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I am confident  that many of my friends  may also wonder who is the father of Malayalam Cinema and  will not be very sure about the answer.Everybody but will be knowing that Kerala Government is giving an award to a celebrity in the cinema field as life time achievement  award in the name of J.C.Daniel.It is in honor to J.C.Daniel who is the Father of Malayalam Cinema that award is given.
J.C.Daniel was a Dentist by profession and lived in Trivandrum  and his roots were in Tamil Nadu.He was a very wealthy person who owned large area of land in Trivandrum and Tamil Nadu.He mastered in the martial arts of Kerala 'Kalaripayattu' and was very much impressed by that.He thought that he should give wide publicity for this art form and  he selected  cinema as a media for communicating to the people.It was during the 1925 period and at that time cinema was in the childhood stage only.Only silent movies without soundtrack was
exhibited and a commentator who sits beside the screen will explain what is happening on the screen and also
tells the dialogues also.Since it was a new invention people were thrilled and viewed other language films and
foreign  films which were shown in  a few permanent theaters and touring theaters.
Very much impressed about  the cinema J.C.Daniel went to Chennai where there was film Studio at that time.He was not allowed to enter there to know in detail about cinema but he proceeded to Mumbai.There at Mumbai he was succeeded to understand all aspects about cinema production and the instruments  needed for it.He came back to Trivandrum and sold all his properties for Rs.4 Lakhs and set up a Studio for Cinema Production at  Pattom in Trivandrum city itself.
J.C.Daniel wrote the story,Scripted it,Directed it and done editing also by himself and made a feature film
in the name 'Vigatha Kumaran'(Lost child).At that time females  were not allowed to enter in to acting profession and considered as a sin.In the film an actress by name 'Rosie' was acting in a role.The childhood days of the hero was acted by J.C.Daniel's son itself.When the film was ready he felt very happy because he had fulfilled his dream project.There was only one print and it was exhibited at the theater in Trivandrum.
When the female character entered on the screen the spectators realized that she was a keralite woman and
they protested.Some of the viewers threw stones on the projector etc and the show was discontinued.
J.C.Daniel lost his confidence but at some other centers like Alleppey it was well accepted and people did not bother about the Malayali heroine.There were only ten or twelve permanent theaters in Kerala then and the
collections from the film did not meet the expenses.J.C.Daniel could not move ahead with more projects even though he made a documentary film about martial arts 'Kalari Payattu' .He became bankrupt and had to sell his studio also.He went to Madurai in Tamil Nadu and continued with his Dentistry.Meanwhile
the heroine 'Rosie' also was  not allowed to live peacefully in Kerala and  she too went to Tamil Nadu
and settled down there marrying somebody from there.
We can not say that J.C.Daniel was foolish in this regard but things did not work well as his expectation.
The number of theaters were very less and to earn a gross collection without delay was not possible and
the heroine problem also worked against him.We should appreciate his abilities to acquire full knowledge
about cinema and to utilize it successfully.The story and screenplay was also not bad.He was having ideas
and if the film would have a success  he must have made a lot of films from his Studio.
Rs.4 Lakh in 1928 was  a huge amount  and now it can be taken as 4 crores and he lost all for sake of Malayalam cinema  and  we should thank him for initiating Malayalam Films  'Vigatha Kumaran' is the first Malayalam film (silent movie).

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It is a well known fact that to act comedy roles and villain roles are very difficult rather than other type of roles.
If the audience do not laugh even after the actor displays vague actions and gestures and tells comedies as he could without gaining  any positive response or results from the audience  means that actor can not become a  comedian.But by a glance itself the audience starts laughing by seeing
an original comedian who will have intrinsic qualities specified for that career.In this way by the face expressions and body language itself the audience should feel
the villainous character.By the cruel actions and evils they have to create hatred of the audience  towards them which means that then
an actor is victorious as a villain.
Such qualities was in abundance for M.N.Nambiar who worked in Tamil Cinema field as a Super Villain for
a long period of time.Neither the audience nor the actor was bored to continue in that same category for a
long span because M.N.Nambiar tried to make his looks and gestures different in his films.He was having a
palpable face and minute expressions could be shown on his face.He would change his expressions and eye
movements to create a reprobate image.The audience felt repugnance towards his character always since
he was doing all kinds of evils on screen.M.N.Nambiar was an expert in horse riding  and fight scenes.He was
knowing martial arts like 'Kalari payattu' and excelled as a  crooked character always.His full name was Manjeri Narayanan Nambiar and was born in Kannur,Kerala State on March 7, 1919 and was settled in Chennai.
