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Kuthiravattam Pappu, with his own mannerisms, unique style and Kozhikkode dialects with a peculiar
slang which the audience enjoyed, was successful as a Comedian and character artist for a long span of 37 years on the Malayalam silver screen.Padmadalakshan, who was born in 1936 to Pangodu Raman and Devi
of Faroque,Kozhikkode had been  moved to Kuthiravattam in Kozhikkodu when he was a child and settled there.
Padmadalakshan, who had the inspiration to act  used all opportunities  to act in amateur stage dramas and was lucky to act  for  a professional drama  stage at the age of 17 when he was  a student of St.Antony's School.
He was able to act with eminent stage actors like Kunjandi,Thikkodiyan,Nellikkodu Bhaskaran,K.T.Mohammed etc  and got fame as a good comedian by acting in  Professional Dramas Samasya,Manasu and Mudiyanaya Puthran.He got award as best comedian for his acting in the drama 'Samasya'.Film Director Ramu Kariatt and Cinematographer A.Vincent liked his acting in the drama 'Mudiyanaya Puthran,' and offered him role in their next movie 'Moodu Padam'.Kuthiravattam Pappu acted in that movie in 1963 which was a successful film which was written by 'Pottekatt' .T.K.Pareekutty of Chandrathara films produced the film.(The same banner which produced 'Chemmeen' later).After  Moodu Padam Kuthiravattam Pappu was cast in many other films.Later Cinematographer A.Vincent directed a film
'Bhargavi Nilayam' which was a ghost story written by Novelist 'Vaikom Mohammed Basheer'  and was a
block buster film. The role handled by Kuthiravattam Pappu in 'Bhargavi Nilayam'  was well noted.His screen name became 'Kuthiravattam Pappu' after that film since that character  in the film was known as 'kuthiravattom'.'The name Padmadalakshan was shortened as 'Pappu' by 'Thikkurissi Sukumaran Nair'.
In the film 'Angadi' which was directed by I.V.Sasi, Jayan and Seema were in Protagonist  roles and Kuthiravattam Pappu had a nice role in that film.The song sequence 'Paavada Venam Melada Venam... Panchara Panankilicku..' .by Kuthiravattam Pappu  and friends attracted the audience very much.
In the film 'Alkoottathil Thaniye' which was scripted by M.T.Vasudevan Nair, Kuthiravattam Pappu handled
the role as an expert who performs  the needs of old people who are on the brink of death and also performs the
religious  'Bali' etc for the  departed souls.Balan K.Nair was sick and all his children and relatives were eagerly
waiting for his death to get his wealth.Kuthiravattam Pappu's character was also counting days for that man's death.Actually even though so many children and relatives were in possession no body loved Balan K Nair's
character except his money was the theme of the film which the audience also felt very sad about.To create that feeling to the audience the contribution of Kuthiravattam Pappu was also great.In Mutharam kunnu P.O. Kuthiravattam Pappu , V.D.Rajappan  and Jagathy  Sreekumar created some good comedy together.In the film 'Mazha peyyunnu Maddalam Kottunnu,Jagathy and Kuthiravattam handle roles as Sardar Krishna Kurup and Sardar Koma Kurup who  are very rich and also in administrative positions at a Social Club, Nethaji Club.Both of them misuse the funds of the club and submit wrong accounts to cheat the members.Both are rivals also and compete in each and every thing.Their unnecessary competition results always in foolishness and as a result we got a full length comedy film in which Mohan Lal,Sreenivasan and Lissy handled the other main roles.Priyardashan directed that film which was  a big success.
In the film 'Nakha Kshatangal' which was also written by M.T.Vasudevan Nair, Jagannadha Varma handled the role as a rich and eminent Lawyer and Vineeth's character joined  that house as a servant.Kuthiravattam
Pappu was the chief cook of that house and  Vineeth was appointed as one of his assistants.His orders and actions to Vineeth at the initial stage changes entirely when he realizes that Vineeth was a bright student  at
the College and the lawyer also admires him.Monisha got National Award for Best Actress for that film.
