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In the early 1970's there appeared a beautiful star  on Malayalam silver screen  with which its glory propitiated the masses ecstatically for a small period of time and vanished suddenly.It was none other than Vijaya sree who mesmerized  all the audience with her beauty,acting talent and dancing skill, especially the youth of that period.
She acted mainly in Malayalam films mostly as pair to Prem Nazir.She had also appeared in supporting roles and in some Tamil films also.
In Kerala the beauty concept of actresses was not a slim figure.Sheela,Jaya Bharathy,Sree vidya,Vidhubala,Sarada,Lakshmy etc were all medium figured.Fatty women were also not accepted as heroines.Vijaya sree was not fatty but a little plump figure and so since she appeared in modern dresses like
frocks mini skirts etc also she was labeled as a sex symbol.Since the younger generation of those times loved to see Vijaya sree in bikini dresses  such scenes were included in her films.The eminent directors of that time and big production houses exploited her beauty and glamor utmost.
Vijaya sree but kept a barrier for exhibiting her glamor and allowed to show only her legs and shoulders.Therefore female audience and families  did not hesitate to go  to cinema houses to see her films since they were sure that vulgar sex scenes would not be there in her films.That time was the golden period of  so many commercial films of Prem Nazir which were all super hits directed by famous directors like A.B.Raj,Sasikumar etc. in which Vijaya sree was mostly employed.Udaya Productions Kunchacko and Neela Productions P. Subramanyam also utilized Vijaya sree for commercial hits.
'Sree Guruvayoorappan' was a color film made of stories of Guruvayoor temple in which Vijaya sree acted as 'Manjula' a favorite devotee of 'Guruvayoorappan' in which she was not having any glamor scenes.Like that in several pictures  for example 'Jeevikkan Marannu Poya Sthree' her glamor was not utilized in even one scene.
She possessed very good acting talents and thrilling  classical dance abilities but was not utilized by the directors to the fullest.
'Youvanam' directed by 'Babu Nanthencodu,  the story which dealt with the ego clashes of a joint family was a good family melo drama.The song 'Madhura Meenakshi Anugrahikkum  ente manasa veenayil sruthi unarum.....' is from that film.'Adyathe Kadha'  in which Prem Nazir was her pair was a good film.
"Anjatha vasam,Lanka Dahanam,Panchavady,Sambhavami Yuge Yuge,Marunattil oru Malayali, etc were all commercially successful films in which Prem Nazir was the hero.
'Kadu' was a film which was the story of a 'Jungle' girl beautifully directed by P.Subramanyam and was a block buster film.The song 'Ezhilam pala poothu poomarangal kuda pidichu velli malayil veli malayil.....
Kanaan kothicha neram kavitha polen munpil vannu athma sakhi nee prana sakhee nee' which is still popular is from 'Kadu'.In almost all films of Vijaya sree contained beautiful melodious songs.'Marunattil oru Malayali' was  a film which had a comedy theme in which Sankaradi,Adoorbhasi etc were in cast with Prem Nazir.'The song 'Asoka poornima vidarum gramam...'  and 'Kali Bhadrakali Katharulu Devi Maye Mahamaye Mariyamman Thaye...' etc were hits.In 'Panchavady' film the song 'Easwaran orikkal Virinninu poyi Rajakottarathil vilikkathe...' is top on the charts till now.In 'Padmavyuham song and sequences of "Palaruvi karayil panchami vidarum padavil parannu varoo varoo panineer uthirum ravil..kuruvi..inakkuruvi..., and
'Kuyilinte Mani nadam kettu..kattil kuthira kulambadi kettu  kurumozhi mulla poonkattil randu kuvalayapookkal vidarnnu...' and yet another one  'Sindoora kiranamayi ninne thazhukiyal....' etc are still wonderful melodious hits.
Film 'Maya' was a family melo drama of Vijaya sree in which Thikkurissi,Madhu,Vidhubala etc acted.'Post Mane Kananilla' was a film of Udaya Studios in which Madhu,Prem Nazir,Adoor Bhasi,Sarada,N.Govindan Kutty  were in cast which was directed by Kunchako.'Palunku Pathram' was a nice movie of her in which Prem Nazir,Madhu and Jayabharathi were in the cast.In the film 'Prethangalude Thazhvara' Raghavan paired with her.In 'Ponnapuram Kotta' of Udaya Studio her bathing scene in a stream was included for box Office gains.

That beautiful talented actress committed suicide on March 17th 1974 for unknown reasons.It is said that she was in a horrendous state of mind for a few days before her death.It can be assumed that she had some problems which distracted her mental peace those days.Anyhow a gifted artist was lost to Malayalam film field untimely
Selected Filmography
Aadyathe Kadha
Anjatha Vasam
Bobanum Moliyum
Jeevikkan Marannu poya Stree
Malai nattu Mankai(Tamil)
MaravilThirivu Sookshikkuka
Nam Oruvar (Tamil)
Palunku Pathram
Pacha Nottukal
Postumane Kananilla

Pavangal Pennungal
Ponnapuram Kotta
Prethangalude Thazhvara
Sree Guruvayoorappan
Taxi car
Sambhavami Yuge Yuge
Thani Niram
Veendum Prabhatham

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