The sonorousness in his  voice was adjusted as per the sequences by him such that he may speak in a low voice
for a moment and in an instance may roar in high pitch making the audience also moved with fear for a second.
The transition to the wily and cruel character was quite easy for him.
M.N.Nambiar was always selected as villain in MGR films.We can see that in the 1950 film Manthirikumari
M.N.Nambiar was the villain as the Raja Guru and in the 1969 MGR film Adimaipenn again M.N.Nambiar
is the villain as the cunning Minister.During those twenty years his body shape remained the same and he
was still looking young like the hero MGR.Regular exercise and controlled diet helped  him to remain healthy.
                                The acquaintance with M.G.Ramachandran was intact always and they remained in
good friendship.M.N.Nambiar got much name and fame due to his close relationship with MGR.Moreover
MGR films with enormous sets,lavish colorful costumes,beautiful locations,melodious songs,horse riding,car chase,fight scenes etc etc  and mostly much above all that the presence of MGR himself  made all those films
box office hits and M.N.Nambiar also could keep his stardom without fading.
M.N.Nambiar also had acted in Sivaji Ganesan films and Gemini Ganesan films.After the death of MGR
he had appeared in the films of new generation actors  in Tamil.He had acted in some Malayalam films
also like 'Kolilakkam'  'Aavesam' and 'Mamankam'.
M.N.Nambiar was a humanitarian,Philanthropist and a firm believer of God.He was a true devotee of Lord
Ayyappa and used to visit Sabarimala Temple every year.A large number of devotees used to accompany
 him to Sabarimala accepting him as their 'Guru Swamy'.
That great  actor died on November 19, 2008 at Chennai at the age of 89.
Selected Filmography
Aayirathil Oruvan
Enga veettu pillai
Parakkum pavai
Naan Aanayittal
Ther Thiruvizha

Thillana Mohanambal
Arasa Kattalai
Rahasya Police 115
Mani Makudam
Thaikku Thalimagan
Puthia Bhoomi
Naan En Piranthen
Kudiyiruntha Kovil
Ninathathe Mudippavan
Oru thai makkal
En Annan
Neethikku thalai vanangu
Ulagam sutrum vaaliban
Kumari kottam
Raman thediya seethai
Idaya veenai
Annamitta kai
Pallandu Vazhkai
Nettu indru Nalai
Nalai Namathe
Mannavan Vanthanedi
Indrupol endrum vazhga
Madurai meeta sundarapandyan
Sirithu vazhka vendum
Rama Lakshman
Avasara police 100
Raja Rishi
Thanga Mama

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Yesterday marked the 21st death anniversary of P.Padmarajan who was an exceptionally genius writer of
Malayalam Novels, Short Stories and also made succulent film scripts out of which classic and marvelous films were produced by eminent directors like Bharathan,K,G.George.I.V.Sasi etc.Director turned Padmarajan also
made fantastic films out of his own stories scripted by himself all of them which  possess different stature.Padmarajan made clear a new path through which the audience loved to walk through in amazement.
Middle stream cinema was selected by him to convey his feelings and made a heart to heart communication
method which the audience liked a lot.
Padmarajan hailed from Muthukulam, a hamlet of Alleppey District on May 23 1945 and his schooling was conducted there.College studies was done at Trivandrum M.G.College and University College.After graduation he joined All India Radio as an announcer.Erstwhile  his news reading was admired by a lot of listeners since he was having a typical commanding masculine voice.
The precociousness and shrewdness displayed by him in his writing and film making received much appreciation.His Novels are all acclaimed works.The novel 'Nakshatrangale Kaval' (Oh Stars be in Guard) was his master piece which received 'Sahithya Academy Award' in 1972.The main character of that novel 'Prabhu' an extrovert was also liked by the readers because of the magical descriptions of Padmarajan who
justifies his views which the readers also tend to agree with.This phenomenon always happens in his films also.
After seeing  the film 'Rathi Nirvedam' we can not blame the  hero character Pappu and heroine 'Rathy'.
