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It is a well known fact that to act comedy roles and villain roles are very difficult rather than other type of roles.
If the audience do not laugh even after the actor displays vague actions and gestures and tells comedies as he could without gaining  any positive response or results from the audience  means that actor can not become a  comedian.But by a glance itself the audience starts laughing by seeing
an original comedian who will have intrinsic qualities specified for that career.In this way by the face expressions and body language itself the audience should feel
the villainous character.By the cruel actions and evils they have to create hatred of the audience  towards them which means that then
an actor is victorious as a villain.
Such qualities was in abundance for M.N.Nambiar who worked in Tamil Cinema field as a Super Villain for
a long period of time.Neither the audience nor the actor was bored to continue in that same category for a
long span because M.N.Nambiar tried to make his looks and gestures different in his films.He was having a
palpable face and minute expressions could be shown on his face.He would change his expressions and eye
movements to create a reprobate image.The audience felt repugnance towards his character always since
he was doing all kinds of evils on screen.M.N.Nambiar was an expert in horse riding  and fight scenes.He was
knowing martial arts like 'Kalari payattu' and excelled as a  crooked character always.His full name was Manjeri Narayanan Nambiar and was born in Kannur,Kerala State on March 7, 1919 and was settled in Chennai.
The sonorousness in his  voice was adjusted as per the sequences by him such that he may speak in a low voice
for a moment and in an instance may roar in high pitch making the audience also moved with fear for a second.
The transition to the wily and cruel character was quite easy for him.
M.N.Nambiar was always selected as villain in MGR films.We can see that in the 1950 film Manthirikumari
M.N.Nambiar was the villain as the Raja Guru and in the 1969 MGR film Adimaipenn again M.N.Nambiar
is the villain as the cunning Minister.During those twenty years his body shape remained the same and he
was still looking young like the hero MGR.Regular exercise and controlled diet helped  him to remain healthy.
                                The acquaintance with M.G.Ramachandran was intact always and they remained in
good friendship.M.N.Nambiar got much name and fame due to his close relationship with MGR.Moreover
MGR films with enormous sets,lavish colorful costumes,beautiful locations,melodious songs,horse riding,car chase,fight scenes etc etc  and mostly much above all that the presence of MGR himself  made all those films
box office hits and M.N.Nambiar also could keep his stardom without fading.
M.N.Nambiar also had acted in Sivaji Ganesan films and Gemini Ganesan films.After the death of MGR
he had appeared in the films of new generation actors  in Tamil.He had acted in some Malayalam films
also like 'Kolilakkam'  'Aavesam' and 'Mamankam'.
M.N.Nambiar was a humanitarian,Philanthropist and a firm believer of God.He was a true devotee of Lord
Ayyappa and used to visit Sabarimala Temple every year.A large number of devotees used to accompany
 him to Sabarimala accepting him as their 'Guru Swamy'.
That great  actor died on November 19, 2008 at Chennai at the age of 89.
Selected Filmography
Aayirathil Oruvan
Enga veettu pillai
Parakkum pavai
Naan Aanayittal
Ther Thiruvizha

Thillana Mohanambal
Arasa Kattalai
Rahasya Police 115
Mani Makudam
Thaikku Thalimagan
Puthia Bhoomi
Naan En Piranthen
Kudiyiruntha Kovil
Ninathathe Mudippavan
Oru thai makkal
En Annan
Neethikku thalai vanangu
Ulagam sutrum vaaliban
Kumari kottam
Raman thediya seethai
Idaya veenai
Annamitta kai
Pallandu Vazhkai
Nettu indru Nalai
Nalai Namathe
Mannavan Vanthanedi
Indrupol endrum vazhga
Madurai meeta sundarapandyan
Sirithu vazhka vendum
Rama Lakshman
Avasara police 100
Raja Rishi
Thanga Mama

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