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Sumitra,Kaviyoor Ponnamma,and P.J.Antony in 'Nirmalyam'

Ravi Menon was a well acclaimed actor of Malayalam Films who earned much fame from his debut film itself because it received President's Gold Medal as the best film of India for that year..He was the Hero of 'Nirmalyam' a Malayalam film written and Directed by novelist and Gnyan Peeth holder M.T.Vasudevan Nair.P.J.Antony  gained much more
fame because he was also in the main role and  the story concentrated on his character much more  than the character of Ravi Menon.
Ravi Menon was born in 1950 at Sreekrishna Puram in Palakkad.After  the Degree  course he got admission at Pune Film and T.V. Institute for Diploma in  acting course.After finishing the course he was cast in a film of eminent Hindi film director Mani Kaul.During that period in 1973 he got chance in  'Nirmalyam'.Mani Kaul's 'Duvidha was released later..M.T.Vasudevan Nair's screen Play and direction was much appealing and the film was a huge success because it was liked by all kinds of audience.As a poor member of a Brahmin family seeking a Government Job; trying hard to study the subjects required for the tests, and also working as a priest in a temple was  Ravi Menon's  character.Inexperienced young priest was being helped in his duties by a young girl(acted by Sumitra) and later he falls in love with her.The mannerisms of the young priest and combination scenes with the character of Sumitra were all excellent and received much appreciation.Since the character of 'Velichapadu' which was given life by P.J.Antony was very strong,sensational and much concentrated  to the theme and highly  intensive  with regard to the feelings it  generated  to the audience, he got National Award for best Actor for that film.Ravi Menon got State Award  as Best Actor for Nirmalyam.Even though Ravi Menon acted in more than fifty Malayalam films altogether,  the most suited role and well portrayed one  was that of 'Nirmalyam' and he would be remembered for that ever.
During the 70's and 80's he was active in Malayalam  films and acted in different types of characters but the commercial directors mostly were not utilizing  him might be  thinking that he  would  not act in such films.So he was mainly acting in parallel cinema which were created by thoughtful directors with a different vision.And more over he was not lucky to get another impressive role like that of 'Nirmalyam'  to boost his career.  Ravi Menon  was not lucky to  improve his financial condition  and  the Pune Film Institute Product could  not  rise to the desired fame of heights also for which he was actually eligible.
Mani Kaul
He had a long gap in his acting career and later returned  and appeared in T.V.Serials also.He died on 24 November 2007 due to Cancer at a Private Hospital of Perinthalmanna.He was unmarried.
His roles in films  like 'Salini Ente Koottukari' 'Ekakini' 'Uthradarathri' 'Radha Enna Penkutty, etc were also fantastic.
Selected Filmography
Vadaka Veedu
Yudha Bhoomi
Uthrada Rathri
Salini Ente Koottukari
Ullasa Yathra
Velicham Akale
Ini Yathra
Niraparayum Nilavilakkum
Pathinalam Ravu
Anu Pallavi
Oru Mukham Pala Mukham
Pinneyum Pookunna Kadu
Radha Enna Penkutty
Sahyante Makan
Rathrikal Ninakku Vendi
Sthreekku Vendi Sthree
Sathrathil Oru Rathri
Surya Daham
Swamy Sreenarayana Guru
Chottanikkara Amma

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