We can not blame Vanian Kunchoo's son in the film 'Peruvazhy Ambalam' and also the character 'Thakara' in the same titled film 'Thakara'.In his writings and in his films Padmarajan was always victorious to make us believe that those characters were having no other alternatives.He made films which emphasized the emotions such as jealousy,hatred,love and romance,agony and depression,rivalry,arrogance all well defined in varied
situations and themes.Sex was handled in several Padmarajan films fantastically well.There was no vulgarity shown but the essence of the theme was transformed to the audience with magical Padmarajan touch.Bharathan
directed many such films from Padmarajan scripts understanding well what was in writer's mind and presented them beautifully and artistically with a Bharathan touch.'Prayanam,Lorry.Thakara,Rathi Nirvedam'etc are in that genre.
'Oridathoru Phayalwan' was also in that category but directed by Padmarajan himself.Padmarajan always utilized suitable artists for manifesting his characters and for that he never considered personality or stardom
but his selection turned out to be worth later on.Asokan,Krishna Chandran,Rahman etc were debuted in
Padmarajan films.Nitish Bharadwaraj,Suparna Anand,Suhasini etc were introduced in Malayalam by him.
Some of the finest acting moments  are credited to Mammootty in his films as well as for Mohan Lal also.
Mammootty of Koodevide and MohanLal of Thoovana Thumbikal will not fade.'Clara' and 'Jaya Krishnan'
got so much applause.Only Padmarajan could deploy rain symbolically as a character as in that film.
Can anybody forget the film and fine sequences of 'Namukku Parkkan Munthiri Thoppukal.'?
Even though the theme and characters are extremely different in 'Kallan Pavithran' 'Desadanakili Karayarilla'
'Arappatta Kettiya Gramathil' etc we feel that we know them and they belongs to our town itself because
his stories were always realistic and was presented wisely.
It is an incontrovertible fact that 'Kaviyoor Ponnamma's most incandescent acting performance was that of
'Thinkalazhcha Nalla Divasam' and that of 'Thilakan' was in 'Moonnam Pakkam'.
Jayaram  possessed intrinsic talents but and he was lucky to act in a film 'Aparan'  which was his debut appearance and the film  got award for best
screenplay.By acting in that excellent  film   he was immediately noted by the critics and received much applause.He rose to stardom soon.
Padmarajan's wife is Radha Lakshmy and children are son Anantha Padmanabhan and daughter Madhavikutty.
As a celebration and publicity campaign for his last film 'Njan Gandharvan' he was visiting all the theaters
where that film was being exhibited in Kerala with the hero of that film.All of a sudden he died in the Hotel
room at Calicut leaving all his fans in deep sorrow.Still we cherish all his Novels,screenplays and films and
tries to believe that he was a 'Gandharvan' sent by God for a short span of 46 years to entertain us and
called back since his mission was over.

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Meena was an exquisite actress of Malayalam Cinema who could manifest diversified character roles quite naturally.This versatile actress was active on the silver screen from the early 60's to the late 90's, and had
acted in more than 600 films.
Meena was born in Karuvatta of Alleppey District in Kerala State to parents Itty Cheriyan and Eliyamma as the youngest daughter.She took acting as her profession and  acted for more than six years in professional drama troupes like Changanasserry 'Geetha Arts' before joining the cinema field.
Whatever be the mannerism of the character to be portrayed,  the transition to that format by Meena was within
seconds and she performed fantastically well always.This ability was impressed by the directors and they were confident in her quality  so that she was cast in a large number of films every year.As a loving and caring
Mother,Mother-in -law,Sister in law she would be presenting that characters with ingenuity in  certain  films and at the same time in some other films the characters in the same category who were  cruel and wily would be presented with inimitable perfection was her  prodigious talent.
Meena had also possessing the power to display humor roles as well and so she could outpace other
female artists distinctively.Another quality of that actress was the boldness to wear any type of dress which suits the character she handles.She was not  bothered to wear a wet frock and dance with Adoor Bhasi for the song sequence "Panchavadiyile Vijayasreeyo Panchavankattile Raginiyo Cochin Expressile Vijayalalithayo Meranam
Jockerile Padminiyo Saradayo Sheelayo aaranu nee Jayabharathiyo".
