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Vincent, as an young actor who joined Malayalam film field in the late 60's soon became very popular and was loved by the audience because of his charismatic actions and wonderful smile which was very much endearing.
When many of the audiences claim that the first action hero of Malayalam cinema was 'Jayan' some film goers does not agree to this but they stress that it was 'Vincent' for sure.He had acted in more than 130 films and a large number of them were as hero roles.He had taken supporting roles in films of Prem Nazir,Sathyan,M.G.Soman,Jayan,Kamal Hassan,Madhu etc also.In several C.I.D. type films he used to act in Villain roles.He was always good in all kinds of roles whether it would be a kindhearted gentleman,a notorious criminal or a stupid villain.He excelled well both in love scenes and stunt scenes.Almost all heroines of that time such as Sheela,Jaya Bharathy,Unni Mary,Vidhu Bala,Vijaya Sree,Lakshmi,Rani Chandra etc acted as his pair in films.
His acquaintance with Sathyan in film 'Kadalpalam' and 'Karakanakkadal' needs
special mention.In Karakana Kadal he had equal importance as Sathyan who cheats the character of Jaya Bharathy, the heroine and that role he had acted brilliantly well.In 'Azhakulla Selina'  a Prem Nazir film, he acted  with Jaya Bharathy and presented wonderful acting.He acted with ease song scenes and love scenes.His actions towards heroines during love scenes of songs were astonishingly natural.In the film 'Puthari Ankam' directed by P.G.Viswambharan the main actors were Vincent and Sudheer.In 'Ithikkara Pakki' which was directed by Sasi Kumar,Prem Nazir,Jayan and Vincent appeared together.In the film 'Kadu' he acted very nicely with Vijaya Sree and that film was produced and directed by P.Subramanyam.'Lajjavathy' was the first film of actress Ambika in which Vincent was the hero and it was directed by Prem Kumar.In 'Padmavyuham' the film in which Vijaya Sree appeared in double role Prem Nazir and Vincent had equal importance.He was in lead roles of I.V. Sasi films  Ulsavam(75) and Anubhavam(76).He acted  as a Customs Officer in I.V.Sasi's film 'Inspector Balram' of 1991.Vincent had an untimely death in 1995.
Selected Filmography
Pancha Thantram
Mattoru Seetha
Azhakulla Selina
Visyarthikale Ithile Ithile
Kadal Palam
Thokkukal Kadha Parayunnu

Padma Vyuham
Puthari Ankam
Karakana Kadal
Inspector Balram
Ernakulam Junction
Prema Lekhanam
Ithikkara Pakki
Ladies Hostel


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