In 'Aye Auto' Mohan Lal,Maniyan Pillai Raju, Kuthiravattam Pappu,Jagadeesh,Ganesh Kumar etc were all auto rickshaw drivers and all were having financial problems.One day Mohan Lal  noted a scene that  Kuthiravattam Pappu was distributing money among his other friends saying that he got it from 'God' and
Family.He was not counting the money even while distribution but just assuming an average weight holding
a bundle in the hand and giving to other drivers.Mohan Lal was astonished by that scene and by questioning Kuthiravattam Pappu he understood that  he received a bag from the auto containing the money.When they checked it properly, the address of the owner was found inside the bag and Mohan Lal collected all the money from his friends and reached the owner and gave it back.It belonged to Asokan's character and the money was intended for the marriage expenses of his sister.Ashokan,s character who was a military man on leave  offered a Party for all the auto drivers for giving back his money..Kuthiravattam Pappu as the innocent auto driver created  good comedy.
In the film 'Mani Chitra Thazhu' Kuthravattam Pappu  feels that he was having some mental problems and
consulted Mohan Lal who was a Psychiatrist.Mohan Lal understood that he was normal but said that he should  not
step on water.After wards Kuthiravattam Pappu felt as if there was water here and there on the way where ever he goes and used to jump over it which created comedy with a difference.In the film 'Then Mavin Kombathu' as a relative of Shobhana Kuthiravattam Pappu after consuming toddy created roaring laughter in the cinema houses.In his sleep using all bad words and Mohan Lal replying to them angrily were very nice.Like that the introduction of Kuthiravattam to Mohan Lal by Shobhana  resulted to  increase  his utter confusion  with  her  words "Aa Ammavanalla ee Ammavan.Kasu vangichathu vere ammavana" was also ideal comedy.
In the film 'Vellanakalude Nadu' as the driver of the Road roller he created much laughter in the cinema houses by repairing the road roller of  Mohan Lal.By boasting off about his previous driver experiences by
his unique style and actions and elaborate descriptions of 'Thamarassery Churam" and several repetitions of the words 'Ippo sariakkitharam' were liked by all.  All those scenes will  be ever remembered.
In the film 'T.P.Bala Gopalan M.A. Kuthiravattam Pappu and K.P.A.C.Lalitha were couples.Lailitha who was Mohan Lal's sister in the film was staying with Mohan Lal while her husband Kuthiravattam Pappu visit
them once in a week.He brings 'Betal leaves and tobacco' for Lalitha's mother and did not spend any other
money.Mohan Lal with his small income was finding it difficult to meet the needs of all the members.Kuthiravattam's and Lalitha's effort to make the mother happy and escape without spending any money in the home  was the comedy.
He died in a Private Hospital in Kozhikkodu due to Cardiac arrest on 25 February 2000.
Selected Filmography
Sindhoora Sandhyakku Mounam
Poo Viriyum Pulari
Hello Madras Girl
Innallenkil Nale
Belt Mathai
Parayanum Vayya Parayathirikkanum Vayya
Pyaasa Shaitan
Ulsava Pittennu
Maha Yanam
Vellanakalude Naadu
Nagarangalil Chennu Raparkkam
Aye Auto
Mutharam Kunnu P.O.
poochakkoru Mookkuthy
John Jaffer Janardanan
Arikkari Ammu
Pookkalam Varavayi
Vietnam Colony
Kadinjool Kalyanam
Parallel College
Ikkareyanente Manasam
Thooval Kottaram
Hitler brothers
Maya Jalam
Pallavur Deva Narayanan
Chandranudikkunna Dikkil
Sundara Killadi

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Manavalan Joseph was a talented actor who appeared in several films during 50's 60's 70's and the first quarter of  80's.He was seen in diversified roles like character roles, supporting roles,comedy roles etc.He was an essential part of Malayalam cinema during 60's and 70's.Usually he was not given that much importance like the roles given to Thickurissi, Kottarakkara etc but  he was given  character roles or comedy roles which directly involved with the main story line.Whatever be the role, let it be a post man or police man he used to present it quite naturally and with ease and clan.
He had also acted  in the film 'Neelakkuyil' which was the first Malayalam  film to get recognition on National level.It earned
President's silver medal as the second best film in India of 1954.
Unniyarcha was a well noted film which was taken on the basis of 'Vadakkan Pattukal' in which Sathyan and
Ragini handled main roles.Manavalan Joseph also acted in it.
The 1963 film 'Bharya' was a Block buster film directed by Kunchakko and that film was running in packed cinema houses for several weeks and all the actors in that film including Manavalan Joseph received appreciation.