Act with  fidelity to make the scene perfect for the audience to enjoy was her motto and her exalted thought as an actor in this regard should be appreciated.Many actresses keenly tries to keep their 'image'
and does not dress like that or act like that after gaining a strong position in the cinema field.Many artists are selective also and choose only roles which suits them well or  characters that they are confident to handle easily.Meena was
never selective in any respect throughout her career and proved herself that she was an adept personality.
She concentrated only on the roles and never thought about any kind of awards.She scarcely gave interviews
and the media was not informed much about her.She never proclaimed about herself but  we know that she was settled in Chennai and she is having a daughter who is a Doctor practicing in Chennai.
In films which were meant for entertainment purpose only like CID type films and comedy films  of  Prem Nazir
Adoor Bhasi used to be acting as the friend or aid of Prem Nazir.Bahadur would be Bhasi's friend and Sreelatha mostly acted as Adoor Bhasi's girl friend in most of these films.Sreelatha's mother would be
always Meena  in such type of films.Several films were released during 70's in this genre and Meena,Sreelatha,Adoor Bhasi and Bahadoor created numerous comedy scenes in large number of films which were directed by Sasi Kumar and A.B.Raj.
Meena was selected for most of the films of Sathyan Anthikkad because of her cinch for comedy.The only
actress which can be compared to Meena is Sukumari who possess the abilities similar to Meena.
Meena excelled in dialogue delivery also and by stressing certain words and saying some words awkwardly along with the palpable face expressions Meena managed to produce the desired effect always.
It is sad that Meena did not receive the recognition as per  her abilities.Meena left this world in September
1997 due to Cardiac arrest.
Selected Filmography
Ara Nazhikaneram
Aniyan Bawa Chettan Bawa
Mandanmar Londonil
Meleparambil Aanveedu
Padma Vyuham
Ayalathe Addeham
Mazhavil Kavady
Golanthara Vartha
Anchara Kalyanam
The Car
Acharam Ammini Osaram Omana
Kaliyil Alpam Karyam

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Sudheer, an Young and efficient actor came in to Malayalam film field in the  70's as a hurricane swirled
swiftly making his presence strongly felt for a decade and blew over from the arena in the 80's.He came back as a gentle breeze in the 90's appeared in some films and was more involved in T.V. serials till his death.
Suheer was 57 at the time of passing away  on September 17, 2004.He is survived by his wife Safia and a
Sudhir, whose real name was Padiath Abdul Rahim hailed from Kodungallur and was the son of Padiyath
Super hit song scene 'Maane..Maane Vili Kelkku...' of  film 'Swapnam'
P.A.Mohiyuddin, a former District Judge.Sudheer was so much interested in film field and left his college studies for entering in films.He joined as assistant of director/Cinematographer A.Vincent and worked with him for a small period behind the camera.In 1970 he acted in 'Nizhalattam' a film in which Prem Nazeer was the hero.He had one or two small appearances including a Tamil film before getting  the  well noted role in 'Chemparathy' a film directed by P.N.Menon in 1972.In that film Baby Roja Ramani was upgraded to heroine
from a child artist and also debut film of Raghavan.Actor Vincent,Raghavan and Sudheer became a trio as the
younger generation  actors of that period who were having large number of fans.
Chemparathy was written by Malayattor Ramakrishnan, who was a  great writer and the Producer of that film was S.K.Nair who was the publisher of Malayala Nadu weekly and well known personality.Wide publicity was given for that film and the actors rose to stardom with that film.
It was in 1971 that  the eminent  actor  Sathyan died and critics used to say that his royal seat(Throne) was  vacant and no efficient actor was coming to occupy that seat.So when the film 'Swapnam' which was produced by the production house Manjilas, that  film  was released with advertisements saying that 'Sudheer' could occupy the vacant seat of Sathyan.Unnecessarily he was compared to Sathyan later on and it was a burden to Sudheer actually.People expected more from him which the young actor some times could  not cope up with.
Song scene of film 'Theerthayathra'
Sudheer was but a very stylish and energetic handsome hero whose movements and actions was highly appreciated.The young generation imitated his style and  an example was that many people started wearing  wrist watch on right hand like their favorite hero.
He was very much at ease during song scenes and love scenes.He had acted with almost all heroines of that
period including Sreedevi.Ranichandra was his heroine in some films like 'Ragging'.In 'Swapnam' which was a block buster film Nanditha Bose acted as his pair.It was the time during which Salil Choudhary was the music director of several Malayalam films and so in a number of  films of Sudheer melodious songs which are still popular exists.
