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Yesterday marked the 21st death anniversary of P.Padmarajan who was an exceptionally genius writer of
Malayalam Novels, Short Stories and also made succulent film scripts out of which classic and marvelous films were produced by eminent directors like Bharathan,K,G.George.I.V.Sasi etc.Director turned Padmarajan also
made fantastic films out of his own stories scripted by himself all of them which  possess different stature.Padmarajan made clear a new path through which the audience loved to walk through in amazement.
Middle stream cinema was selected by him to convey his feelings and made a heart to heart communication
method which the audience liked a lot.
Padmarajan hailed from Muthukulam, a hamlet of Alleppey District on May 23 1945 and his schooling was conducted there.College studies was done at Trivandrum M.G.College and University College.After graduation he joined All India Radio as an announcer.Erstwhile  his news reading was admired by a lot of listeners since he was having a typical commanding masculine voice.
The precociousness and shrewdness displayed by him in his writing and film making received much appreciation.His Novels are all acclaimed works.The novel 'Nakshatrangale Kaval' (Oh Stars be in Guard) was his master piece which received 'Sahithya Academy Award' in 1972.The main character of that novel 'Prabhu' an extrovert was also liked by the readers because of the magical descriptions of Padmarajan who
justifies his views which the readers also tend to agree with.This phenomenon always happens in his films also.
After seeing  the film 'Rathi Nirvedam' we can not blame the  hero character Pappu and heroine 'Rathy'.
We can not blame Vanian Kunchoo's son in the film 'Peruvazhy Ambalam' and also the character 'Thakara' in the same titled film 'Thakara'.In his writings and in his films Padmarajan was always victorious to make us believe that those characters were having no other alternatives.He made films which emphasized the emotions such as jealousy,hatred,love and romance,agony and depression,rivalry,arrogance all well defined in varied
situations and themes.Sex was handled in several Padmarajan films fantastically well.There was no vulgarity shown but the essence of the theme was transformed to the audience with magical Padmarajan touch.Bharathan
directed many such films from Padmarajan scripts understanding well what was in writer's mind and presented them beautifully and artistically with a Bharathan touch.'Prayanam,Lorry.Thakara,Rathi Nirvedam'etc are in that genre.
'Oridathoru Phayalwan' was also in that category but directed by Padmarajan himself.Padmarajan always utilized suitable artists for manifesting his characters and for that he never considered personality or stardom
but his selection turned out to be worth later on.Asokan,Krishna Chandran,Rahman etc were debuted in
Padmarajan films.Nitish Bharadwaraj,Suparna Anand,Suhasini etc were introduced in Malayalam by him.
Some of the finest acting moments  are credited to Mammootty in his films as well as for Mohan Lal also.
Mammootty of Koodevide and MohanLal of Thoovana Thumbikal will not fade.'Clara' and 'Jaya Krishnan'
got so much applause.Only Padmarajan could deploy rain symbolically as a character as in that film.
Can anybody forget the film and fine sequences of 'Namukku Parkkan Munthiri Thoppukal.'?
Even though the theme and characters are extremely different in 'Kallan Pavithran' 'Desadanakili Karayarilla'
'Arappatta Kettiya Gramathil' etc we feel that we know them and they belongs to our town itself because
his stories were always realistic and was presented wisely.
It is an incontrovertible fact that 'Kaviyoor Ponnamma's most incandescent acting performance was that of
'Thinkalazhcha Nalla Divasam' and that of 'Thilakan' was in 'Moonnam Pakkam'.
Jayaram  possessed intrinsic talents but and he was lucky to act in a film 'Aparan'  which was his debut appearance and the film  got award for best
screenplay.By acting in that excellent  film   he was immediately noted by the critics and received much applause.He rose to stardom soon.
Padmarajan's wife is Radha Lakshmy and children are son Anantha Padmanabhan and daughter Madhavikutty.
As a celebration and publicity campaign for his last film 'Njan Gandharvan' he was visiting all the theaters
where that film was being exhibited in Kerala with the hero of that film.All of a sudden he died in the Hotel
room at Calicut leaving all his fans in deep sorrow.Still we cherish all his Novels,screenplays and films and
tries to believe that he was a 'Gandharvan' sent by God for a short span of 46 years to entertain us and
called back since his mission was over.

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