S.P.Pillai,Manavalan,Adoor Bhasi,Bahadoor
Sabarimala Sree Ayyappan was the first film made on the Story of Lord Ayyappa and regarding Sabarimala Temple which was a big success.The crew of the film were highly acclaimed which also included actors like   Hari,G.K.Pillai.S.P.Pillai,Kottarakkara,Manavalan,Ambika etc whom all received acclamation.
Like that 'Ramanan', Othenante Makan,Kattu Thulasi,Pearl View,Anarkali,Kasavu Thattam,Koottukar,Koottu Kudumbam were all excellent films in which Manavalan Joseph acted well.
In the film 'Mooladhanam' which was a block buster film of 1969 which was directed by P.Bhaskaran, the main roles were handled by Sathyan,Sarada,Prem Nazir,Jayabharathi, Ummer etc and in that film Manavalan Joseph acted as a Police Constable who never put the Uniform.That character used to boast that several Officers  ordered him to put the uniform but he rejected and like that but he had to put the Uniform later on and got punishment from the department also.
In the film 'Sarvekallu' which was written and directed by Thoppil Bhasi he handled an important role.That character who loves money only and lacks any artistic interests sells the musical instrument 'Veena' which belonged to his  wife who was a singer, saying that it occupies space and does not have any use.
Singer Dr.K.J.Jesudas acted in a few films like Achani,Anarkali,Kayamkulam Kochunni etc and Manavalan Joseph also acted in two of them,Kayamkulam Kochunni and Anarkali.In Anarkali Jesudas handled the role of 'Tansen'.
Manavalan Joseph got the chance to act in the  first 70mm film 'Padayottam' also.
During the beginning of 80's he appeared in films 'Makale Mappu Tharoo',  'Dhruva Sangamam'  'Aaravam'
Selected Filmography
Koottu kudumbam
Moola Dhanam
Kasavu Thattam
Olavum Theeravum
Scene from 'Ramanan'
Mattuvin Chattangale
Kalyana Panthal
Rowdy Ramu
Chandana Chola
Janma Bhoomi
Mukkuvane Snehicha Bhootham
Thula Bharam
College Girl
Kadal Paalam
Antha Puram
Velutha Kathreena
Scene from 'Sabarimala Sree Ayyappan
Collector Malathy
Sabarimala Sree Ayyappan
Makale Mappu Tharoo
Dhruva Sangamam
Jeevikkan Anuvadikku
Kattu Thulasi
Kayamkulam Kochunni

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K.P.Ummer was a very famous and successful actor of Malayalam cinema from 1965 to the late 90's.He earned fame  in negative type roles as a crooked person and villain.
K.P.Ummer hailed from Thekkepuram Village in Kozhikodu Kerala. He was born on 11 Oct 1930.Before joining the film field he was an important
active actor in the K.P.A.C. Professional Drama Troupe.
His debut film was 'Murapennu' (1965) which was written by famous Njanpeet Novelist and Film Director
M.T.Vasudevan Nair.(M.T.Vasudevan Nair directed his first film 'Nirmalyam' in the year 1973).M.T. Vasudevan Nair entered the film industry by writing the screen play of 'Murapennu'.K.P.Ummer acted as the brother of Prem Nazir  and as a bad person.Prem Nazir and Sarada were in the main roles of the film.
But in 1966 K.P.Ummer was given a prestigious role as a Budhist Monk 'Upa Guptan' in the film 'Karuna'.
The film was made from the poetry of  Mahakavi Kumaranasan's  'Karuna'.A rich prostitute 'Vasavadatha' sought the love of  a Budhist Monk Upagupthan and Upagupthan said it was not the right time to visit her when invited him by her maiden servant.Vasavadatha was not knowing about the Celibacy of the Monk and says her sorrow in a song sequence in the film by singing the

famous song "Samayamayilla Polum Samayamayilla Polum Kshama ente hridayatheennozhinju thozhee....Orikkalum varillennu Paranjillallo ennal orikkalum varunnathinorukkamille..."Later she was punished by the authorities  for helping to kill a business man who was her client also which the role was handled by 'Madhu'.There was a famous song sequence of Madhu in the film "Vaar thinkal thoniyeri vasantha ravil vanna lavanya devatha alle nee viswa lavanya devatha alle".She was punished by  cutting off her hands and legs and left her alone  in a graveyard. At that time the Monk who was an introvert knew all the details about her in his mind and since it was the right time to visit her, he  visited her at the grave yard.He blessed her and she dies in his presence.In that film K.P.Ummer acted fantastically well.