'Theerthayathra' was a good film which boosted his film career and his role  as the son of a big business man   was brilliant and in the song scene 'Marivillu panthalitta neela chakra vaalam...' he excelled nicely.'Thula Varsham' which was directed by N.Sankaran Nair  and in which Hema Choudhary and Sreedevi acted gave him accolades.That film contained fantastic songs composed by Salil Dada.
In 1975 Sudheer got Best Actor award from Government of Kerala for acting in the film 'Sathyathinte Nizhalil' which was directed by Babu Nanthencodu.Sudheer acted as a Police Officer in that film.
'Chayam,Kaliyugam, Urvashy Bharathy,Chandanachola etc were  some of his good films out of the 100 films he acted within a decade.He had acted with Jayan,Sukumaran and Mammootty also in some films.
In 'Vilkanundu Swapnangal' which was written by M.T.Vasudevan Nair both Sukumaran and Mammootty
acted with Sudheer.
When new actors came to Malayalam film field in the 80's Sudheer himself quit films and entered in to business.During his last eight years he was living at Calicut and during that period he had appeared in some
films like 'Uppukandam Brothers,Laisa Laisa,Aayirathil Oruvan etc and also in some T.V.Serials.His
lastly appeared T.V.Serial was 'Sulthante Veedu'.Sudheer died due to Cardiac arrest.
Selected Filmography

Swami Ayyappan
Masappady Mathupillai
Vilkkanundu Swapnangal
Theertha Yathra
Sukumaran,Sudheer and Mammootty in 'Vilkkanundu Swapnangal'
Nandithabose in film 'Swapnam'
Thula Varsham
Urvashy Bharathy
Kalyana Pandal
Uppukandam Brothers
Laisa Laisa
Ayirathil Oruvan
Sthreeku Vendi Sthree
Udyana Lakshmi
Priye ninakku Vendi
College Girl
Aval Oru Sindhu
Kakkakkum Poochakkum Kalyanam
Kalliankattu Neeli
Oru Pidi Ari
Pattalam Janaki
Sathyathinte Nizhalil

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 MGR was tremendously victorious with his stylish gestures, mannerisms and his startling action packed
movies which gained worldwide appreciation,.At the same time Shivaji Ganesan created wonders with his impalpable face expressions,
stunning non-stop dialogue delivery which trembled cinema houses.In this period there was another super star
who possessed fabulous acting skill and transcendent gestures who impressed the masses.When MGR  received applause for his action movies and Shivaji Ganesan was noted for his melodramatic films, Gemini Ganesan
was loved for his ability to portray romantic scenes.His impressive unique style of romantic acting in an
endearing and ravishing manner was liked by women audience and youth of those days.Soon he was given the title 'Kathal Mannan(King of Romance).Most of his films were romantic movies which were super hits.In several  films he acted with Shivaji Ganesan which were all block busters of those days.MGR ,Shivaji Ganesan and
Gemini Ganesan were controlling  Tamil cinema field during that period as a trio.
Ramaswami Ganesan was born on 17 November 1920 to  parents Ramaswamy and Gangamma of Princely State of Puthukkottai.He belonged to a very highly respected family.Gemini Ganesan graduated from Madras Christian College.He married a girl by name Alamelu in 1940.When Alamelu's father and elder sister died within one month of the marriage he dropped his plan of studying for medicine and tried for a job.His first job was as a lecturer in the Dept. of Chemistry of Madras Christian College and after wards accepted the executive job at Gemini Studio.His work at Gemini Studios earned him the name 'Gemini Ganesan'.
His entry in to the acting field was with the film 'Miss.Malini' followed by another film 'Chakravarthy'.He was
noted for his villain role in "Thai Ullam' of 1953.He became a hero in the film 'Manam pol Mangalyam' in the year 1954.(Savitri was the heroine of that film whom he married later and she  became the mother of his two children.)Soon Gemini Ganesan gained appreciation as a romantic hero and rose to stardom.He paired with
Meena Kumari,Vyjayanthimala,Anjali Devi,Bhanumathi,Padmini,B.S.Saroja Devi,Savitri,Sowcar Janaki,K.R.Vijaya,Devika,Jayalalitha and Sridevi.He had acted in Hindi,Telugu and Malayalam films also.
