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Sudheer, an Young and efficient actor came in to Malayalam film field in the  70's as a hurricane swirled
swiftly making his presence strongly felt for a decade and blew over from the arena in the 80's.He came back as a gentle breeze in the 90's appeared in some films and was more involved in T.V. serials till his death.
Suheer was 57 at the time of passing away  on September 17, 2004.He is survived by his wife Safia and a
Sudhir, whose real name was Padiath Abdul Rahim hailed from Kodungallur and was the son of Padiyath
Super hit song scene 'Maane..Maane Vili Kelkku...' of  film 'Swapnam'
P.A.Mohiyuddin, a former District Judge.Sudheer was so much interested in film field and left his college studies for entering in films.He joined as assistant of director/Cinematographer A.Vincent and worked with him for a small period behind the camera.In 1970 he acted in 'Nizhalattam' a film in which Prem Nazeer was the hero.He had one or two small appearances including a Tamil film before getting  the  well noted role in 'Chemparathy' a film directed by P.N.Menon in 1972.In that film Baby Roja Ramani was upgraded to heroine
from a child artist and also debut film of Raghavan.Actor Vincent,Raghavan and Sudheer became a trio as the
younger generation  actors of that period who were having large number of fans.
Chemparathy was written by Malayattor Ramakrishnan, who was a  great writer and the Producer of that film was S.K.Nair who was the publisher of Malayala Nadu weekly and well known personality.Wide publicity was given for that film and the actors rose to stardom with that film.
It was in 1971 that  the eminent  actor  Sathyan died and critics used to say that his royal seat(Throne) was  vacant and no efficient actor was coming to occupy that seat.So when the film 'Swapnam' which was produced by the production house Manjilas, that  film  was released with advertisements saying that 'Sudheer' could occupy the vacant seat of Sathyan.Unnecessarily he was compared to Sathyan later on and it was a burden to Sudheer actually.People expected more from him which the young actor some times could  not cope up with.
Song scene of film 'Theerthayathra'
Sudheer was but a very stylish and energetic handsome hero whose movements and actions was highly appreciated.The young generation imitated his style and  an example was that many people started wearing  wrist watch on right hand like their favorite hero.
He was very much at ease during song scenes and love scenes.He had acted with almost all heroines of that
period including Sreedevi.Ranichandra was his heroine in some films like 'Ragging'.In 'Swapnam' which was a block buster film Nanditha Bose acted as his pair.It was the time during which Salil Choudhary was the music director of several Malayalam films and so in a number of  films of Sudheer melodious songs which are still popular exists.
'Theerthayathra' was a good film which boosted his film career and his role  as the son of a big business man   was brilliant and in the song scene 'Marivillu panthalitta neela chakra vaalam...' he excelled nicely.'Thula Varsham' which was directed by N.Sankaran Nair  and in which Hema Choudhary and Sreedevi acted gave him accolades.That film contained fantastic songs composed by Salil Dada.
In 1975 Sudheer got Best Actor award from Government of Kerala for acting in the film 'Sathyathinte Nizhalil' which was directed by Babu Nanthencodu.Sudheer acted as a Police Officer in that film.
'Chayam,Kaliyugam, Urvashy Bharathy,Chandanachola etc were  some of his good films out of the 100 films he acted within a decade.He had acted with Jayan,Sukumaran and Mammootty also in some films.
In 'Vilkanundu Swapnangal' which was written by M.T.Vasudevan Nair both Sukumaran and Mammootty
acted with Sudheer.
When new actors came to Malayalam film field in the 80's Sudheer himself quit films and entered in to business.During his last eight years he was living at Calicut and during that period he had appeared in some
films like 'Uppukandam Brothers,Laisa Laisa,Aayirathil Oruvan etc and also in some T.V.Serials.His
lastly appeared T.V.Serial was 'Sulthante Veedu'.Sudheer died due to Cardiac arrest.
Selected Filmography

Swami Ayyappan
Masappady Mathupillai
Vilkkanundu Swapnangal
Theertha Yathra
Sukumaran,Sudheer and Mammootty in 'Vilkkanundu Swapnangal'
Nandithabose in film 'Swapnam'
Thula Varsham
Urvashy Bharathy
Kalyana Pandal
Uppukandam Brothers
Laisa Laisa
Ayirathil Oruvan
Sthreeku Vendi Sthree
Udyana Lakshmi
Priye ninakku Vendi
College Girl
Aval Oru Sindhu
Kakkakkum Poochakkum Kalyanam
Kalliankattu Neeli
Oru Pidi Ari
Pattalam Janaki
Sathyathinte Nizhalil

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