Like that in the film 'Panchavan Kadu' he was not in a villain role but was as 'Marthanda Varma Maharaja', a majestic role.In that film also his role was highly acclaimed.
In most of the Prem Nazir films K.P. Ummer was handling a negative character mostly trying to cause trouble to  the hero role of Prem Nazir.In the C.I.D. type pictures of Prem Nazir mostly the leader of the culprits would be handled by K.P.Ummer.In some films his character showed much cruelty so that  when K.P.Ummer was seen on the screen for the first time in a particular cinema all the women audience used to produce a 'hiss'
sound as a hatred towards  him.This showed the perfection of his acting skill as a villain.
'Mooladhanam' was the first film of K.P.Ummer to establish as a cruel cheat and Villain.It was a film of Sathyan and Sarada.K.P.Ummer's character cheated Sathyan and published a novel written by Sathyan's character  and received the awards and money by himself He did much cruelty to Sarada(Sathyan character's wife also).Meanwhile Sathyan Character's family was completely  ruined.Always using a jasmine garland on the right hand cuff and uttering the words 'Njanoru Vikara Jeeviyanu'
(I am a man of feelings) K.P.Ummer made that character a highly hatred one by all the audience.
Afterwards there was no turning back and he was seen  successfully acting with almost all Hero actors of those times up to late 90's mostly in villainous type roles.
In so many 'Vadakkan Pattu' stories also K.P.Ummer had acted important roles.That type of make up was well suited to him.In 'Aromalunni,Kannappanunni, Thacholi Marumakan Chandu, Ankathattu,Thumbolarcha,Kadathanattu Makkam ' etc he was
marvelous.He was not bad to display martial arts and  in fight scenes.
In the Bala Chandra Menon film 'Karyam Nissaram' he was not as a villain but a soft spoken gentleman who earned the love and sympathy of the audience.In the film K.P.Ummer and Sukumari acted as a couple and they were having a son.The son was actually not K.P.Ummer Character's Son  which Sukumari knew the truth.K.P.Ummer's character pretended till his death in the film( by heart attack) that he was not aware of  the truth about their son.After his death when Sukumari read his diary all his sorrows about the son and the agony he suffered because his wife cheated him was all described in his diary.Sukumari's character was all in tears reading the diary and the audience also felt very sad  and felt sympathy towards  his character.
In  the film 'Nokketha Doorathu Kannum Nattu' which was directed by Fazil he handled the role as the father of heroine 'Girlie'.He was as a Professor who was working and living in New Delhi.That Character came to Kerala to take back his daughter to Delhi for medical treatment.To convince the truth about 'Girlie's disease to his mother in law the Professor had to approach the Church Priest.Professor's wife Manikutty died earlier and Mother in law thinks that her daughter died because of Professor's fault and was not in good terms with him.Actually the Professor was a good character and was not to be blamed which the Priest knew very well.Nedumudi Venu acted as the
Church Priest and Padmini acted as the grand mother of Girlie.
K.P.Ummer had acted in Vijayasree pictures also like 'Ponnapuram Kotta,  Thiruvabharanam,Lanka Dahanam,Sambhavami Yuge Yuge' etc.With the eminent Sathyan he acted in pictures like'Moola Dhanam,Vazhve Mayam,Kadal Palam,Anubhavangal Palichakal' etc.K.P. Ummer had written about an incident about Sathyan.During the last years of his career Sathyan was a 'Blood Cancer' patient which he wanted to cover up among co-stars and technicians.Once Ummer and Sathyan were sharing a hotel room and when found Sathyan unconscious in the bath room, Ummer carried him to the bed and sprinkled water on the face.There was bleeding from Sathyan's nose and when he got up in conscience instead of saying thanks Sathyan spoke angrily to Ummer.Sathyan was afraid that Ummer would flash the news about his disease in the film unit.Anubhavangal Palichakal was the last film of Sathyan and he died in the year 1971.
With Mohan Lal he acted in Pictures like'Madrasile Mon,Uyarangalil' etc.
K.P.Ummer was an  expert in acting comedy type characters also like in 'Arakkallan Mukkal Kallan'.In that film his role as a foolish Maharaja created much laughter in cinema houses.That great actor died on 29 Oct 2001.