Gemini Ganesan was least interested in politics and kept a distance always.
Film 'Kalyana Parisu' of "59 with Gemini Ganesan and B.S.Saroja Devi was a highly acclaimed film.It was the first Tamil movie for which singer A.M.Raja composed music.A.M.Raja's debut film as music composer was for a Telugu film.
The film 'Paava Mannippu' of 1961 was a super hit film in which Shivaji Ganesan,M.R.Radha,Gemini Ganesan,Savitri, and Devika were actors.That film was selected as the second best feature film of India
of that year.Three children adopted from their home and raised by their foster parents in  Hindu,Christian and Muslim  families.This complicated story and melodious songs were highly appreciated by all.'Kalangalil Aval Vasantham..Kalaikalile Aval.. '  is still sung by young and old.Songs like 'Athan ..Yenna than..; were
also very much liked at that time.Music composer M.S.Viswanathan has done a marvelous work for that film.The succulent voice of P.B.Sreenivas was well suited for Gemini Ganesan and whenever they combined together,
those songs  provided  tranquility for the mind and ears of the audience.
'Konjum Salangai' of 1962 was very much appreciated for the evergreen song 'Shingara Velane Deva'  and Gemini Ganesan and Savitri were in main roles.The film  was remade in Telugu in which Gemini Ganesan was the hero and the song 'Nee Leela
Padeda Deva' got much accolade for S.Janaki.
Gemini Ganesan was very much familiar  for Malayalam film audience also.He was always called for portraying the Lord Shiva role in Mythological films of Malayalam..'Sree Guruvayoorappan,Swamy Ayyappan,Devi Kanya Kumari,Kumara Sambhavam,Sree Murugan' etc were some of his Malayalam films in which his role was that of Lord Shiva which suited him very much.His dialogues in these films were dubbed by himself and was perfect without Tamil slang.His films Annai Velankanni,Saraswathi Sapadham,Jesus,Agathyar,Paava Mannippu,Kalyana Parisu, PasaMalar,Karpagam,Veera Pandya Katta Bomman etc etc  were also hits in Kerala and
earned him many fans in Kerala also.
Gemini Ganesan married film actress Pushpavally also and Film Star Rekha is his daughter in Pushpavally.
Gemini Ganesan died on 22 March 2005.He is survived by seven daughters and a son who are Film Star Rekha, Dr.Revathy Swaminathan,Dr.Kamala Selvaraj,Dr.Jaya Sreedhar,Radha Usman Syed,Narayani Ganesh,
Vijaya Chamundeswari  and Sathish Kumar Ganesan.
Gemini Ganesan was given 'Padma Shri' Civilian Award in 1971 by Government of India.
Selected Filmography
Miss Malini
Thai Ullam
Kanavane Kan Kanda Daivam
Prema Pasam
Bale Ramadu
Miss Mary
Maya Bazaar
Vanji Kottai Valiban
Kalyana Parisu
School Master
Pasa Malar
Kandan Karunai
Kumara Sambhavam
Annai Velankanni
Velli Vizha
Sree Guruvayoorappan
Kurathi Magan
Kattilla Thottilla
Kappalottiya Thamizhan

Kanna Nalama
Saraswathi Sapadham
Kalathur Kannamma
Enna Mudalali Soukyama
Nan Avanillai
Swami Ayyappan
Idaya Malar
Unnai Mudiyum Thambi
Avvai Shanmukhi

Monday, January 2, 2012


Vishnu Vardhan was a very talented Versatile Actor of Kannada Cinema mostly in main roles and had also acted in Hindi,Telugu,Tamil and Malayalam movies also.His real name was 'Sampath Kumar' and the name
Vishnu Vardhan was adopted with his second film 'Naagarahaavu' in which he was the hero and which was directed by Puttana Kanagal.His debut film was National award winning movie 'Vamsa Vriksha' which was directed by Girish Karnad.
