Marakkathi' in  'Chemmeen' film as the mother of Karuthamma, sheela's character
was one of the best roles she gave life on screen.As the loving mother of Karuthamma wishing a good life and happiness for her daughter but was helpless  before the cruel and selfish husband 'Chempan Kunju' she earned
sympathy from the audience also.
In the film 'April 18' as the servant of Shobhana she was very nice and the audience will not forget that role.
Whatever be the role, as loving mother or cruel mother-in-law, as a servant,peasant or the neighbour of the heroine she could handle them with  ease and clan.Remember the role of Adoor Bhavani
in the film Keli?It was a film which dealt a special
story of a young man who was running a small retail
shop and was lame but the relatives who were  three
old women were having many expectations about him.Jayaram and Charmila were nice in the film and Adoor Bhavani was exlellent in her role.
In the film 'Hitler' the audience all laughed to their content when Adoor Bhavani and son Sainudeen were  searching  Mammootty's  character by asking  who is Hitler was a fantastic comedy scene.
From very earlier times itself she was given mother roles mostly.When Sathyan saw Adoor Bhavani for the first
time in make up as his mother role for the film ,Mudiyanaya Puthran, he complained to the director to change
her since she was much more slim and young then.The director consoled Sathyan and during the shooting
there was a scene  Adoor Bhavani slapping on Sathyan's face.Adoor Bhavani slapped his face with all her
strength so that the whole film unit including director and hero Sathyan was upset for a minute.Adoor Bhavani
said sorry to Sathyan for her 'realistic' acting but he enjoyed that incident and insisted that she should be in
his mother roles in all films there after.When Adoor Bhavani was constructing her new house Sathyan helped her financially also and as a joke said to reserve one room for him in the house so that occasionally he would
go there for eating tapiocca and fish curry.Before finishing the work of the house Sathyan died.Adoor Bhavani
kept a room in the house  for her son Sathyan  without other usage except for keeping her mementos and
awards till her death.That much intense was their Mother and Son relation.In several pictures of Sathyan
Adoor Bhavani acted as his mother or mother in law.
In 1969 she was given Kerala Government award for second best actress.In 2008 she was given an award
by Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Academy for her contributions to Malayalam cinema.
Selected Filmography
Mudiyanaya Puthran
Anubhavangal Palichakal
Nerarian CBI
Chiriyo Chiri
April 18
Ara Nazhika Neram
Lekhayude maranam oru flashback
Meenathil thali kettu
Kelkatha Sabdam
Snehamulla Simham
T.P.Balagopalan M.A.
Kottayam Kunjachan
Sario Thetto
Sthya Pratinja
Chanakya Soothrangal
Ponnapuram Kotta

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