Selected Filmography
Acharam Ammini Osaram Omana
Alibabayum 41 Kallanmarum
Achante Bharya
Amma Enna Sthree
Arakkallan Mukkal Kallan
Anubhoothikalude Nimisham
Anubhavangal Palichakal
Ayalathe Sundari
Babu Mon
Ballatha Pahayan
Bhoomidevi Pushpiniyayi
Boy Friend
Bharyamar Sookshikkuka
College Girl
Dathu Puthran
Divya Darsanam
footbal Champion
Harsha bashpam
ishtamanu pakshe
Kadathanattu Makkam
Kayamkulam Kochunni
Kottaram Vilkanundu
Lanka Dahanam
Lottery ticket
Love in Kerala
Madrasile Mon
Mayiladum Kunnu
Nagamadathu Thampuratty
Nokketha Doorathu Kannum Nattu
Oothikachiya Ponnu
Oru Penninte Kadha
Padicha Kallan
Panchavan Cadu
Pearl View
Ponnapuram kotta
Postmane Kananilla
Rathri Vandi
Sambhavami Yuge yuge
Sesham Kazhchayil
Salini Ente Koottukari
Thacholi Marumakan Chandu

Yaksha Ganam
Yudha Bhoomi

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Sunil Dutt was a successful Actor of Bollywood  who appeared in Main roles and acted ravishingly well to the appreciation of the audience during 1950's 60's and 70's  and later he turned to be an eminent social worker,politician,member of Parliament and Cabinet Minister.
His Original name was Balraj Dutt and was born in 1929 at Jhelum(Now in Pakistan).After the Partition of India his family had to suffer a lot.From Jhelum they moved to Yamunanagar district of Haryana State and settled there.They lost large part of their wealth during this plight.Balraj Dutt studied at Mumbai Jai Hind College and after the course he joined Radio Ceylon for their Hindi broadcasting service.His main duty included interviewing celebrities also and before becoming  a film actor he had the opportunity to interview actress Nargis(later she became his wife) also.
In 1955 he got chance to act in his debut film Railway Platform which was directed by Ramesh Saigal and Nalini Jaywant was his pair in that movie.B.R. Chopra selected him in 'Ek Hi Raasta(1956) which was a success and afterwards he gave Sunil Dutt chance in several other films also.Mehboob Khan's Mother India(1957) earned him much reputation and fame.His role as the rebellious young man named Birju was much acclaimed.During the filming of Mother India there occurred an accident on the sets of that film and Nargis was saved by Sunil Dutt.They became close friends there upon and that relationship resulted in their marriage.The role  of Briju in Mother India would have effected him adversely but Directors like B.R.Chopra,Bimal Roy and Hrishikesh Mukherjee helped him to come out of that image by offering him 'young lover' roles.His films Sadhna,Sujatha,Mein Chup Rahungi, etc were hits.Sunil Dutt during those period  produced two movies 'Yeh Raste Hain Pyar Ke' (1963) and Mujhe Jeene Do(63).
Several of his films during those periods were success at box office like B.R.Chopra films Gumrah(63),Waqt(65)Humraaz(67) and Nutan films Khandaan, and Milan.Meherban was another hit film of 1967.In a film of Mehmood which was 'Padosan' he played the role of a Buffoon which was nicely done.His other films like Na Jaye(74) Nagin(76) Jani Dushman(79) Shaan((80) were hits where as Man ka Meet and Reshma Aur Shera were flops.Sunil Dutt  was also busy in Punjabi films.
In 1981 his wife Nargis died  with pancreas Cancer even though she was given good treatment.Sunil Dutt after wards joined Politics.He was leading a happy marriage life with Nargis from 1959 till her death in 1981 and they have three children; two daughters and one son.To launch his son as a film star he produced 'Rocky'  which was released in 1981 and was a big success.His daughter Namrata has married actor Rajendra Kumar's son Kumar Gaurav who is an actor.
As a politician also Sunil Dutt was well appreciated.He was congress M.P. from a Mumbai constituency for five times and worked as Cabinet Minister also.
He was recipient of Filmfare Life time achievement Award in 1995.
He got Best actor award from filmfare in 1963
He got Best Actor award from filmfare in 1965 also.
He was given Padma Shree from Government of India in 1968.
In 1982 as an honor he was made the Sheriff of Mumbai.
In 2005 he was given Dada Saheb Phalke Award.
Sunil Dutt died on May 25, 2005 at his residence in Bandra,Mumbai because of Heart Attack.