Vishnu Vardhan was so much loved by the people of Karnataka.They loved his way of acting and also his talent
in singing was much appreciated.Several of his songs are hits.He had released several devotional songs albums
also which received very good opinion from the public.When he died on 30 December 2009 due to Cardiac arrest his fans  were in deep agony because of his sudden departure.At the grounds of National College,Bangalore where his dead body was brought, millions of fans arrived to pay homage to him.There was a huge massive rally also to show the respect and love towards the great actor.Vishnu Vardhan was a very kind
person who helped so many poor people and was not interested to get publicity for his charity deeds.Many of his kind actions came to lime light after his death.There were agitations and protests in many parts of Karnataka
by the mourners on his death.So many fans committed suicide hearing the death of their dear hero.There was
hard work needed by the Police Officers to make the situations calm and to disperse the massive riots.This
happenings all showed how much deeper was the love towards Vishnu Vardhan, by the people of Karnataka.
                                               Vishnu Vardhan was born on 18 September 1950 at Mysore to H.L.Narayana Rao and Kamalakshamma.His father was involved in cinema field works like script writing and Music composing.His father was known for his collection of musical instruments.His sister was a Kathak dancer at
the royal Palace of Mysore.Vishnu Vardhan after his schooling from the native place got his degree from
National College Bangalore.
The first film 'Naagarahaavu' in which he acted as the hero was highly acclaimed by the critics and he became
a star from that movie itself.He received the 'angry man' image from that movie.He was termed as the angry young man of Kannada Cinema.He was also known as 'Sahasa Simha'  'Abhinava Bhargava' 'The Phoenix
of Indian Cinema' etc.He had acted in 220 films in his total three and a half decades of cinema service out of
which 200 were in Kannada,5Hindi,5Telugu,6Tamil and 3 Malayalam films.
He appeared for T.V. Serials also.It was in 1980 that when Shankar Nag  directed 'Malgudy days'  he
entrusted the main character role to Vishnu Vardhan.
His first film as the hero 'Naagarahaavu' which was directed by Puttanna Kanagal also launched the career
of another eminent actor of Kannada cinema which is none other than 'Ambareesh'.The story which is about
a tough guy who does not listen to anybody's advice and possess anger towards age old caste system was
wonderfully presented by Vishnu Vardhan and became an over night star.
'Hombisilu' which was written by 'Usha Navaratnaram' in which Vishnu and Arti acted together was an excellent film as well as 'Bandhana'written by the same author and dealt with the story of a doctor who loved his student.Vishnu Vardhan's 200th film in Kannada was released  in 2010 which was also a super hit.
Veerappa Nayaka is a film directed by S. Narayan which dealt with the story of a Gandhian's son becoming a Naxalite.In the film 'Prema loka' Vishnu Vardhan and Ambareesh acted together and both of them made
remarkable appearance.The film 'Makkala Sainya' was directed by actress Lakshmi in which Vishnu Vardhan and Sumithra acted in main roles.'Muthina Haara' and  'Kiladi Jodi' directed by Rajendra Singh Babu  were noted films.
He received Filmfare Award for Best Actor Five times
He is also recipient of Filmfare Life Time Achievement award.
He received Karnataka State Best Actor Award for Naagarahaavu in 1972
Best Actor award for Hombisilu in 1981,Best actor award for 'Bandhana' in 1984
'Suprabhata' in 1988,'Lali' in 1998, Veerappa Nayaka in 1999
'Deepavali' in 2000 and 'Aptharkshaka' in 2009.
He was given Honorary Doctorate from University of Bangalore.
Selected Filmography
Vamsa Vriksha
Seethe Alla Savithri
Bhootayyana Magha Ayyu
Professor Hucharaya
Anna Attige
Deva ragudi
Kalla Kula
Bhagya Jyothi
Devaru kottallaa
Makkala Bhagya
Bhangarada Gudi
Galate Samsara
Kiladi kittu
Rama Parashurama
Simha Jodi
Nagakala Bhairave
Onde Guri
Simha Garjana
Ee Jeeva Nina Gagi
Sathya Jyothi
Muthina Haara
Rajadhi Raja
Krishna Rukmini
Time Bomb
Hello Daddy
Kanaka Suputhra
Veerappa Nayaka
Ek Naya Ithihas (H)
Inspector Dhanush (H)
Ashaanth (H)
Zaalim (H)
Khaaki Vardi (H)
Adima Changala (Mal)
Samarpanam (Mal)
Kauravar (Mal)
Alaigal (T)
Sri Raghavendra (T)

Viduthalai (T)