Selected Filmography
Railway Platform
Ek Hi Rasta
Mother India
Hum Hindustani
Main Chup Rahungi
Mujhe Jeene Do
Yeh Raste Hai Pyar Ke
Aaj Aur Kal
Mera Saaya
Reshma Aur Shera
Geeta Mera Naam
36 Ghante
Kaala Aadmi
Daaku Aur Jawan
Jaani Dushman
Badle ki Aag
Dard ka Rista
Raj Tilak
Dharan Yudh
Yeh Aag kab Bhujegi
Parampara Kshatriya
Munnabhai M.B.B.S.

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Shammi Kapoor was an Actor who was having  elated talents  and evinced it during 1950's 60's and 70's with several block buster films which provided ebullience to all the audience across the Globe.It is amazing that all the three sons of Great Pritviraj Kapoor rose to Stardom and earned identity of their own.Raj Kapoor,Shammi Kapoor and Shashi Kapoor were flowers of the same bud  and all were blessed with in-bred qualities and abilities.All of them with discretion consummated their career as actors to the extreme appreciation of the spectators.
Shammi Kapoor was born on October 21, 1931 as the second son of Pritviraj Kapoor.His original name was Sham Sher Kapoor.During the childhood days he stayed at Calcutta with his father and later moved to Bombay.After schooling and College studies he joined Pritvi Raj Theaters and worked as a junior artist.He continued in the same position for  four years and then was lucky enough to get the main role in the film 'Jeevan Jyothi' directed by Mahesh Kaul and his heroine in that film was 'Chand Usmani'.This was in the year 1953.
During the early stages he was unable to create his own style and was also in the shadow of elder brother Raj Kapoor.Some films were also flops  but that indefatigable personality tried his level best to create a style of his own and we can say that the inception was with the Nazir Hussain film 'Thumse Nahin Dekha' (1957).
Dil Dekha Dekho was another super hit.'Jungli' rose him to stardom.His gestures, mannerisms, dancing style.
elaborate sets, wonderful  lovely locations in India and abroad with melodious super hit songs- all made his films
a treat for  all kinds of audiences.
'Dil Tera Diwana', Professor, Raj Kumar, Janwar, etc were all well acclaimed films.He conquered the hearts of millions of Indians through his easy and flexible dance movements.He introduced rock'n'roll in Indian Cinema.Other than the south Indian heroines, Ashaparekh,Saira Banu and Sharmila Tagore were also his successful pairs in several films.
He worked with Salman Khan in 'Janam Samacha Karo' and acted with Sharukh Khan in 'Chamatkar'.He acted also with Raj Kapoor's grandson Ranbir Kapoor.
He married actress Geeta Bali but she had an untimely death and afterwards Shammi Kapoor married Neela Devi in 1969 who hailed from a royal family of Gujarat.His wife Geeta Bali died because of Chicken pox in 1965  and during the gap of four years till remarriage he was careless in food control and gained over weight.
He had to shift to supporting roles since he lost his charming figure.'Andaz' with Hema Malini which was a block buster film was his last film as a hero.(1971)
Shammi Kapoor gave much importance for songs and songs sequences also. There are so many Shammi-Rafi combination hit songs like 'Aaj Kal There mere Pyar ke, Oh Hasina Sulfan(Brahmachari) Sukhu Sukhu
(Jungli) Bar Bar Dekho (China town) Aaja(Teesri Manzil) which are all still enjoyed by millions.'Yahoo' the sound was introduced in the film Jungli.
He directed films 'Manoranjan' and ' Bandalbas' but were not successful and so could not establish as a director.
He had acted in a Malayalam film of Director/Producer  Balachandra Menon which was  'Sukham Sukhakaram'.
He was recipient of several awards from a number of organisations.
In 1968 he received Filmfare Best Actor award for film Brahmachari.
In 1982 he received Filmfare award for Best Supporting Actor.
In 1995 he was given Filmfare Lifetime achievement Award.
In 2009 he was given Dada Saheb Phalke Award.
From 1996 he was having kidney disease and was under treatment.
He left us on 14th August 2011 in the early morning at 5.15 at Breach Candy Hospital.He was 79.Anybody who has seen at least one film of Shammi Kapoor  can not forget him.He was such a charming personality.
Selected Filmography
Jeevan Jyothy
Teesri Manzil
Kashmir ki kali
Thumse Nahin Dekha
Dil tera diwana
Raj Kumar
Dil Dekha Dekho
College Girl
Boy Friend
Bluff Master
Pyar Kiya to Darna Kya
An Evening in Paris

China Town
Professor Pyarelal